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This will make you question everything you’ve heard about the strength of fluoro line over mono line… To see the full line strength test, click here: Is Fluorocarbon Leader More Abrasion Resistant Than Traditional Mono Leader? In this latest fishing line test, we put 20lb fluorocarbon leader line up against 20lb traditional monofilament leader line […]

Kastking Super Power 15 LB (white) 20 LB (blue) and Mono 30 LB Strength Test.. Fishing line breaking strength test

Went out and tried the Shimano Zodias line of rods. Funny name but great versatile rod. If you are looking for a well rounded rod to do a lot of things with, Zodias is one of my top choices. Check out all models here http://fish.shimano.com/content/sac-fish/en/home/products/fishing-rods/spinning/zodias-casting.html SUBSCRIBE if you like watching! Have more questions or want […]

I test Slime Line fishing line in this video and the test results are shocking. Slime Line is a popular fishing line for catfishing and many catfish anglers use it to catch catfish around the country. Slime Line fishing line is highly visible, especially at night. Catch The Fever, makers of Big Cat Fever fishing […]

Get NEW KastPro Braided Line Here ► http://amzn.to/2rgXqMT You Can Now Support Us On Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/Ridealongfishing (((Gear))) KastKing Stealth Reel ► http://amzn.to/2tkYUSL KastKing Royale Legend Baitcaster ► http://amzn.to/2szYjQ3 KastKing Speed Demon ► http://amzn.to/2rl3dQG KastKing Royale Legend Rod ►http://amzn.to/2xEQhHF KastKing FluoroKote Line ► http://amzn.to/2szFUDd Our favorite channels! KastKing – https://tinyurl.com/y8oj29er Josh Green Adventures – https://tinyurl.com/ycn6ftxz 2Major […]

Searching for a good option to carry around on the back of the motorcycle….found this one. $20 dollar two piece spinning rod….will it work?? AND The BEST String Trimmer ever….no; you will have to watch..the video….

John “Toast” Oast from Fishyaker.com puts the popular PowerPro braid fishing line through strength testing. For more fishing and kayaking videos visit Fishyaker.com or the Fishyaker Youtube channel. Subscribe to Fishyaker on Youtube: http://youtube.com/fishyaker Follow John Oast on Twitter (@johnoast): https://twitter.com/johnoast Follow John Oast on Instagram (johnoast): https://www.instagram.com/johnoast/ Fishyaker.com on the web: http://fishyaker.com/ Is PowerPro […]

Aloha hui! Today we do our first strength test and review of a fishing line. We test out the KastKing KastPro Braided Fishing Line with the new Dangalang Testing Protocol. The test was mainly for fun but ended up providing me some valuable information. Let me know your favorite knots to use for braided fishing […]

John “Toast” Oast from Fishyaker.com puts KastKing SuperPower braid fishing line through strength testing. For more fishing and kayaking videos visit Fishyaker.com or the Fishyaker Youtube channel. eBay product link: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_id=114&ipn=icep&toolid=20004&campid=5338245415&mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fitm%2FKastKing-SuperPower-Braided-Fishing-Line-Abrasion-Resistant-Braided-Lines%2F272658659936%3FssPageName%3DSTRK%253AMEBIDX%253AIT%26var%3D571787938859%26_trksid%3Dp2057872.m2749.l2649 Subscribe to Fishyaker on Youtube: http://youtube.com/fishyaker Follow John Oast on Twitter (@johnoast): https://twitter.com/johnoast Follow John Oast on Instagram (johnoast): https://www.instagram.com/johnoast/ Fishyaker.com on the web: […]

In this video I put a $40 reel to the test and see just how good it is! If you want to see more videos like this make sure to hit that like button! New? Subscribe and help me reach 300K Subscribers!! https://goo.gl/jO9j96 Other Favorite Rods I Use: White Bird Rod: http://bit.ly/2DmDo8P Summit Rod: http://bit.ly/2Bc73MA […]

We’ve compared different color monofilament and flourocarbon lines but today we wanted to compare braided lines. We put white, blue, yellow, red, orange, and green 40 lb braided lines on our testing rig and went underwater. We performed this test in both clear ocean water and in dark pond water. We also tested what color […]

This video shows the best mono fishing line in terms of its ability to withstand abrasion. This is a very important factor for those of us who target fish with rough mouths as well as those of us who often fish in areas with a lot of underwater structure (docks, rocks, oyster bars, thick vegetation, […]

VLOG #116- Sometimes you need to make sure your fishing line is still good. I usually give my fishing line the weight challenge just to make sure its is not bad. This is how I check my fishing line strength and health before I respool my line! Check out my: Facebook Page: YakMotley Instagram : […]

Steve, from Rut & River Pursuits Podcast, shows Deeper Smartphone Mount for Rod. An accessory that allows you to use your Deeper in relaxed way, when you don’t have to hold it in your hands. Also, Steve puts this mount to test, to see if it can securely hold the phone in brutal casting situations. […]

I got this iBobber based on some good reviews. Sadly, my experience wasn’t so great. I tried 2 different ponds/lakes and got nothing but errors and issues. Wasted 2 hours messing with the thing. Sending back for full refund and will review a similar product from a different company in the near future.

I’ll be putting the new One3 by 13 Fishing Source X and K spinning reels to a 30 day TORTURE TEST to see how they hold up catching giant Florida Bass.

Been wanting to get a Fish Finder and was browsing for it, found this budget device which’s a Chinese brand on the biggest online store on planet earth, Aliexpress. Placed the order and delivery was fast and parcel arrived without damage. **Share this video by copy the link below https://youtu.be/uctNF6AWzjM **Watch how I use it […]

This video looks at line underwater to see which colors disappear the most in different conditions with different back drops. Whereas some manufacturers claim that red line disappears underwater we found no truth to that claim. However pink flourocarbon line was very hard to see. Also, when looking from the bottom of the ocean toward […]

Hello YOUTUBE!! This video is a comparison video between 3 different humminbird units! The 197 DI, 597c HD DI, and the HELIX 5 SI. Hopefully this video can help you decide on what kind of unit you will need for any and all boating needs! please be sure to like, comment, and subscribe if you […]

Picked up a topwater Lure at walmart for .75 cents by http://www.cremelure.com/. This lure looks and has the action of the well knowing Zara Spook. Was very impressed by it and took 4 fish missed 3 off camera before I lost it 🙂 but will be picking up a few more Thanks for watching and […]

***Watch it in HD! Like and subscribe!!! RAW TEST video. No edit. It is a good product for bank and shore fishing for sure. I was really surprised that it performed pretty good overall in this tough weather. WATCH IT TILL THE END!! Definitely a thumb up! Recorded on: GoPro 2 Hero Outdoor Version

Blakemore Fishing Rod Floats in this video you will watch me put them on and test them on 3 different rod combinations, 2 baitcasters and 1 spinning rod setup. You will also see 1 of the 3 rods sink with the rod float on the rod. After making this video I figured out how to […]

Here is a test, and review of the Leatherman Wave Multi tool. Enjoy. Also here is a link to the Leatherman site for this tool: http://www.leatherman.com/wave-10.html?dwvar_10_color=10&cgid=&gclid=Cj0KCQjwoZTNBRCWARIsAOMZHmF61mtJipz5_AHGc42X2gqdAwkNxx6VGW_Mg6qa1A57kOUZoATsZNMaAoRDEALw_wcB#q=Wave&lang=default&start=1

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