KastKing Perigee II Vs Lew’s Carbon Fire Fishing Rod Review and Comparison

This is a quick battle between the KastKing Perigee II spinning rod and the Lew’s Carbon Fire Rod. I love both but decided only one could take over as my most used rod.

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Alexander Lee says:

I don’t own any fancy rods but recently purchased a $170 Lews combo and a $100 13 Omen Black 2 rod. I prefer the Kastking Perigree II to those rods. I have caught largemouth, crappie, catfish and trout on my twin tip M/ML Perigree spinning rod. Am now considering purchasing a MH/M twin tip to add to my arsenal. I own a couple of their reels. They are not bad but not super impressive.

Ron R. says:

Solid review. Still torn apart on which to get. I’m a fan of Lew’s and like you said that Winn grip looks very appealing to the eye and hand feel, but those Fuji rings seem sweet. I was initially going to pair the sharky 3 with the carbon fire but now I’m thinking kastking. Noticed you said the kastking was cheaper but now the carbon fire rod is on sale for the same price. Knowing they’re at the same price, would you still go kastking? Someone chime in and help convince me more towards one or the other lol.

IrAbynormal says:

Funny I stumbled on this video, I have both the 7’3 Carbon Fire casting and the 7’1 KastKing Perigee II casting rod. I have paired them with The Carbon Fire baitcaster and KastKing Assassin respectively, unfortunately due to a massive heat wave here in California I have not been able to use them yet. I have illnesses that make me highly susceptible to heat and I also have to fish from a wheelchair so conditions have to be optimal for me to go, however when I do finally get to use them I will update you on how they preformed. Thanks for your video. BTW I Subbed and Liked. 🙂

Mata Kail says:

Obviously kastking.

Fishing with Faron says:

Nice review!

DEBO'S Fishing says:

Sweet review man! Loving my Perigee II Rods as well. I just picked up the heavy for a lighter topwater/ frog setup! Keep up the good work man!

Thamac15 says:

Ok, I’m getting disgusted with this overhyped company. Listen folks,….you get exactly what you pay for. You want a cheap rod that will get the job done for light use, then yes Kastking is your best choice. However, you want to put in long days of fishing every week? Then please do not purchase this rod. It’s OVERHYPED! You get what you pay for,….everyone knows this!

GRILLBUOY101 says:

buy a st croix stop playing with those other guys treat yourself to the best

4 DA KIDZ Fishing says:

Awesome review and comparison brother, KastKing all the way baby. Just got hooked on their gear myself

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