How to fish: Choosing a spinning rod

Two commonly used spinning rods in British Columbia are discussed in this episode.

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Camera: Nina Manique
Editing: Rodney Hsu
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Jessica Figueroa says:

I still have some doubt in what type of stuff to put on my hook. It should not be nothing to heavy bcz I am going to a lake wright?

Jessica Figueroa says:

Oooh ok. Well im going to Lake Murray in San Diego , Ca.

Jessica Figueroa says:

So let me see if I got this wright. The begginer rod will be a Spinning rod or a Surfing Rod?

wolfalupin says:

Can i use 15lb braid on a rod that is medium 4/12lb?

kalim khan says:

Name & model number this rod very useful information you

Fishing with Rod says:

Daiwa Spinmatic.

Mitch Toddy says:

good tips.

Volume1216 says:

@LordMikkell how tall are you?

Fishing with Rod says:

You should follow the line test strength recommended on the reel. Best to get a rod and reel that have similar test strength.

Robert Brandywine says:

Actually, when you first start fishing you will probably use a spincast reel.

Laurence Evans says:

what trout rod is that?

Fishing with Rod says:

You should avoid using heavier line than what’s recommended for the fishing rod.

chris clifford says:

question, i bought a rod that says 4-12 pound line test can i use 14 pound with out any problems as my reel says 14-20 pound test

PlayingTactical says:

About 9 foot 9

chris clifford says:

is 12 poung test okay for my reel or should i get anouther rod

Richy Rich says:

Yes it would be okay it may affect how far your cast go.

Jessica Figueroa says:

I love to learn, like I don’t know a whole lot about fishing. Im planing to go fishing nx weekend and I am really exited. Any tip will help me. I really want to fish and leave disappointed ALL the time.

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