$20 COMBO! – Buying And Setting Up a $20 Rod And Reel Combo!!!

Can YouTube help me become a better fisherman? Today I am looking for a $20 fishing combo. I find a nice $20.00 combo at Dicks Sporting Goods. It consists of a Jawbone 7ft Medium Heavy Spinning Rod and a Daiwa Strike Force 2500 Spinning Reel. After taking the reel out of the package and cutting the tags off the rod, I get the combo set up. I spool it with 14 lb test FireLine and am able to fit all 125 yards on the spool. Will I be able to catch fish on this $20 combo? Stay tuned as I use it in future challenge videos. $20, is definitely keeping it realistic for everyone!


GetOutTheHouseGoFish says:

I just got a Lew’s Hank Parker Speed Spin Combo off of Wal-Mart online for only $14.95
Wondering how it’ll hold up.

Crankin' Caleb says:

I Have this Combo, I did a review on it, Check It Out… I Love mine


Yes sir always good to find good deals!Ten dollar reels last us a long time and buckets of fish!

luke joiner says:

Did you go to the one over by acadamy

Cameron Phillips says:

Badass! I like your style… very realistic…. and easily approachable. I bet it could work reaction baits like no ones business!!! Are you planning on learning a few leader knots for times you need a fluoro or mono leader? Looks like a fun rig to figure out its place in your arsenal! More great videos ahead! Yesssssss.

Lester Escleto says:


Fishing with Mike Chavez says:

Alright that looks like a great combo for the price Alex..I wonder how it would do against a 30 lb plus blue cat? I would love to find out…Sounds like a future video…The economy combo verses a brute catfish……

Old Lady Angler says:

I predict that you’re gonna catch fish with that combo.

McFishing says:

Great video I subbed back!!! Can’t wait to see you use it!!!

Tones Adventures says:

That’s definitely REALISTIC!

Midwest Bassin says:

Man…lol i had to go and get one!! Read reviews and info about both items and i guess qualify is good. But for me each items was $30 bucks…. Lots of strike king and other good brand spinnerbaits,Hooks for just 1 buck!!

Marshall Hurt says:

Great video as always, nice combo!

The Bass Nutt says:

Poor man fishing is all I do lol!!

Jamie Baker says:

I never spend much on spinning combos, I just haven’t seen a huge need since I’m usually only throwing a plastic worn on one.

Midwest Bassin says:

Loving your videos man! Keep up the damn good work!! Hope your next video is based on using that combo. Want to know if i should buy it.

Southern Fisherman says:

Nice rod and reel for the price let’s see you hook up on a big one with that

Bill Millard says:

Nice Honda Element! I have one also. Such a great vehicle for outdoorsy type shit!!!

Jake Deal says:

Can’t wait to see how it works

Dewey Cash says:

Looks like a nice setup. How is the drag on it. My favorite setup is a $20 Shimano 2000 combo!

Marlin Roth says:

Looks like a decent combo for $20 in my opinion. Holy balls dude, your SEO score on this video is good and almost all your tags are ranked. You are a wizard! Any way, can’t wait to see how this combo works out for you!

Fishing with Jesus says:

Very nice! A baller on a budget!

Vinfish F says:

Nice touch with the line tape and you might convince me to start buying budget friendly gear because the reality of expensive gear doesn’t catch more fish

Two Bent Rods says:

Nice! We’ll have to do a Dicks challenge next. Sweet video!

TheMasterCasters says:

Cool and interesting video! These cheap reels are good for people who don’t really fish hard or often, I’d say. Last year I bought a Daiwa Strike force 2500 reel and a Daiwa Samurai 2500 Reel. I fished with them for about 2 months before they just crapped out on me. The bail was the first thing to go on all of them. I really don’t see any problems with rods though. Most of the rods I own are cheap and old and some are even from garage sales, except for a few of my nicer bass rods.

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