Favorite Rod USA Reveiw

This video is a follow up to my first Favorite USA Rod Review. My first one wasn’t that helpful, plus I added to my arsenal. I am reviewing the Select Balance Rods, Defender Rod and the LunkerTV Rod. Leave me a comment and let me know what your thoughts on the rods are. I will leave links in the description below! Thanks for watching and remember to subscripe, like and share!






Clayton Scull says:

Do the favorite rods have a coating on them like a st croix rod (ex mojo bass) or are they like a lews rod where you can feel the roughness of it (ex Mach 2) ?

BiggestBass says:

I’m from Cincinnati

Thetugis myDrug says:

Dude y’all gotta get off the googan squad’s nuts those favorite rods suck!! Every real fisherman knows Gloomis, Dobyns ,St.Croix and TFO make the best rods on the market!

Stephen Waldon says:

Rob did say his rods where more beefier, on his description video.

jake fleck says:

Good review. If you’re unhappy with the lunkerstv rod still, I’d bet a dollar you could find a buyer for it I problem and make some of your money back

OutdoorsWithTurners says:

Favorite rods only makes 1 type of 7-6 defender and it is a HEAVY not a MH

trey brafford says:

Yessir. When i dont have to worry about bills or putting gas in my boat buying this stuff is awesome. Also makes you appreciate what you have more when you buy it.

Joe Brallier Fishing says:

you should try the lunkerstv spinning defender for finesse

Nathaniel Rada says:

Sell the lunkers rod and buy a dobyns fury 735c rod its tippy and cast like a champ I love it

Rowena Reyes says:

i need someone to review the summit!!! lol thanks for the video

OrangeKou says:

Just subbed, give me support too please! LOL. Have you seen Flair’s new Frogging Rod?

Robert Garcia says:

I have a 7’11” MH Lunkers TV edition paired up with a Lews laser Speed and like you, I don`t have a boat but with this set up i can cast a mile.Nice review by the way.

canon mukai says:

how long did shipping take ??

Dominic Herzog says:

Awesome review!

Trevor Daniels says:

Would you recommend getting a favorite rod and real for a beginner?

Liam B says:

Would a concept c White reel look bad on the phantom rod?

Collins Fishing Outdoors says:

yo man just subscribed which looks like puts you on 100 subs congrats could you please sub back as I’m also trying to get 100 subs?

The Rust Chill says:

@Robert Garcia is the 7 11 good cuz im gonna get one i want the 7 5 but its sold out lol

Luke Hayes says:

Says he won’t touch the more expensive favorite rods but has a 200 dollar reel ???

Jon L. says:

Hey man awesome video and channel I subbed. I like your content could you check out my channel ?

James Ritchie says:

I think it’s hilarious that everyone who watches YouTube believe you need a different rod for every fishing technique, and often a different reel.  This is taught by big tournament anglers who are sponsored by these companies t say just this, and to say only very expensive rods and reels are any good, even though they’re very often the same rod you can get under another name for twenty percent of the cost.

Maybe the most strenuous fishing on earth takes place on charter boats, but I’ve seen a number of charter boat captains trade three hundred dollar reels for sixty dollar Penn reels, and trade top end St. Croix rods for forty dollar Ugly Stiks.   I don’t blame them.

Don’t believe the hype.  I used to work in marketing, and I know the most overpriced products on earth are high priced rods and reels.  As often as not, a company fond a very reliable forty dollar rod or reel, makes cosmetic changes, adds a bell of a whistle, sometimes throws in a high tech sounding material somewhere that sounds great, but that is probably not as good as the material it replaced, and then sells the reel for three to four hundred dollars.

Light weight and high sensitivity sells expensive rods, but in tests, such rods are neither lighter nor more sensitive than a similar sized rod than may cost thirty dollars.  Sometimes they’re even the same rod under a different brand name.    And they’re never as strong as many forty dollar rods. 

Buy whatever makes you happy, whether it’s a twenty dollar Berkeley, a forty dollar Ugly Stik, or a four hundred dollar t. Croix.  Being happy with your choice is what matters.  But don’t let anyone tell you that you have to have expensive gear to do as well as anyone.  You don’t.    Just about every expansive product that comes out in the fishing world is designed to keep companies in business, not t give fishermen higher quality.

There really isn’t anything you can’t do with a seven foot medium Ugly Stick with a fast action tip.   And bass fishermen somehow completely ignore the ultra light world, even though ultra light anglers often catch more and bigger fish.  Outside of panfish, bass are the easiest game fish there is to catch, and one of the worst fighters.  You can land a twelve pound bass with an ultralight rod spooled with six pound test, and do so easily. 

Find two or three rods and reels you love, and don’t judge quality by price.  There is a lot of junk out there, but there’s also a lot of extremely high quality at extremely low prices.   Love what you buy, and you’ll outfit anyone who thinks you have to have a five hundred dollar rod and a four hundred dollar reel, or you just can’t be a real fisherman.

One of the biggest bass I’ve ever seen in my life was caught by a little kid using a real cane pole, and another was caught with a Zebco rod and reel that cost about twenty-five bucks.  As for the cost of lures these days, I saw a twelve pound bass caught with a baby shoe as a lure.  I think the trailing , pink shoestrings may have done the trick.

Anyway, I’m not saying very expensive reels aren’t good reels.  Most of them are, even though they need scheduled maintenance far more often that many cheaper reels.   I’m just saying reels if the thirty to sixty dollar range are often of just as high quality, and sometimes even higher than many very expensive reels.

Rods are something else.  Very expensive rods are often pure junk, no different than many twenty and thirty dollar rods on the market.  Nothing breaks easier under lateral pressure than a three hundred dollar rod, and nothing has a more fragile tip to twist pressure.  I’ve seen four three hundred dollar rods snap like glass because a two pound lid dropped on them from a height of two feet.   I’ve also seen several very popular rods at the two hundred dollar range break at the spine when the drag was set too tight and a fish hit the drag at a run.  Neither of these things should ever happen.

Caden Calrk says:

Is the balance rod a medium or a medium heavy?

Blake Lemus Outdoors says:

They have a 7 foot 5 medium heavy

Justin Chabek says:

Good video. Was wondering how favorite rods were.

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