Big Water 7 Foot Medium Heavy UGLY STIK Review

I’ve been catching huge fish with the Big Water fishing rod from UGLY STIK for the past eight months. This budget spinning rod is high quality and works great for fishing inshore, offshore for large and medium sized fish.

I primarily fish from the bank. In eight months I’ve caught four personal best fish using this rod in saltwater. In this review video I’ve linked videos that show me catching very large fish.

-42″ long snook
-4 to 5 foot long goliath grouper
-Huge jack crevalle
-Big gag grouper

Ugly Stik Bigwater 7′ Medium/Heavy

I purchased this fishing rod specifically for fishing from bridges with heavy jigs for snook. It has amazing strength when fighting large fish around structure.

I paired this rod with a Penn Pursuit 6000 that seems to be about the correct size for the seven foot blank.

Uguly Stik makes great fishing rods. I own two of them and am very please with how well the perform.


Steven Mcadams says:

I also have the same rod. Put a Penn 7500ss on it and its like a winch. They are dependable rods. Great video.

syahroni syahroni says:

how much price for this rod sir..??

david smith says:

Had similar set up with Penn fierce ii 6000 my ugly stik broke in half today sounded like .22 going off while casting

Dailey Life Fishing says:

I have that same rod. I caught my best snook on it as well. It can take a beating with ease! Another great video JC, keep them coming.

Team Jesus Outdoors says:

I troll for Muskie with the 7 ‘ MH Ugly Stick Striper Series rod!

53CopCeco says:

Just what I need to see… I’m new in saltwater fishing and this rod looks like a great deal… In my country I can’t have a rod with line rate above 30 lbs without special license on the boat. So this reel is maybe good for me in version 15-30 lbs to catch some big fish like amberjack or barracuda from boat…

Louis says:

I have my penn pursuit 4000 paired with that rod (8 ft version) for bluefish and stripers and fluke

Charlotte Harbor Snook Hunter says:

Whaddya know! I have a 7’ MH Bigwater as well! However, mine is the casting model instead of the spinning. I have it paired with an Abu Garcia C4 in 6600 size spooled with 40lb PowerPro. So pretty much the same setup just in a baitcasting version.

It’s my favorite “big fish” combo. I caught my first cobia with it a few weeks ago, not to mention countless massive stingrays, nice sized sharks, and even hooked into a tarpon once!

Chris Albronda says:

Great video

Daniel Lopez says:

U barely use your daiwa bg, why ?

14theroad1955 says:

Great video, informative for sure…I have 2 or 3 Ugly Stiks for both fresh and salt water. I also like the Penn Slammer rods. Both those rod makes have given me years of service, especially the Ugly Stiks. Some folks claim they are too heavy, but they work just fine for me, and practically indestructible…Catch em up Rad Reeling.

ROB 420 says:

What do you have it spooled with i would use it for off-shore

Daily Dose of Dorf says:

Would this rod be good for saltwater fishing off of a pier. I am new to pier fishing and was thinking about buying this rod. If this isn’t the right rod for me can you recommend me a different one.

mickey h says:

Hi JC,  That Big Water M/H is perfect for your application.  I have five Ugly Stiks, from 5ft. to 7ft. in various weights.  I use them for fresh and salt water.  They are one tough rod.    I do have a Quantum and a Penn that are a bit more stiff at the tip.  I use them for bucktailing flounder from a boat.  They are not as heavy as your Big Water.   Great video, as usual.  Thanks,  Mickey

Fishin’ N Jiggin’ says:

Wow I’m surprised that no one has posted a single comment until now. I’ve wanted to get the Penn Pursuit ii 6000 for a couple months now but my cousin has one so I usually use his when I go fishing.

JR Outdoors says:

Do you think the ugly stik gx2 7” medium heavy spinning rod would be good for jigs swimbaits and live or cut bait

Doug Black says:

Not hating…guess it’s a difference in preference…7 ft rods in my experience are horrible on the hookset and a rod with that much bend usually gets you in trouble…off a seawall or Jetty I can see it working …fishing on top of structure like a bridge I bet you’d get pulled under… They’re composite so while they take a beating you lose a lot of sensitivity.. just saying… You really ought to try a 8-9 foot rod…rain shadow… Phoenix… Rated the same or stronger… I’m pretty sure you’d put that one down

Donald Vick says:

Great review, thanks!

Doug Black says:

True they are pricey…for me it’s a matter of function and performance not price

Central Florida Sportsman says:

I have always loved ugly stick. They are super though. I have several

Fishing with Jeff says:

Finally I got to see a good review on this rod. Thanks for that JC

Michael Honeycutt says:

JC, I have a 7’ Ugly Stik Catfish edition and it’s a stout Spinning Rod. It might be the same specifications as your big water edition. It has incredible backbone and it’s 7 years old. Looks like new after years of abuse.

53CopCeco says:

Is that MODEL # USBWB1025S702 ? I can’t find on Ugly Stik store MH model in 7′..

dueling gunns adventures says:

Nice review mate. Keep the vids coming. Slainte

Camo Boat Catfishing says:

Thanks Rad Reeling I have been looking for a new 7 foot rod . Was debating on this rod to myself . Great review .

DumbestFisherman TV says:

some good advice there.. well done..

huskyfan42 says:

Would you suggest using this for crabbing with a clamshell trap off of a jetty? Thank you

Keith Byrnes says:

I love my stick

Nate V says:

I’ll a rookie off shore salt water Fisher, caught my first black drum this weekend. I had a standard $30 Shakespeare set up from Wal mart. The fish was so heavy that I couldn’t even get it up with my rod and reel I had to use a net. I went to Wal Mart because I was looking into getting a GX2 set up until I laid my eyes on the Big Water. Any suggestions on what size and or what reel to put on this would be great. I’ll be using it for jetties, the pier and off shore fishing. Thanks

Chris Kerbow says:

Going fishing in San Diego for yellow tail and blue fin. Think this rod van take the beating?

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