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Here is a review on the Ugly Stik GX2, a classic fishing rod and reel combo that should be in every anglers rod box if it isn’t already. It’s a great rod that you can toss around without being worried about messing up your Fenwick or Bulldawg poles.

Here I have a 6’6 Ugly Stik GX2, Medium Action
The reel is a 35 series Shakespeare reel
5:2:1 Gear Ratio
3+1 Bearings

Should be just about $50 wherever you go. Can’t beat a rod like this for that price.

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David Thomas says:

$36 at Walmart right now….helluva deal not to pick this combo up

Ryan Ramirez says:

Ive caught 24inch stripers withthese not bad.

Zero Calibur says:

Picked one of these up at Walmart for $42, liking it so far as a beginner rod.

hart says:

question, bass pro has this for $49.99, you can get their 2 year no questions asked warranty for $8. I wen to walmart and they have it for $29.89, with walmart’s 90 days return policy. Should I return the one from bass pro, and get the one from walmart?

Anthony Reyes says:

would a 7′ medium action with a penn fierce 2500 work for trout, bass etc..

Superior Mango says:

We have the same bow and arrow target

Jason Foulks says:

anyone else’s reel grind like crazy?

Stream fishing in surrey Stream fishing in rh1 says:

Anyone know the test curve thanks

kime Hunt says:

Say what you want about the quality of the pole overall, the grip is one of the most comfortable.

Thảo nguyễn xuân says:

viet nam?

Yk Phily says:

Is it good for bass fishing

Jhames Yanz Alzate says:

name of rod sir?? and howmuch? and good for how many kg catch?

Yvonne Tay Li May says:

anyone know the weight of this rod?

Jacob Stacy says:

Crankbaits on a spinning rod r u stupid u throw crankbaits on slow gear baitcaster on a 7 foot medium action rod

ZM0ney says:

these are 20$ at my walmart

Johnny Kim says:

how do I know what length to get? and what strength??


fenwick sucks ugly stik for win

Fishing Guy says:

Great rod and reel combo I’m new to fishing pick this up at my local tackle shop caught my first 1lb bass on it!

GRACE G says:

if it breaks its your fault,and don’t take care of anything…best rod for price…like a Honda vs extra for what ? dumb in my opinion.

Anastacio Melchor says:

were u buy it at

Redneck Scooters says:

GX2 do NOT hold up
the originals are unbreakable

Raymond Andrews says:

Nice review. I love mine also, bought my wife one. Check out this video, this guy is battling 6 foot plus shark with gx2 the line finally gives.

Fishing Mojados says:

Thats the only thing I really dont like the 2 piece rods. I always feel like im going to lose a piece or break it.

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