Why You Need a Spinning Rod for Bass Fishing

Spinning gear has long been overshadowed by heavier casting gear, especially so with southern bass anglers. True enough that baits too big for conventional spinning outfits catch bigger fish in a lot of scenarios, but the advent and adoption of finesse techniques has become a huge factor in tournament and recreational fishing success alike.

Florida native Terry “Big Show” Scroggins shares several reasons why you need a spinning rod rigged, and his favorite do-all combo for all the popular finesse tactics. This single rod, reel, and line outfit will allow you to skip docks, fish shaky heads, drop shot, Neko and wacky rig with ease while reducing the number of rods you carry in the boat.

-Lew’s Team Pro Speed Spin Spinning Reel: https: https://goo.gl/o1yhPo
-Duckett White Ice Scroggins Spinning Rod 6’8″ Med Hvy: https://goo.gl/qi8Lo9
-HI-SEAS Grand Slam Braid: https://goo.gl/2A4mCY
-HI-SEAS 100% Fluorocarbon: https://goo.gl/uYLx3N
-Costa Del Mar Polarized Sunglasses in Matte Black, 580 lenses: https://goo.gl/TP4TMA

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I fish spinning gear with 10lb braid and change my leaders out and it works great for me.

dinobravo23 says:

A smart fisherman should master both spinning and baitcasting. They are both equally important to my fishing.

Carson's Outside Adventures says:

Too many people think you upgrade from spinning reels when you learn baitcasters. Each has it’s place, depending on technique and application.

David Harris says:

I’ve been telling a bunch of my fishing buddies about how good this setup works! I think a lot of people for some reason don’t try this and are missing out big time!

BassGeek says:

I still hate’me but you need to be able to use’em lol.

Christopher Loscomb says:

Morning coffee. Great video thanks

CamO 17 says:

What’s a good knot for combining braid and fluoro?

WillWork2 FISH says:

54 seconds into the video, what is that on his line?

Life of Dave says:

If you’re fishing deep, just go with fluorocarbon entirely. I bounce jigs and plastics around some of the deep reservoirs here and use 10lb fluoro on a MH composite rod. When I’m 20 to 40 feet down with a 1/2oz lure, braid doesn’t make that much of a difference. When I’m fishing through weeds and stuff, that’s where I use braid so that I can transmit all the energy down the line to pull the lure out of the weeds (because braid has no stretch).

b says:

For a long time i used a 4’6″ ugly stick ultra light for everything. Senkos, jigs, topwaters, rooster tails, frogs, hell anything youve got that lil ultra light would throw it lol

Chris Himstedt says:

Awesome advice…I need to listen to more often. Very tough for me to pick up a spinning rod, but I need to! Great vid guys.

Dmm M says:

A fly rod is also excellent for big bass. They are even better for dropping weedless poppers into the holes in lily pads.

Creepy Cooters Cousin says:

I’m looking for a spinning rod. I don’t know if I should get a medium or a medium heavy? I would use it for dropshots, wacky rig, finesse stuff, and small crankbaits/jerkbaits.

1974124sport says:

I only got into fishing about two years ago and pretty much focused on learning baitcasters. Maybe I need to think about spinning reels now.

Bill Palmisano says:

I have doing tournaments 25 years and use primarily spinning rods here in Connecticut

Pakayakbassin says:

I’ve switched my spinning rods to the Japanese BFS (bait finesse system) which is tuned, shallow spool baitcasters that are capable of throwing tiny lures. I can easily skip weightless plastics with it with light braid on a M/L rod. Some guys even use them for tiny trout lures.

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