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» Okuma Celilo 9 foot rod:
» About this rod:

This is a quick review of my new spinning rod for surf fishing. This Okuma rod is 9 foot and super light and sensitive. It casts pretty far, and is only about $50. It can cast up to a 2 oz sinker, which is what I use for surf fishing the Oregon coast. It has a short rod butt which gives more real estate at the top.


Claude Booth says:

It’s back and continued Cabela’s has them on sale.

shermancase says:

I just picked up an Okuma SST Salmon Spin 9 footer 10-30# 1/2 -2oz. I paired it with a Daiwa BG 3000 w/30# braid topped w/25yds 20# flouro. I tried it out Saturday. It casted nice and was able to get some quick pecks that were definitely fish, but didn’t hook anything. First time perch fishing since I was 15, which was long ago. I will try again soon…

Patrick Baca says:

Good information. Thanks for sharing. Tight lines!

Norman Kerr says:

PK- It’s pronounced Ce-lye-lo as in Celilo Falls on the Columbia. Here’s a link:

Jasen Alapati says:

Greetings Pk .. would a Shimano convergence salmon casting 10’6 be equivalent to the rod you have paired with the Shimano stradic 4000 ?

Kinh Pham says:

Yo PK, your amazon link is to the 9’6 rod. Didn’t have an option for the 9’. Do you know if the 9’6 is rated for 2oz? Thanks! Love your videos!

Sshooter444 says:

i used the Shimano Scimitar 9′ and it was kind of hard to cast far with the 2oz disc sinker. Maybe needed to be a stiffer action?

Justin Szymanski says:

Hey P.K! What rod and reel set up do you use for surf fishing and how long a leader do you use? Just kidding. Love your videos but I am curious to what rod your using for your crab snares?

sournote28 says:

Hi Pk…the amazon link does not take one back to the 9ft rod….the link takes you to medium light 9’6″, 10 ft, medium light action….they have an 8’6′ heavy action…do you think the 8’6″ heavy will be ok…

Chris Mihulka - NW Fishing Stuff says:

PK, Send me a note at, I would like to talk for a bit. Chris

Charles Lund says:

Very much enjoy your videos.  I’ve been surfperch fishing along the Oregon coast for five or six years now and each year the fishing regulations become more confusing.  Many parts of the coastal areas have restrictions about fishing in Marine Reserve areas and it is hard to tell if you are legally fishing or not, especially south of Newport to Florence where I fish.  Could you touch on the regulations and where we cannot fish?  Thanks

Chris loafercreek says:

good vid PK!

Claude Booth says:

You my new rod your touring trail is back on sale 39.00 plus over 50.00 free shipping so I threw in a 12.00 fish grip! Paired with a Penn Spinfisher V ssv 4500 its sealed and can be dunked Got a deal at cabelas!

BLAIR Random says:

Really great videos! I’m going to be spending some time on the coast soon. Can a Canadian buy a regular fishing license on the Oregon coast for surf fishing and crabbing? Can’t really find info on this online…

Jesse Siquig says:

Do you ever fish brookings

renato a says:

Hey PK. Im having a difficult time  buying a spinning rod. I would like a 9ft Medium action. Any suggestions ??

Claude Booth says:

I am ordering right now !

Thomas Kindrick says:

I run that rod in a 10’ ben killing them here on the coast of Oregon where I live

DoubleA Day says:

I have a question for you PK. Do you find the redtail perch to be mushy when you cook them up? How do you prevent this from happening?

Anthony L says:

every angler has a tub of random fishing gear. and then there’s the organized area it sits next to

Will H. says:

Thanks for the video. What about Cabela’s Tourney Trail® Salmon/Steelhead Spinning Rods? They have the 9′ version with heavy action (10-20lbs) for $49 right now. I assume it’s very close to what you have, if not the same?

Carlos Gonzalez says:

Can’t find the 9’0 will the 8’6 be good?

omega5koi says:

Hey PK… please do a video of your boat/set up/and how you tow it and where you take it please…… big fan… I appreciate your videos.. great job!!!

Claude Booth says:

Just got the touring trail and love it the long cork handle heavy action! I have regular surf rods this is better! It’s more useful. you like it too1 $39.00 on sale too! So you have great taste thank you!

sournote28 says:

Pk…the tourney trail 9ft is on sale for $50…TRT SS906-2 Fast Action Heavy Power….should I go for that instead

Skye Cohen says:

Are you aware of the okuma Rockaway? It’s a lightweight surf rod apparently specifically for surf perch fishing. It’s new for 2018

A friend of mine also reccomened the daiwa sealine rods.

Wife and i just bought a couple of the 11ft ml action Rockaway rods (rated 1/2 to 2oz) we’ll report back after we try them on the water but they sure feel great in the hand. Thanks so much for the videos i always enjoy watching them

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