G. Loomis E6X Inshore Rod Review [Pros & Cons]

This G. Loomis E6X rod review will show you the pros and cons of this rod based on over 6 months of on the water usage.

I have been able to spend a lot of time on the water with this G. Loomis rod, and I am happy to share my thougths about it with you.

And I’ll of course explain both pros and cons so that you can make an educated decision… I have no affilation with G. Loomis rods in any way nor any other rod manufacturer, so I have no bias for or against it.

And if you have used a G. Loomis E6X rod before, please share your thoughts about it in the comments section below.

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William Perryman says:

Great review, and glad to know that the E6X has such quality.ive owned Loomis for 30+ years, and still have,and use my older rods. There are so many new products on the market, I love that quality is still made in the USA. You are spot on with the weights and difference in one company’s medheavy as opposed to another heavy. I try to watch all your videos.

Nick Wingate says:

Could you post a rod review on the 13 Fishing Omen green? Looking for a $100-$150 rod to pair with a Diawa BG 2500. Thanks!

J.O'Sullivan says:

Have 4 of them. Best rod I’ve ever used!

Allen Gallion says:

Like you said their power ratings are way different than the standard Inshore rod like St. Croix or Shimano. Their “Heavy” is more comparable to a medium action Shimano Teremar and maybe a medium-heavy St.Croix Tidemaster. Also I really prefer double footed guides on a Heavy spinning rod.

C&C S says:

Have this rod love it

FranksTube86 says:

I have the 8′ MH and it’s awesome. I landed an estimated 5′ /80ish lb tarpon off the Jetties and I never felt the rod would give. Along with plenty of 10-20lb redfish to go along with it’s list of victims. Id recommend it for sure. Video: “Boca Chica Jetties Tarpon”

JJ 916 says:

I was thinking about purchasing a G Loomis E6X Inshore 7’6” medium light/ex fast tip (model 12194-01) but wanted to get everyone’s opinion. I know that it’s a saltwater rod but does anyone use it for freshwater finesse fishing for bass? The freshwater series doesn’t have a medium light rod that’s bigger than 7’1” and this is the only model from G Loomis for that length and the price is really good. Thanks in advance.

KhmerHarry says:

Best rod for $200 i own 3 7’6 medium very please and happy with it i recently purchase the G Loomis NRX 7’4 medium which run me about $635 the most sensitive rod i ever own it is worth the money

Hunter Smith says:

Just copped one today on sale at my local field and stream for 100$

aaron b says:

can u do a pros and cons on st croix mojo inshore bc ive heard thats one of the best inshore rods from a lot of people and websites

Paradoxtal Pythons says:

That’s An Awesome Dog. He’s Ready to go

Steve Berg says:

I just ordered one of these rods in 7’1 rated mh,but the lure rating is 3/16-5/8 and the line rating is 8-14.
That would be considered a light medium- to medium by other mfg.
G Loomis and tfo really rate their rods differently. Will see when it arrives.

Ok, I have been fishing this rod for a week or so.
It weighs 4.5 oz.
It does fish like a mh, I don’t know why G Loomis rates it like a med. 3/16-5/8,
Confusing, anyway,mine is described as worm/jig and it definitely has the power to drive soft plastics home.

mcfishing says:

Why u dont use baitcasters? And do u recommend them for saltwater fishing?

Tikks Koroi says:

Can I get a used one?

Cole Tyndall says:

have y’all tried Bull Bay rods?

Maddog Fishing says:

G Loomis is one of my favorite fly rods but I’ve never tried out there inshore rods. $200+ for an inshore Rod is a little over the top for me. However, $200 for a fly rod is entry level. lol

Chase Rivera says:

what is the brand of those fish clamps?

Ira Cohen says:

that G Loomis rod looks nice but too expensive for me. Any recommendations for an 8′ medium/heavy, moderate/fast rod for a Penn Battle 2 #4000 reel for under $100.??

Don W says:

Picknick Island?

kime Hunt says:

I have 2 E6X casting rods for bass fishing. They are fantastic especially the MBR models. I think you may have just sold the saltwater spinning model in this video, now I just need to find a deal on one.

Joe Trout says:

I have a 7’ spinning and loved the rod. I was gonna buy a casting but alot of stores say no longer in stock?? I went to loomis website they have the regular bright green freshwater models but no inshores on the catalog???? Discontinued?

thai pham says:

Try a tica 7ft rod only 80$ thats less then half the price but will out perform this over rated loomis

Bryan Anderson says:

What reel are you using and what’s ur set up line, lure ect…

Larry Sharp says:

I bought the 7 ft mh and love the sensitivity. I used it for musky fishing and found that it makes a cracking sound with heavier lures so I dropped back to a bass jig and fought a 38” tiger musky. It pulled me up the river on my kayak and still wore it out. For a medium heavy I agree it’s a lighter lure casting rod but has good fish fighting back bone

David Henry says:

These rods are exceptional. The grips in particular are perfect. The 7 Medium/Heavy is my go to rod for all inshore species. It can cast a light jig or shrimp easily but has plenty of power for big snook or reds.

Ima Rocketeer says:


What REEL and line did you use ?

Leon Clark Rola says:

a questin: would it handle 1 oz lures or do you feel like its pushing the rod to its limits? thank you for the only review on this rod , im sure ur the only one on youtube… atleast i couldnt find anyone 🙂 very informative

Neil Migala says:

Freaking Otis. Always the helper.

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