$15 WALMART Fishing Combo! Lew’s Spinning Rod and Reel Setup

Today I am taking a look at the $15 Lew’s Spinning Rod and Reel from WalMart. I bought this $15 Lews fishing combo to put it up against my previous $20 combo. I have challenged myself to find a decent starter rig for beginner fishermen. Beginners make mistakes and would probably damage their gear no matter how expensive it is. So its best to make those mistakes on budget fishing gear so you can save your money until after you know what you are doing. This Lews spinning reel uses a three bearing system with anti-reverse. The Hank Parker rod is a 6′ Speed Stick with medium action. I look forward to putting this $15 Walmart Fishing Combo to the test. I hope that Lew’s makes a spinning that will last longer than my previous one. Stay tuned to see what I catch and how this Lews Combo holds up.

I would like to thank GetOutTheHouseGoFish for alerting me to this deal at Walmart.


LB Fishing says:

This would definitely be a great buy for someone just getting into the sport. If they don’t enjoy it it isn’t a huge expenditure.

Flat Fishin’ TV says:

I had the same rod until my kayak flipped o

Fishing Freak says:

I have the same one mine was 30$

Lance Howard says:

Lol the reel has now went back to $25.00 glad I ordered mine in time guess your vid might have made walmart.com sales jump from some purchases.

radome stuff master says:

Is rod good for a shaky head

Midwest RC Junkies says:

I love my Lews tackle I think you will too. That’s a steal for that combo

Dereck stark says:

are those vans shoes? i knew id like this channel!!!

Jake Deal says:

Another combo!!!! Can’t wait to see how it does

Cameron Cornman says:

can u link me to the combo and the line

steven mcclelland says:

rod worth 15…I  had 3 of these for kids..they held up pretty good..bluegill/small bass..farm pond rods..just cleaned them every couple months..i did limit the test to 6 lbs..so the line would break–before snapping the rods/or ripping the reels apart…ha.  I call it monkified…a monkey could use it, and possibly NOT BREAK IT…  you do what ever helps the situation..3  blow up rafts/ 5 fishing rods/ intertubes–big ones..kids pond toys..they always say how much fun it was..here is the catch…I had 3 daughters…theses toys for them and their friends..many gals learned to fish..and show their boyfriends how to fish…that is where its at..as they got older–4 wheelers, etc, baby bass boat/rafts-still..you get the picture..simple things –outdoors..less mall shopping…ha

Ethan Yang says:

I got a 13 fishing spinning rod from a sporting goods store for 100 dollars and it’s really light like u said in the vid. Thus catching a 6lb bass. Anyhow for these cool and charming vids

Dee Piper says:

You got a better deal on yours than I got on mine. I paid about $24 on mine.

Toney The T-man says:

Just picked this bad boy up for 7 dollars at my Walmart!!!

Mark Ridgway says:

Another great video.

restless_dreams_horrifying_nights says:

Just bought a lews cat daddy hopefully its a good product

Channel40TV says:

Just want to say thanks for keeping it real. I bought the same combo and enjoyed it today. Caught some decent largemouth pounders on a watermelon senko.

shockerthreeone says:

you got a great deal. I bought the same one but for 29.99.

gary m says:

LOL!!! You have got you $ out of that.

tsm ligma says:

If you didn’t throw away that reel i had the exact reel and fix the anti reverse if you hadn’t threw it away you can give me a call or email me and I could maybe fix the reel

MUDDPIE 440 says:

Just bought this combo today it was 25 dollars though up here in northeast Ohio I like how stiff it is for a medium action can’t wait to take it jigging this weekend for some Lake Erie smallmouth put it to the test

Mountain Top Anglers says:

I bought 2 switched out one rod for a 7ft . Left the line and pulled in a nice bass on it. Best deal you can find for $15

me Me says:


Chef Howard says:

Have you tired $19 rod reel combo ozark trail grit stick?

Pierson Altice says:

You can get them on clearance for $9 right now at my walmart

Corey Couch says:

Lol that 3 bearing should be a fire hazard once you cast a long hard distance those bearings would make so much friction lol

Fishing With Jawad says:

I am trying to buy this combo but unfortunately I can’t find anywhere online, please let me know if you find it. Thanks

Fred I says:

I’m getting one for Christmas, are they a good setup?

SusquehannaOutdoorsman says:

I bought this rod on vacation, took it too pine Creek in PA and caught some trout, went home got out on the Susquehanna River and pulled on big walleye within minutes, love this rod

Fishing with Tank says:

Just got mine today can’t wait to try it

Michael Vickery says:

These combos are spectacular

Bass559 Sd says:

For the price the lews is awesome I got the speed stick same thing but not the hank parker series 2 ball bearing on mine 6’6 and cast like a mf bullet 30$

silverdropstang says:

How is this holding up? Saw in wally world last night and “almost” bought it.

Robby Anderon says:

I have the same rig. It was I think $24. I changed out the rod with a 7′ Berkley Amp rod. It’s my primary Shakey head / dropshot rig. Keep it up with the great vids!

Scroogy Jones says:

Good combo… I GOT MINE FOR $9.00

Fishing /Cooking with Mike Chavez says:

Alright Alex…Get on that thing…

steven mcclelland says:

that hank combo is better setup…better rod/reel too ….you should kick a__….a keeper..ha  must have been a returned item…only used one holiday weekend–and wiped off-to return to the mart…you know I’m right…lol…

D S says:

been looking for this combo for a while now. walmart has been out of stock i guess they dont make them anymore

Shadow Master says:

I need the rod its high price in my country i hope you gift it to me my brithday is yesterday

The Happy Hour Hound says:

Still using this setup? How is it?

theyCallMe CityBoy says:

Walmart is my bass pro shop

Tony nickell says:

I like that combo, I use it for inshore coastal fishing and freshwater. I have had it for close to 6 months now.

Fishing With MG says:

R.I.P. $20 Combo, hello $15 Combo! That’s a great deal. Love that Berkley Fireline too! Another awesome video bro!

Chris Wells says:

I ordered one and thought it was nice. Ordered two more today. I think they will be good crappie rigs.

GRILLBUOY101 says:

pflueger has some sweet combos for 65 but u get what u pay for ladds

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