Temple Fork Outfitter Spinning Rod Review [TFO Rods Signature Series Edition]

This is the independent review of the Temple Fork Outfitter (TFO Rods) spinning rod review.

To see the online fishing tackle page where I buy these TFO spinning rods (the link I mentioned in the video), click here now: http://bit.ly/2bx5JIH

Of all my tackle for inshore fishing, the rod is what I believe is the most important for inshore anglers who use artificial lures.

This is because the rod controls so many essential tasks:

1. Casting distance and control
2. Working the lure during the retrieve
3. Feeling strikes
4. Setting the hook
5. Helping pull the fish in

And I’ve been using a “Signature Series” rod from Temple Fork Outfitters (TFO rods) over the past year that I’ve really enjoyed.

This rod is very light so allows for many casts without getting tired. And it has a fairly strong tip allowing for effective retrieve action on lures with enough feel to detect the smallest of bites (even small pinfish).

Best of all, it has enough backbone to pull in bigger fish like tarpon when needed. And it’s never a bad thing with fishing rod legend G. Loomis is behind the technology and materials of the fishing rod like it is with TFO rods.

Here are the listed Specifications listed on this Temple Fork Outfitters spinning rod:

Length: 7’6″
Power: Medium
Line Weight: 6 – 12 lbs
Lure Weight: 1/4th to 3/4th oz
Model Number: TFG SSS 764-1

The bad thing about this rod is that it’s hard to find… this is made by a relatively small company based in Dallas, TX so not many stores carry it.

However, you’re welcome to use the link below to get this same TFO spinning rod at an online store that I’ve been using lately:


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Taylor Clontz says:

I can’t find it neither not even on tfo website

Chris Wish says:

Have you found a big difference between a 7′ and 7’6 rods? I tried using the longer rods but for some reason keep going back to my 7′ Maybe I did not give it enough time..lol Nice review on this Temple Fork

Chris Finch says:

medium light

ewmism says:

I recently purchased a Murasame 60120 . My tackle store tells me they’re made in Japan but there is nothing on the rod that show that? Where are the TFO Rods made?

Taylor Clontz says:

is this a 2 piece rod?

Kishan Ramsood says:

I just got mines in the mail yesterday. The rod feels great! I paired it with my shimano stradic ci4+ with 10lb braid. I can’t wait to try it out. My only issue with the rod looks wise is on the butt close to the reel seat on the top side the cork has a tiny lip. It would have been nice in my opinion if the cork was flush where it meets the black plastic. Thanks for the recommendation Luke . Iam very happy and excited with my purchase.

Nick Vivirito says:

Nice review Luke. I’ve been finding all you guys videos very helpful and enjoyable. Is there another inshore rod you can recommend that’s a little more reasonable? I just broke the guides on my rod. Are they worth fixing, or is it a big hassle? Thanks Luke!

Intrepid Fisherman says:

Well if it can catch that tarpon it obviously can handle the big fish. Great review

jorge sedeno says:

I have the same rod but split grip what size reel would you pair for in shore snook reds

wicked Hale says:

I have TFO tactical in a casting setup. It’s a 7’3 medium fast action and I have it paired with Daiwa Coastal TWS.

dafrankfuter says:

Would this rod do well with a penn ssv 3500 with 30lb braid and a 15lb leader of fluoro for small snook and reds and trouts in the flats ?

Gilbert Gomes says:

Hi! i follow your channel a lot and i have a auestion. would a 6ft6in rod in this model do an excellent job skipping and what is the downside when compared to a 76 like yours?

Tony Hong Fishing says:

Great review, I was actually looking at this TFO or an Avid to semi-retire my 7’6″ Tidemaster.
Thanks again!

Gilbert Gomes says:

I heard you mention the stiff tip and wondered how easily it loads for skipping?

Luke Walton says:

I was looking into a rod called hurricane calico jack inshore, heard anything about it? also for action do you get a rod with fast or medium action?

Roberto Ruiz says:

No more fishing videos? :<

Chris Finch says:

do they make one i want a speckled trout rod

Eric Hercules says:

Where can I download the song at the end

Slack Tide says:

Got this rod after watching this video and paired it with a new shimano NASCI 3000. Sweet combo that didn’t break the bank. I have to say, really impressed with the feel of this rod … sensitive tip and a lot of backbone for a medium power rod and the short butt helps for kayak fishing. Broke the rod in on some trout in the IRL. Thanks for the recommendation and keep up the great vids.

Gabriel Duarte says:

what is the lure weight range in these?

Ric Bailey says:

Hey guys and gals, I cant find this rod anywhere?

Wesley Bruaw says:

I have had the exact rod for 2 months and absolutely love it!

VJTrey1 says:

Is this much better than tfo gis inshore series?

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