60 SECOND REVIEW: KastKing BlackHawk Telescopic Travel Rod

Like this rod? Click here http://amzn.to/2oVfLKw (the KastKing version is currently SOLD OUT, so here’s the Sougayilang version which is the EXACT SAME ROD)

365 Day 1000 Cast long-term review https://youtu.be/_NAqJX8n48Y
How I modded this rod https://youtu.be/e_JLQbLAulY

If you’ve researched spinning travel rods online, there’s a good chance you’ve already seen this one. Lots of positive reviews and affordably priced on Amazon and eBay.

PROs: Only $35 for the 8’10”! Lightweight, fairly sensitive, true out of the box. Good for whipping 1 oz or lighter swim baits, or chunking 2 oz or lighter weights. And durable! Like, crazy durable. I’ve snagged, dunked, dropped, banged, and fumbled this rod a few times over and it’s not showing any signs of failure.

CONs: The action is bit too Moderate, I wish it came in a Fast model. I wish the lower 2 ring guides were twice the size, would provide optimal line lay and less rod vibration when reeling quick. I wish the handle butt was a tad longer or end-weighted as the rod is unbalanced/top heavy even with a 16 oz reel. I extra wish that the freely spinning metallic collar(?) on the fore grip was replaced with proper foam to match the handle. That collar can become a nuisance.

THE VERDICT: It’s OK believe the hype … this rod is legit! For the price and performance, it’s tough to beat. I carry it as a secondary rod when surf fishing locally and as my primary rod while traveling.
Paired mine with a Penn SSV3500 and 15 lb Berkley Fireline. Nicely balanced, aesthetically pleasing, and dunk-proof combo.

*Not a paid or sponsored video! I spent my own monies.*

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Knight says:

Great review, straight to the point and high quality

Shaka Fishing says:

Pretty sick rod

yokdriverchris says:

I tried the kast king braid it was junk it frayed too easy

vsonic86 says:

BRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is awesome. I saw that rod before but I never bought it because I thought it is going to break just like the other telescope rod that I used to have. But I will give another try of telescope rod after watching this video. Big thank brother. 200 lbs turtle, I’m surprise this thing can handle without breaking it. In addition, can you tell how many oz can you cast on this lure?

jason douglas says:

what was the size spinfisher in the beginning bro

Steve Kwong says:

It see quite heavy for lure

Daniel Kim says:

I started out with a 9foot telescopic glass rod from an old Japanese company that has since gone out of business. My biggest issue (as with any telescopic rod) was when using with salt water and especially on the surf is that the salt grime/sand can get trapped in the segments and you end up scratching the pole when opening and collapsing.

Definitely can’t beat kastking’s bang for buck though. I have a 6′ one for trout fishing on the go.

If you want a travel pole with more action I would recommend looking at Ron Thompson Tryan for versatility/sensitivity and the St. Croix Triumph travel for a true travel surf rod ( if you’re willing to shell out)

Dub V says:

Would’ve like to see this sea turtle you caught………..doubt you did

Ish With Fish says:

WIN A FREE CUSTOM MODDED BLACKHAWK ROD!! Check my latest vid for contest details. Entry ends 5/30/17.

Latha Ravi says:

how any feet

kieran says:

Hey man was hoping u could help, u say this rod is good for chunking out 2oz weights? You own the 8ft model if I’m correct, well do you recon the 11ft model would be good at throwing weights 2oz MAXIMUM, mainly like 1-1.5oz weights paired with 3000 size kastking sharky baitrunner or should I go for 4000 baitrunner. I’m fishing for fish maximum of 20lb . Mainly in 1-10lb region.

arabiano4ever says:

I like your informative videos

I just want you to help me choose between sharky ii 1500 or 2000 kasking reels

And between kastking ranger or blackhawk rods

which combenation of the above is optimal for beach fishing only

lure wight around 10g~

Expected fish size is around 5KG~

I want somthing reliable and light

Thank you

Ish With Fish says:

UPDATE! I’ve put a full year into this rod and it’s still alive. I made 5 mods that make it even better. Check out the long-term review and modification vids at the end screen or in the description above.

vsonic86 says:

You even caught a striped bass on this rod too? That is nice.

BP-Fishing says:


Jacob Kantor says:

Have u ever caught anything from that pier? I’ve spent hours there with no luck.

P says:

Nice. Looking for a good travel rod for rivers and surf and now it’s between this and the Pisfun Sword series in the same length. I think overall I’m more worried about the quality and strength of the guides on telescopic poles. From watching your videos you’ve definitely broken this pole in; how have the guides held up for you?

Chris W says:

I’m sorry but this rod is total garbage. Ordered it and returned it.

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