Eagle Claw Featherlight Rod (Product Review)

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Earlier this summer I purchased an Eagle Claw Featherlight spinning rod for my GF. That was until I fell in love with it and now it’s “our” rod. I have a lot of expensive and high quality rods but for the price point ($20-$30) this rod has great performance, feel, features, and it can withstand a beating! For the money, I don’t think you can find a better rod. Great for Crappie, Sunfish, Perch, and Trout!

Check them out here: http://www.eagleclaw.com/product/rods/product-line/Featherlight


B love says:

broke off while casting it for the second time right at the last joint , clean snap

Nic Otte says:

where you fishing? looks like a nice spot

Gabes fishing says:

Was that palmer lake ?

Anime4 Mii says:

good review I agree but then I have a competitor heard it was good
I haven’t fish it yet but saw some review on amazon
what do you think of mine fishing rod
is it good for larger fishing
ocean or lake

Sea Bass says:

Just picked up my 5′ eagle claw. Rod feels great cant wait to get it out on the lake. Thanks for the review.

TexasRigged says:

LOVE these rods. The fly rods are just as good

hulk hogan says:

With two piece rods there are a few tricks. First, when sticking the two pieces together, stick the top piece off center by about 90 degrees, then spin it into the proper position. The other trick is to rub some candle wax on the male end.

That said, I’m in the market for a new UL. I’ve been trying to fish trout and panfish with my walleye setup, and it’s been going poorly, can’t cast anything less than about 1/4th oz worth a damn with that setup, and that’s too big.

Is this rod still holding up well? I’m not about to run and buy a lamiglas, so if this thing works I’d be happy.

Opry99er says:

Thanks a ton Mitch.  You tipped the scale for me.  I’m going and buying two of these this month.  Awesome and informative vid, as always

tom greiner says:

Sounds like a great Rod and a defintly a solid purchase. Thanks for the advice from a pro!

KR46389 says:

Rub some paraffin (wax) on the joint where the 2 pieces go together. That should take care of it coming apart on you. Good review.

Trouta Holic says:

Bought my fist one in 1978 in the 5`6 and have since purchased the 6ft and 6“6 and will get the 7`6 before the end of the year. have had fun catching many trouts with these . combo it with a great rod and you can`t go wrong . Best 25.00 you can spend

Mike Shaver says:

I totally agree on the Eagle Claw rods. I have a Powerlight…which is the IM-7 graphite version. I bought it as a combo that included the Eagle Claw TCS100 reel….for around $40. It is the ultimate stockie trout combo…has peformed flawlessly for three years. Best $40 I ever spent!

Truck Miller Sports & gaming says:

I have one of these fly rods but I am getting one of these soon

James says:

The millennial up-swing is really annoying. I hope one day men grow beards, balls, and talk like John Wayne again.

ponycarguy says:

Cool video. I have one of the 6ft 6in fly rods and love it. Just picked up a 5ft 6in ultralight spinning rod the other day for 13 bucks on sale. Have yet to fish with it but it feels and looks awesome. Paired it with a bright orange shimano Sonora reel lol. Very bright color combo haha.

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