LIGHT TACKLE Fishing Tackle Review STAR RODS Seagis Series Spinning Rod in Action

Light tackle fishing for Bluefish in the Great South Bay with my latest addition to my fishing tackle arsenal, a 7ft medium action spinning rod from the Star Rods Seagis Series.

This rod features nothing but quality components, beautiful graphite blank with plenty of backbone yet sensitive enough to cast the lighter lures the fish were looking for on this trip. Fuji Concept “K Frame” guides designed for use with braided fishing line and make this rod a pleasure to cast. And CAST IT DOES!!

I’ve been a LONG time fan of the Star Rods Stellar Lite series and after fishing this Seagis series I have to say that Star Rods has added yet another fantastic product to their lineup.

Here’s some more details off the Star Rods website
The new Seagis inshore rod series from Star Rods incorporates the latest component technology to create an ultra-lightweight inshore rod with superior sensitivity. Only top quality Fuji components are used on the fast taper, high-modulus specially processed graphite blank. Fuji’s new SK2 split reel seat gives increased sensitivity while reducing weight. The new Fuji K-Series Tangle-Free guides with Alconite rings are lightweight and shed tangles that occur while using today’s popular braided lines. Top quality cork split grips further reduce weight. Weighing in at a mere 3.5oz — 4.3oz., Star Rods has set the new standard as the premier inshore fishing rod. There are a total of ten models available in lengths of 6’6″, 7′, and 7’6.

Maybe Tonight Fishing Charters fishes the waters of Great South Bay and Fire Island Inlet on Long Island New York for striped bass, bluefish, weakfish, fluke and other local species.

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OutOfTheBlue Fishing says:

How much are those rods ? And do you know if they have discounts for charter boats ? I run my own charter business and wanted to by about 6 of them for my charter trips . Thanks in advance ,

ryan cunningham says:

Hey i love your videos and live on the bay and just wanted to know i you have any tips on where to find the bluefish. I have been out and could not get any bluefish lately. Any advice is appreciated, thank you, tight lines

Maybe Tonight Fishing Charters says:

Craig, they are VERY nice rods!! VERY NICE!! I’ve said before I would put their components up against any of the other BIG names out there that carry MUCH larger price tags. I’ve been fishing Star Rods brand for years and don’t have a single complaint. My clients are always commenting on how nice they are and that means ALOT to me!!! 🙂 Tight lines to you down there, I know you folks are just starting to inch towards your Spring so have a great season!!

Sammy Wang says:

Try the 10-20 7’6″ seagis.. 5000FJ shimano, 20lb braid, man, what a setup! I use that for everything!

striper8311 says:

great review buddy of the star rod, gonna have to pick one of them up and try it out with some artificials for the fall run, hope to see you soon.

Maybe Tonight Fishing Charters says:

Hello Captain, They run around $149 apiece, the 7.6ft jumps to $159. I also fish Star Rods brand on my charter. I buy them in the local shops and online retailers same as any other customer would as they do not have a Charter/Guide program offering discounts. Retail doesn’t phase me as they cost a fraction of some other brands but with a quality on par with those others in my experience. Thanks for coming by, have a great season, Capt Paul

4722252437 says:

What weight was the rod? 6-14 lb?

OutOfTheBlue Fishing says:

Yea sure , I would like to say it in person so if you would send me a private message on YouTube and ill give you the address and everything else. Don’t feel comfortable giving out there information for the public to see because the tackle shop only sells to charter boats !!

OutOfTheBlue Fishing says:

I have send you a private message Capt . Paul .

Maybe Tonight Fishing Charters says:

WOW!!! That is a GREAT DEAL!!! Do they have any more ?? 🙂 Can you say the name of the shop ?? That is a VERY nice deal!! 🙂 You will LOVE the Stellar Lite series!!!

Shane Rempala says:

you are so luky that you get to go fishing on a boat I HAVE NEVER BEEN ON A FISHING BOAT

Maybe Tonight Fishing Charters says:

Ryan,, this time of year, early in the morning or late afternoon just watch for the birds diving. If that doesn’t pan out any of the riplines from the bridge back to Ocean Beach will be holding them as we move through this month. Good luck out there!!! Capt Paul

Sergio Diaz says:

Nice review!

Maybe Tonight Fishing Charters says:

Okay, well, thanks but YouTube won’t let me send a message to you for whatever reason. Keeps telling me User does not exist each time I try 🙁 Maybe you could try a message to me
thanks again

Lawrence West says:

I haven’t read the comments so don’t shoot me, I’m born and raised east coast south Florida and been a big time a fisher for 25 years.(All saltwater, all shore, intercoastal, pier fishing) I read the reports on fishing, locations for Tarpon, Snook, Jack, etc. and still can’t seem to find them. I’ll use live shrimp, greenies, frozen mullet, etc. Please give me suggestions! This fishing and not catching is killing me!

Cword82 says:

I have my eyes on the new Star Rods Plasma Split Grip Series. In your experience, how do the plasmas and seagis compare in sensitivity to st. croix rods of the same price range?

Maybe Tonight Fishing Charters says:

HI Carl, I was VERY impressed with this little spinner!! It WHIPPED those bay blues real good!! What a blast!!! See you out there my friend!!! 🙂

barbinhamoz moz says:
VJTrey1 says:

hi capt. what action of seagis rod do you recommend for inshore fishing targeting fluke, trout, red and etc. thanks

Matthew Gamer1072 says:

Hi is watching in 2017

blake hamilton says:

Im trying to find a good rood to fit my penn battle 2 4500 will this work or do you have any better suggestions?

OutOfTheBlue Fishing says:

Thank You Captain Paul for the info. As a matter of fact I have just bin informed that my local tackle dealer out in the Long Island sound also has the Star Rods at his tackle shop. He gave me a quote for all 6 rods for the 7.6ft for just under $500 to which I say is a good deal and as you have described the rods to be good I will take your word for it as I have never hear or used the Star Rod brand. Thank You and have a GREAT season.

Tyshawn Blueboy says:

nice fish

Craig Lawson says:

enjoyed the video not a brand I am familar with down her but will have to see if I can order one on line from a store over there. look forward to your next video down under.

Maybe Tonight Fishing Charters says:

Hi Lawrence, sorry to say that we don’t get ANY of those species you mentioned up here in my area. I would not be a good resource for ANY info on those fish, sorry man

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