St. Croix Legend Elite Casting & Spinning Rod Review

Jam packed with all of St. Croix’s technologies… Only when you hold this rod in your hands and fish it, do you understand where that money you spent went……..


Dustin Edmiston says:

You need to put Dobyns in that category of best America rods!!the two you mentioned and them are the very best l.

Dhofar sam says:

man that’s alot of tech. info. makes me think u r a GM in st croix ( in depth review for sure ).. thinking to buy one of those already … thnx a million .

nathan foster says:

love these rods can we buy these in Australia? or did you get yours threw Ebay?

824rmrock says:

Love my spinning rod maiden trip yesterday. Started out using Tuff-line super cast 15lbs braid. Poor choice on my part. Retrieving the line sounded and felt like bb’s going through a meat grinder. Just changed to Seaguar InvizX 10lbs fluorocarbon issues resolved. Smooth as silk

el serbio says:

Great rods, i got les86 mh2 for zander fishing. I only wish they have fuji KR guides.

MrSituAsian1 says:

Enjoyed the review and was quite detailed. I have a 7 ft legend elite that I still fish with. The only problem with St Croix rods are that they are quite tip heavy which affects the overall balance.

Mike P says:

High end rods really are worth what you pay for them. Many of the what seams to be overpriced has a warrentee.

bytheseaside says:

These blanks are 67 Ton , 2 ton higher then GLX which is 65 Ton .

1Corinthians1:3 says:

One day I will buy a Fenwick.

Tom Chase says:

Nice video. St. Croix rods are incredible. It’s funny when you compare one of their $150 Avid rods with a $300+ TCurve. Not even in the same league.

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