Spinning Rod Review: Fenwick Eagle

This is a review of Fenwick’s Eagle Spinning Rod, which can be found here http://amzn.to/2wF1Y21
Specifically, it is a review of both the 6′ Light Power Moderate Action, and the 6′ Medium Light Power Moderate-Fast Action rods. I also discuss some of the differences in Power ratings from different rod manufacturers. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments sections. The link above is an Amazon Associate link. Thanks for watching.


Jules Celestin says:

Do you think this rod is good for catching mackerel and king fish

Jake Deal says:

Great video! I subbed! If you could sub back to me that would be great so that we can support each other’s channels. Looking forward to more videos

Fishing with Mike Chavez says:

Good review Cory..I do love the ugly stik I have several for other than catfishing..For the durability and the price you can’t beat them..But that Fenwick is right sexy..LOL

Bill Oster says:

Thanks for making us think about one rod vs. another. Had never given it much thought, other than light action as compared to medium action. I’m learning to pay more attention!

The Texas Road Runner says:

The only Fenwick I have is a travel rod. I have yet to use it. I hope I am as happy with it as you are with yours. Good test review. I would agree with your analysis.

Isaacw852 USA says:

Do a 15 dollar JAX challenge


Excellent review love how You set em up outside!Like you saidIt does look like ultralight rod!Never tried a Fenwick but it looks like a great pole!

Bass'N'Trout says:

Nice vid! I subbed u should sub to me!

Ralph Barton says:

very nice review. thanks for sharing

Stephen Stalter says:

Just to clarify. I picked up a 7′ Medium Fast Eagle at the end of July and it is DEFINITELY a medium. It will still throw 1/8 jigs ok, but it is pretty stiff. It is my choice when I am fishing big tubes and senkos for smallies, but when I throw lighter stuff,I revert back to my trusty Shakespeare Micro Series 7′ light rod which is $16 and some change at Wally World and an excellent, durable rod. I have a couple old Ugly Stik rods(35 years old) I bought when I was 14, but never use them because they are not very sensitive. I can feel a smallie or crappie nibble on a Micro Lite with 6lb mono no problem. The Eagle also has excellent sensitivity as does my Bucoo. Thanks for the review.

Sea Dragon Angler says:

That’s a nice looking rod, like the gold…… great review, keep up the good work

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