Beach Fishing Set Up: Don’t waste your money

New to Beach fishing? Beach fishing is fun but you need the right gear. Tune in to learn my personal beach fishing set up and get set up for success. I will post links to the products I recommend.
There are many kinds of fishing set ups you can get for the beach. It all depends on what kind of fishing you want to do. Are you more of a bait fisherman, or a lure fisherman? Do you want to target BIG fish, or smaller fish or a little bit of both? These are all questions you need to ask yourself when searching for a new rod and reel combo.

St Croix Mojo Surf 9’:
St Croix Triumph 9’:

Shimano Saragosa 5000:
Shimano Stradic 5000:
Shimano BAITRUNNER 6000

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glenn colin says:

Very helpful !!! Been looking for a good honest review

LedGuitar1218 says:

How did your reels break. Malfunction? Dropped it?

Chase Baker says:

I like to feel connected to the earth and it puts me in a spiritual place.

Robert Villafane says:

Constipated? I understand!

Darrellsaurus says:

More technical and educational videos like this!!

Taron the dune buggy says:

I use 65 pound braid

Michael_OMG says:

I don’t like surf fishing because I can’t catch jack crap

Sufy SJ says:

baitrunner 8000d?

Dakota does Shoe laces says:

Can I use a 7 foot medium heavy Berkley spin cast as a surf pole

Carson Rowe says:

what size reel would you suggest for red drum

Eddie Watson says:

Yes it was helpful

Chris Rasberry says:

If my reel broke three times I would tell them to keep it and go with a different brand

Halloween Man says:

Hi what would you recommend for surf casting for big sharks with penn slammer 10500

Randy Autrand says:

Thanks for the great video. Always wanted to Surf Fish. Ive got a good cheap starter reel and going to get a pole. Just something to start. If I like I will score your nice set up. I will fish Monterey area. Close to me. Thanks for video again. Subbed and liked

Desmond Cane says:

Thanks man

the autistic pier champion says:

Thanks for the fishing advice I got a surf rod also and a Penn reel

Halloween Man says:


Fishin Indiana says:

My favorite part of surf fishing is all the different species of fish. I saw the ocean for the first time and I went out there knowing very little about salt water fishing. All I had was my bass fishing gear with a barrel weight and a little hook with shrimp and we caught 17 new species.

dipping brothers says:

can u try fused line it is way better i like it bc it castes alot further and it is cheaper for 30lb it is $8 for me here in louisiana

Gay Bear says:

get a good surf rod, salt water is hell on cheap rods

herewegofans says:

Props to Pops for teaching you your passion. Father’s who fish with their kids hook them into being great stewarts of the land as well. Thanks for sharing your early pictures, that was heartfelt.

Anand Rdoyal says:

Very informative

My Domain69 says:

Moved to florida this year and am very interested in surf fishing… But I dont have any gear for it hahaha!!!

afleetcommand says:

Excellent Video and EXCELLENT Team work! You hit on a subject that absolutely transcends fishing…carries into many activities. Fishing as a vehicle to get folks to appreciate nature. Hunting, Motorcycles, Camping, Farming…same story different stage for many. But to me the team work…..activities that bring people & families together. So much more important that fishing for size and glory…..just an opinion from an old man. This video made my day.

luis Dominguez says:

daiwa bg 4500

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