Ugly Stik GX2 Review

This is my review for a reliable rod but not so reliable reel! Thanks for visiting my channel and check out my Instagram by the same name as my YouTube! Thank you and keep on fishing!


Grant Fussell says:

Man don’t drop your rods and reels and they wont bend or scratch.

Dilly Vue says:

Bro is just the pole ugly stik focus more of the pole dumbass!!!

HaydenVlogs _ says:

Mine was 45 bucks

Xeikon333 says:

Well not all of us drop our reels like a dumbass I got this reel and it is very nice

Luis Contreras says:

wow I paid 50 bucks for this combo here in ca but it was a family owned fishing store not a Walmart or chain store.

GRACE G says:

I would never, ever drop my rods reels.there my is my addiction,accidents do happen.

have 2 uglys with Abu reels.only fishing for bass- cats- crappie-Blue gill- carp these fish will not break a ugly stick..

dwnsouthsmk956 says:

lobe the gx2 with 20 pound spider wire i pulled out a 35 pound jack crevelle

bone stone says:

would this pole be good enough for salmon and trout fishing off great lakes piers?

Casper Audi says:

Wow I was reviewing the ugly stick gx2 I came across your video Thanks I agree that combo gx2 reel needs to be changed for a better one.

Hunting and Fishing with Cam Germyn says:

Hey man good vid, where is this pond? Thanks.

Pepe Ramirez says:

take better care of your shit.

ryanjofre says:

Hey, that’s a $40.00 rod so the reel is a freebie…….reels that come on combos are almost always mediocre or crap unless the combo is expensive! Awesome rod.

Isaiah Contreras says:

I’m from Springfield man! What is your fave species to fish for?

Budget Bass Fishing says:

Just bought the 7′ rod reel combo today $32 and got 20lb braid spooled and ready for free. Don’t ever expect a good reel with a cheap combo however I see nothing wrong with this one. Bought a combo couple years ago the rod broke the reel is still running strong all depends on how well you take care of it.

Kai-Vlogs,Gaming And More says:

I have the same reel and I have no problem with it

Dysphoric says:

The gx2 reel is absolute trash. Mine completely fell apart while on the water and I lost a bunch of screws and pieces to the bail. Not to mention I emailed their warranty department and they completely ignored me. Don’t buy Shakespeare products.

Joseph Lathrop says:

+Oregon Angler Ive broken a few tips off my Rods and heard about Ugly sticks when they first came out but never bought one. Im now Planning a Fishing/Hiking Trip on the Appalachian Trail and my Poles wont fit in a Pack. so i Started Looking for 4 section poles, one that i came across was the GX2 with and with out the Reel so i started looking at reviews here on you tube. yours being the first. so i figured i would let you know thanks to your and other reviews i Picked up a 4 section Ugly Stik GX2 yesterday Opting to Not get the Reel i have several on hand to use with it any way, but am planning on upgrading them before the trip. Going fishing this morning to try it out Thanks again kid for taking the time to do a review, and any others of you that do them on here Some of us do listen to you 😉

Alfredo Ruiz says:

i cant find you on instagram next time you make a video put your instagram link in the description

sme sme says:

Had this rod for about 1 year no problems with it .Would like the 4pc version for a travel rod but can’t get them in the UK.

nicco justiniano says:


Jeremy Vang says:

What reel would you suggest with the rod

Jose Angel Ares says:

Hello from Spain,
I’m interested in getting this Ugly Stik rod in 7′ medium action, but I have one question, can this Ugly Stik rod lift a 5 lb fish up from a high pier? Is this rod strong enough to lift up such a weight (5lb) from a high pier?
Thank you very much and good fishing.

Andy S. says:

do you think this will handle a 10 lb catfish ?

Munks says:

With this combo, you are paying entirely for the pole.

Owen says:

I am going to buy that rod for bass/freshwater fishing and pair it with the Penn Pursuit II 4000. The reel is slight overkill but I can always set the drag looser if I want a better fight

MD Fishing says:

hey, saw your comment on 1rod1reels live stream. how much and what brand?

chevy boy says:

the original ugly sticks are the best. i have this rod it does a good job. but it don’t really have the ugly stick feel. but for the price it’s worth the money for a beginner fishermen.

jessie bard says:

I miss your videos make more!

Black Metal Otaku says:

My Rihno Pole snapped in half on me today when I was trying to get a lure that was stuck out of a rock, It’s kind of funny…The place where it snapped off under it says (Indestructible) Hah my ass, That shit sucks, Anyways I am going to try this baby out.

Anthony Reyes says:

good review a friend of mine gave me this pole. I put a pen reel on it its an amazing setup. what part of Oregon are you from?

Casper Audi says:

Wow I was reviewing the ugly stick gx2 I came across your video Thanks I agree that combo gx2 reel needs to be changed for a better one.

XxBigDAWG22xX says:

for the money the reel is not bad. the rods cost 40 to 50 bucks I bought the combo in medium heavy for kayak fishing. I don’t like taking 250 dollar setups out in case i flip. why the combo I’m this everytime. if you have a reel fail you will have a useable backup.

dodge shadow2.5 says:

my reel broke the same day when I hooked a 4lb bass. hand to hand reel it in I have a Shakespeare alpha now

Flash_2 7 says:

What kind of line did u have on the reel ?

Bobek Magz says:

I put a penn battle 2 4000 on that rod. The 7 ft pole i went up to the 5000

Alexx Ramirez says:

a good reel will have to be purchased later… the reel is okay for a beginner…. you can tell the difference when you buy a high quality all metal reel… i will buy all my rods and reels separate in thefish future, but its overall a good buy for not alot of money if you are just starting.. fish on.

bigwoody38 says:

i have the same set up i really like it i just subbed you

Vicente Herrera says:

hell yeah I’ve had this rod and reel for 2 years plus and caught a ton of trout

Anthony Reyes says:


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