Should You Buy A 2 Piece Fishing Rod?

Matt explains the advantages and disadvantages of 1 and 2 piece fishing rods so you can make an educated decision about which option is best for your fishing style.

The rods we recommend based on budget:

7′ Medium Spinning Rod:

Low $$$- Shimano Sellus:
Mid $$$- Dobyns Fury:
High $$$- G Loomis NRX:

7′ Medium Baitcasting Rod:

Low $$$- Shimano Sellus:
Mid $$$- Shimano Clarus:
High $$$- Dobyns Champ Extreme:

7′-7’2″ Medium Heavy Baitcasting Rod:

Low $$$- Shimano Sellus:
Mid $$$- Dobyns Fury:
High $$$- Shimano Zodias:

Reel Recommendations for each…

Spinning Low $$$- Shimano Nexave 2500:
Spinning Mid $$$- Saros 2500:

Baitcasting Low $$$- Shimano Caius:
Baitcasting Mid $$$- Shimano Citica 7:1 :

We know that getting into bass fishing and trying to purchase tackle and equipment can be very overwhelming. We hope these quick tips will help you make educated decisions while purchasing your first fishing pole. Good luck on your fishing adventure!

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Isaac Pelletier says:

You guys are super helpful. I just started fishing this past summer and I heard tip after tip of what’s good and what isn’t good…with next to no explanations. Thanks for breaking it down and making it understandable to everyone!

Mike Gast, Jr says:

Love the video. Nice simple and honest discussion about the topic

Trigger Happy Guns says:

I’m heading on vacation this week. I was looking at all sorts of ways to transport my rods. I was essentially going to waste several hours and at minimum $100 to find a secure way to transport 2 rods on top of my car. So instead I opted to just buy 2 piece rods that can at least be used again.

Bstephens034 says:

Hey Matt or Tim quick question off subject. When do you throw a soft bodied swim bait i.e. Huddleston over a glide bait or vise versa.

BassGeek says:

I agree with you the standard old school 2pc rods are great for bank anglers or traveling but that’s the only time I use them. You just lose a ton of sensitivity.

FishingThePNW says:

Great video Matt! When I first started bass fishing and people told me to get a 1 piece rod because it was “better” I didn’t really buy into it because they didn’t give me any detail as to why it was better. I think a lot of beginners also fall into this situation where they aren’t really given any good information as to why. This video will definitely help those people understand why!

Short And Retarded Video Clips says:

I have used a 20 dollar okuma medium action two piece and I use it for frogging and surprisingly it works well. no flat spot as all. Weird I am frogging with a spinning rod huh?

tall pine outdoors says:

Great video! Would you consider doing one on what to look for in a rod when you’re in the store buying one??? Thanks

Realistic Fishing says:

The price point on a 2 piece from the department store is the key to getting normal people into fishing. Worked for me for years and I was happy. But now that I am trying to improve my skill set, I have switched to a 1 piece. It is a little better I have to say.

Job Spivey says:

what is the best rod and reel for a huddelston?

jjbrown16 says:

I disagree. I have a 4 piece fly rod and I can feel everything.

Garrett Hall says:

just had a question on which swimbait would you recommend for beginners at swimbaiting

TheSnake2009 says:

Thanks Matt. Great info. I started fishing again after a 30 year hiateous and your videos have ramped me up very quickly. Looking forward to next summer and more of your videos!!

Victor Xavier says:

Hi Matt, great vid as always! I know you prefer a 1 piece rod but can you recommend a 2 piece rod for swimbait fishing 2 to 6 oz baits? I’ve looked everywhere and everything I find is a 1 piece. The only 2 piece option I found in that weight class was a musky rod. Thanks

Ying Yang says:

Another great video guys. I own some of those 2 piece rod from the handles and just like you said you cannot feel the different.

Ian Kehler says:

As a shore fisherman that rides the subway to the river to go fishing, 2-piece rods are a necessity. A sidebar question… early fall morning that’s calm and clear but cool enough that topwater is a real stretch, what’s the first bait you throw for 3′ water visibility?

M40_Kid says:

good video, I kinda wish there was some sage bass ii style fly rods that where 1 piece to keep on my big bass boat or my little bass boat, for when the top water bite was really good I could have that on the deck ready to go.

William Bannister says:

I personally would only get a 2 piece if it was a spinning rod, I mainly use casting rods and reel, all my casting rods are 1 peice.

Steven Rea says:

What about telescopic rods?

Xrustypetex says:

I’ll answer the question for you. yes, buy a 2 or 3 piece travel rod. I travel all over the world, and it is a bitch to travel with a 1 piece. 13 fishing concepts has a GREAT travel rod on a 30 ton blank, high quality cork, and never had a section of rod cast of. so yes, buy a 2 piece or 3 piece that you can carry on a plane, and leave your 1 piece rods at home.

Flbassin 44 says:

matzuo does don’t have the flat spot and there really sensitive for a 2 pc

Hammer Rough says:

How about boat choice? Aluminum vs fiberglass.. Mod V vs flat vs deep V. Motors?… Good luck boys… Fish on!

Juston Sibley says:

hey guys do bass go deep in a pond like they do in a lake during winter?

tnsteele95 says:

Most Bass Fishermen: “If you didnt spend at least $250 for your combo….then you’re just pathetic”.

thomas finley says:

i wish fenwick still made the lunkersticks like they use to with the telescope at the handle.

King Kong says:

Who makes the 2 piece rods that comes apart at the reel seat?

MJY Fishing says:

Good tips Matt ! You guys (Tactical Bassin) should make a video of you guys fishing big swimbaits!! If you would like to, but I’ll Iove it if you can.

Maine Trout Whisperer says:

My 2 piece spinning rods that I use for trout have a very nice ferrule connection point, and as far as I can tell don’t cause a flat spot like some lower end rods will. It’s a Fenwick elite tech river runner. I also have a 4 piece that I use for stripers….horrid…I hate it.


Thanks for the tip Matt. I grew up on the 2 piece rod and up to this day I use both 1 piece and 2 piece rods just depending on how I feel that day lol. Still hooking lips with both.

Bucks and Bass says:

I use two piece rods all the time and I feel even the smallest of bites. I can’t feel a difference.

Matt 2891 says:

Good video Matt…(to change the subject)…I was just wondering what you guys’ opinions were on dropshotting with baitcasters…not really the power shotting technique, but still with pretty light tackle. I know it helps getting down deep in the deep clear reservoirs you guys have…just wondering about pros and cons in your opinion…thanks guys.

Ted McCarthy says:

awesome breakdown Matt. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience!!!!

Cody Schaeffer says:

Definitely true about the portability of the 2-piece rods. And I do feel like over the time that ive been fishing, 2-piece rods have been becoming way more sensitive than the past. But also is true with the unmatched sensitivity of the 1-piece rods. I always recommend to people, and my friends to buy only 1-piece rods. I feel like at the end of the day, if i can get a few extra bites and land more fish. Then why wouldn’t you buy a 1-piece rod.

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