How to Cast a spinning rod accurately and safely

How to Cast a spinning rod accurately and safely


Fabrizzio C says:

today was my first time fishing ever, and I wanted to know and because of you I learned this……thank you.

discuss21 says:

Nice helpful video. Good job teaching these skills.

A BC says:

I am around 4 foot tall and I was about to get a light 7 foot rod in the fishing shop then my step dad bought me a 9 foot heavy as hell rod

Mujaheed Goolfee says:

so cool

kenzo dlr says:

look left, right and at the back before casting…that’s been a hobby to me…i saw some anglers they just cast never think of the safety of the others…nice video bro…

SWIF Vape Gaming says:

Great video

David Lentz says:

Good instructions, thank you.

Paul Michaels says:

I am an avid fisherman and reel a spinning reel ‘backwards’. The eyelets are facing up and you cast with both hands where it is kind of like a bow and arrow motion. I know how to reel and cast both ways very well. I tend to keep the reel side up because you can detect what the line is doing from the spool to the end of the bait more than if it were facing down. People might think you are crazy or dumb fishing this way but they are wrong. You usually know if a fish is on by rod tip action but when you have the spin caster facing up you are really looking for the very subtle bites almost undetectable with the rod tip. Fishing by observing the line more precisely is good when wacky worming for bass. The reason being is that bass will bite your bait on the fall and you really need to pay attention to the line instead of rod tip. If the fish eats your bait with slack line by the time you notice the rod tip move the fish may have spit the bait out.

American Soldier says:

thanks for the tips very helpfull

Indiejestion says:

PErfect thanks

Captain G says:

Great video thank you.

Jim Fernandez says:

Thank you Sam. As a novice amateur I appreciate your patience explaining the suddleties that others take for granted. You’re a great teacher! Just “hooked” another subscriber. Pun intended. LOL!

Rey Villorante says:

great video. I learned a lot.

El_ray_del_pedo Gonzalez says:

there are some people … (girls) that don’t do it as efficiency lol the reason I’m here.

Debra Giordano says:

cool stuff

and res says:

Thanks, at first I had no idea how to cast or reel in, but you just taught me.

American Soldier says:

thanks for the tips very helpfull

ponemark PI says:

rather untangle another birds nest that listen to more of this.

Jay B says:

he talking to damn much! just get to the point

Slickster 256 says:

really appreciate it.. going on a boat going salt water fishing for the first time and haven’t used spinner reels that much

Hafiz Shapiee says:

this video really help me how to cast, few day before cant even throw my bait properly.. but today manage to cast it smooth & straight! thank you sir! god bless you sir!

Johnny Ni says:


BikeLyfe says:

Best type of rod for a river / ocean?

Jonathan Munoz says:

@ 0:38 on his left a fish jumps out of water

David Oldham says:

If you want to cast far get a 12ft or 13ft rod and spool your reel to just under the lip why do Americans use short rods it impeads your casting range

Gamer boy2007 says:

Instructions unclear,I drank bleach

Leo A. says:

Who the hell disliked this video?

Abdullah Wafilil says:

I have a question sir, my spinning reel is very lossen. the line would easily come out . any tips to make it easier to fish?

kigabuma says:

So easy to watch but too difficult to do for me : ) Thanks

Zaman Khan says:

that is very nice info. i am looking for how to properly store 2 piece rod. all information is about 1 piece but 2 piece nowhere. help needed please.

5249north says:

Thank you very much…..very helpful

rambo a says:

You look like a lost tribe member

beau alade says:

good tutorial. you’ll need to ff to 2:00 to cut out the extra ramble.

Mosaab Abdulmalik says:


TheMass33 says:

Thank you

maxbruhgamer says:

I put a like on your video because of you I know how to cast now

Risvi Rafiudeen says:

You did great job

Ron Grift says:

Good reminders on techniques. Excellent video. Fish-on brother!

Merc_SaltyG says:

what rod is that your using

Danny Beall says:

Really informative video. Step by step; explaining what and why your doing everything; giving different options. Thanks so much for taking the time to teach.

djjmx666 says:

show the tip of the rod

Santhosh Arunima says:

Thank you

Aslam Khan says:

So cool

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