How to Build a Spinning Fishing Rod

Showing all the steps it takes to build your own spinning reel fishing rod.

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Parts list:
EZ-KIT – EZ Builder Kit
RDS-9-110V – RDS Rod Drying System, 9 R.P.M, 110V w/ Stand
CFS-A-640 – ProWrap ColorFast 100yd Size A – 640 Purple Heart
DPSM-17-B – Fuji Standard Graphite Reel Seats
IS701M – CRB Special IM6 7′ 14-18lb. B.453 T6.5 R1/B26
BFAT-6-6.0 – Fuji Black Spin/Cast/Fly Top BFAT #6(6)
BYAG-309 – Fuji Alconite Spinning Guide Set for 7′ – 9′ Rods
TGV-10-3/8 – BLACK EVA FOAM GRIPS TGV – 10″x3/8″
FGV-2-3/8 – BLACK EVA FOAM GRIPS 2″ x 3/8″ID
RVB-2 – ATC Rubber/Vinyl Butt Caps – Size 2


Gilbert AnglersCustomRods says:

I dont know who taught you how to build a rod… You make the rod how it is supposed to be made but very sloppy on your wraps. That’s not good. I make rods all day long

GhettoRanger says:

A small hole in that end cap would save you a lot of aggravation.

Brendan O Callaghan says:

hay awesome video. but i was looking at other videos and I think you are to apply epoxy to the wraps in layers to allow the epoxy soak in to the thread but hay great job

FabioUK says:

good job!

Leonardo Alberti says:


pesca CON chuchin says:

Thank for sharing video

Francisco Maçã says:

what is the action of the rod? like 20 to 40 gr?

justin says:

Nice, this is just what i needed. Ive wanted to build a rod but never knew how or what was needed. Thanks for the post.

Redfish Incorporated says:

Are you henchman 24?

Mario Zamudio says:

How to – Build a fishing rod – Part 1:

Mario Zamudio says:

If you put tiner insaid the grip it slaids beter

Wicked says:

when purchasing blanks im guessing if your using spinning reels you would want a spinning blank right? im new and want to get into it but not sure of the lingo when purchasing

Lorenzo Yee says:

Very Good, Thanks for the Video…

Seaver Lilly says:

great vid jupe

mitchell adams says:

1:22:48 his stomach growled lmao i died don’t know why it is so funny!…….. really cool rod tho did a great job will be ordering that stuff to begin my own

Mario Zamudio says:

Wach the vídeo it help mi

sAvOsKy666 says:

big job…thank you

Aviscenna Syukri says:

you should used A size thread. that thread looks like a very thick yarn. Bigger than D size

game time says:

so much spaces are you a beginner

Jon Malvern says:

So boring,you didn’t spine the blank ,you defo shud have done three arbours on reel seat,and the wraps are bland .sorry bro I’m not feeling it,I turned off half way thru

Profishing 28 says:

What is the name of this kit you got

bigoledude1 says:

I watched a couple of tutorials where the rod builder burned the tips of the tag ends that were poking up.  They became invisible.  Great teaching video.  Not many folks have the ability to provide information in a way that’s very easy to understand.  You have this ability.  You should use it more!

Mario Zamudio says:

Jaja yes

scuffzy says:

you still making rods? intrested in getting ome built and shipped to hawaii.

LiptonMonster says:

have you ever herd of netcraft? if not google them they are awesome!

Jake says:

We’re can I find all the parts including guides, blanks, grips and reel seats ?

sling shot says:

i want to do that is it as easy as it looks? im just a kid so im not so sure.
looks fun

not OFFENSIVE says:

Great video man. How much $
did this run you?

gary lutsky says:

ok joop,i am going to build a rod,i watched your vid  great  vid ,now  I think I can do it . what blank do you recommend , I want a rod for bottom fishing 7.6 to 8 ft spinning reel,to catch 20 lb snapper and grouper,and cobia, something with action, no broom stick,o did you make the gaff vid yet

Will Stofferahn says:

Most tip top glue has an amber or yellow/brown type color. This glue has a higher heating point and your tip should not be able to heat up and rotate while the rod is in your car.

Frank Gandoy says:

were did u get the stick

Rick Payne says:

If you wanted to get rid of the air bubbles use a lighter or micro torch and quickly swipe by the air bubble. Lure makers do this to pop the air bubbles in the expoy while it is drying.
As long the rotation of the rod helps distributes the expoy evenly around the rod for a smoothervfinsh.

Will Stofferahn says:

You should file down the top of the guides so there is less of a transition for your wraps to go up them and it will keep you from having a gap in your wraps. Don’t file the bottom of the guide feet unless there is a burr.

Boca Raton Bassin' says:

Hey, this video is very helpful and I’m looking to make a custom rod my self. However, I’m confused as to knowing which sizes of reel seats, grips, etc will fit my blank. It seems like on the sizes for each part are in different units. Anyways, if you could help me out with figuring out which parts will be compatible with each other, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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