Differences In Ugly Stik Gx2, Elite, Inshore Select Spinning Rod Handles

An up close look at the differences in the Gx2, Elite and Inshore Select Ugly Stik spinning rod handles. How long are the handles and what makes them different from each other. In this video I share my personal views on which model I like the most and why.



Inshore Select

If you are looking for a heavier set up for bigger fish make sure you check out the video review I did of the Big Water 7′ Medium/Heavy Ugly Stik here: https://youtu.be/-vC2YUceOEI

There are many things I like about this brand of fishing rods. The three reasons I use them are:

1) they are very reliable
2) readily available at just about any Walmart
3) reasonably priced



Anwar Zahoor says:

Nice video sir…good collection of uglys….what about those single piece guides..are they durable ?

Danny Peace says:

Hey JC, I just got a new rod to replace my teramar, I want you to give the teramar a try. If you got some time let’s get out again, I’m itching for some sheepshead. I gotta a good crab spot for bait, and a good spot for sheepies let’s go.

clark emerson69 says:

Great video JC, I like the length of the butt on my rod to be the same length as my forearm or else it hits my chest while setting the hook. Keep it the good work

1997wolverine says:

Nice review JC. I own all three of these. Well at least I used to. I kicked my favorite Inshore with my Tsunami reel into the brink. Have to re-aquire.

Charles Hudson says:

Thanks for the comparison of those rods…looking to pair a rod with my new BG 3000 that I got for Christmas….I’m looking at the Stella Lite Star also in the 8′ length….

ttk 123 says:

Nice comparision video. Which reel is attached with ugly stik elite rod?

Wesley Carl says:

yep the long butt is good for fighting fish but I find it very tiring on the wrist if you throw jigs all day

Mark says:

Thanks now go fishing

Ralph Barton says:

Nice review

Boater says:

Hi JC,
What do you recommend for beginners who want to fish for Grouper around WPB Florida?
Looking for a reel too please!
Thank you!

South Florida Saltwater Fishing says:

Hey JC, this is some great info you are offering on Ugly Stik rods. Those were the only rods I used growing up. 100% most bang for your buck on the market. If you’re looking to gear up and get out fishing without breaking the bank, Ugly’s are the way to go. Personally, I like a rod with the longer handle and butt section, definitely a leverage thing. I love putting my light gear through a good beating with fish that more than likely outclass the hardware. So, I’m partial to the foam handles and that Gx2 where the entire top part spin is some innovative product. Thank you for taking time to create content and put together the episodes that are informing and educational. I know it’s more than hitting record and upload. The thought process, planning, story telling, and editing along with production is a true boat load of work and effort. Wishing you and your family a happy new year. Take care. Until next time, tight lines & good vibes.

Mark Hanson says:

Nice comparison. Happy New Year!

Fisher Dude says:

A comparison of a 6’6 handle vs a 7’6 handle? Don’t you think there might be… a difference…

Gman Mule says:

You might as well complete your Ugly Stik collection and get the intercoastal. Which in my opinion is the best overall rod for everything saltwater at least… tight lines JC ..

clark emerson69 says:

Video idea; tips on fishing from shore/land/docks

Gman Mule says:

@2:30 mark… the Ugly Stik inshore select is a very good rod for the buck…

Let's Go Fishing! South Florida says:

I go with Intercoastal, all around rod for every situation. Ugly Stik- because pretty don’t catch fish! ; ) ~ keep Chasing Wild!

Kevin Wynne says:

Is that 7’6″ select a MH? Is so how well does it throw 3/8oz and 3/4oz. I’m interested in buying one soon

Dorkacxi Zod says:

What it kind of reel is the all black one on the big rod

Jim M says:

Ugly Stiks will take some abuse. Maybe not as suited for finesse fishing but they can get the job done. If I have guests that need to use my gear, I will take one of my reels and put it on a Stik. I’ve learned the hard way not to hand one of my more delicate rods to someone who doesn’t appreciate what they’re fishing with.

I’m trying to get caught up on videos that I’ve missed over the last month. Glad to see you’re still out there catching. Wishing you all the best in 2019. Bent rods and tight lines, JC.

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