Testing the Cheapest Spinning Rods at Walmart!

I went to Walmart and bought the cheapest spinning rods they had. Lets see if they’re any good?


VJ Abonador says:

-Jake Paul, Logan Paul, 2018

Andrew Grubbs says:

My little sister is in love with fishing but she is getting surgery please leave a like to make her strong and happy please.

Larry Moffatt says:

Hey Brendan: Nicely presented and very useful information for real people lacking money and experience but wanting to go fishing. Thanks for doing this.

Matt Lowe says:

I enjoy using light weight gear makes catching blue gill and small bass fun

Matt NorthernMN says:

The Shakespeare rods and reals have always been a great value for the price I’m 32, still have my first ugly stick UL combo I got in Jr high…. I have the micro series rod you featured… You need to watch sand and dirt inside the reals…keep them clean and oiled up and you won’t have a issue! ☺️

Lance Bowers says:

I get 90 percent of my fishing gear from Wal-Mart and it all holds up good for me.

Robert Kimpel says:

No the dock demon is one of the most indestructible spinning rods

tokay999 says:

those are my favorite bait rods

Kyle Brug says:

I caught a two pound crappie on the micro lite. I love it. My primary rainbow trout pole.

Jack Granberg says:

I had that zebco and I fished with it and the reel sucked so I was in my kayak and I threw it in the water

David J Scalf says:

I caught a 4lber on the slingshot.

Jacob Clark says:

Great love the little sheakpear for pan fishing. And I love the cirus I believe thats right by sheakpear to from walmart about 20 dollars too.

spoonfed says:

Why didn’t you address the cable ties on the red set up??

Kevin Dunse Outdoors says:

Long time user of the shakespeare micro light here. I bought the 7ft ultralight model and can’t say enough good things about the rod. The reel lasted only a couple of months, but after swapping out for a shimano sienna it had quickly become a highly effective ultralight combo. Would strongly recommend to anyone on a budget!

The Side Of Right says:

Ive caught my best catches in cheaper rods

Inbred From the USA says:

You should make a sub reddit my g

JTJ Gaming says:

I got a rod reel combo for 12 and the rod is decent I use it with my good reel and iv caught fish on it but it’s nothing like my normal ugly stick

D̶i̶s̶m̶a̶l̶ D̶r̶e̶a̶m̶e̶r̶ says:

My brother has the zebco one and after like 3 weeks of using it, his handle came off.

Chris Lee says:

The Microlite reel is horribly cheap, love the rod. I bought a light action 7 ft and put my lews AH100 on it. I love the 4’6” UL.

BitchMustard says:

walmart is a good place to score cheap rapalas when their like 9.00 at bass pro their like 6 at walmart

FrozenPixel says:

You should get a polarized lense for recording near the water, it’ll let you see into the water withought glare.

charlie dunn says:

I cought a 2lb bass on that zebco slingshot

SkyLineGaming says:

The slingshot is made of wood…

Austin Lake says:

Any suggestions on lures for this time of year?, I am having no luck fishing in indiana right now

Samuel Franklin says:

Slingshot is a good real

Michael Schaef says:

Now your just being a stuck up fisherman not everyone is a rich as you are if they work they a work

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