13 Fishing Spinning Rod and Reel for $35 & More Fishing Deals!!!

Can you get a 13 Fishing Rod and Reel combo for $35? You sure can because this is the season for great deals on fishing gear. I just picked up a 13 Fishing Spinning Combo at Academy Sports and Outdoors. I also got a great deal on life jackets, lures, hook, and bait. I ran into a bit of run-around when I discovered that my rod still had the security tag on it when I got home. A different Academy location was willing to help me out and I picked up a few lures there as well. With so many sales out there, I hope you are finding deals like the 13 Fishing Combo for $35!


Fishing GrubbZ says:

Dude!! That rod looks so sick! I absolutely love my 13 fishing ice fishing rod. I just caught the biggest bass of my life (through the ice) on it while I was jigging for bluegill. Caught it about 15 minutes after I shouted you out too hahaha. Forever in love for 13 fishing products

Fishing GrubbZ says:

Alex can you tell academy to open a store in freakin NH

Mark Ridgway says:

When you were not looking,,, Bro Manson slipped that security device on your rod prior to you leaving Academy!

Fishing GrubbZ says:

Oh gosh darn it! They didn’t take the damn security device off

Scott Kidder says:

you courtesy sniffed yourself twice! LOL!

Austin Newman says:

I was already planning on going to Aldi here in Huntsville, AL and our Academy is right next door so I dropped in and scooped up some cheap lures! Thanks for the head up, dude!

Stiles Fishing says:

My local academy always forgets to remove the security devices. I’ve gotten burned twice now. I check at the counter now.

Zachary Bogert says:

A $2 life jacket. You lucky bastard.

CarolinaClunkers says:

Brother I got so much to say went to academy n almost bought same spinner bait today plus yes catfish dough is the BOMB. Best catfish bait by far but yea smells like cheese blood feet n ass..so we’re latex gloves please.. The best bro is Charlies BBlood bait…Hope that helps .
Oh because of you I got me sum havoc pitbosses today in green pumpkin plus sum zhogs n the same weghted hooks lol..omg 1buck for them life jackets nice.
Bro the other day I got an H20 express Ethos inshore hd 2 tone rod for 13.98. Yes I know $70 rod. I love academy. Thanks bud for all ur great vids. Hope to fish with u one day forealbud. Keep on fishin!!!

Tommy Schlegel says:

I always try to get my gear in the off season. I seldom pay full price for anything. It just makes good sense for the man whi works hard to spend his money wisely…and you get more gear that way. That dip bait tou opened…put a piece of saran wrap over the top before you screw the lid back down, should help keep it fresh. Thanks for another good video

J.T. Cooper says:

Danny Kings dip bait is good (Made in Kingston Oklahoma where my Mother and father in-law live). I also had good luck with the Hog Wild balls as well. Another Oklahoma product as well. Good luck.

Joco Ginder says:

Halved chicken stomach is the best for catfish!

Paul Casteel says:

I am sorry I didn’t stay on subject. For what your bey it for.Is really an good deal.

Paul Casteel says:

Its chipper at Walmart.

kyhowey says:

What is the best day to get deals at Academy?

Jam the Man Fishing says:

Dude you truly are the bargain finding jesus! You find some crazy awesome deals on the regular. Couldn’t believe the life vests were marked down that much!

Mike West says:

Hate to say this, but i make good money buying items from academy. Their clearance items are priced by the manager, so find a manager that wants to move stuff for cheap. Then get all the surrounding academys to price match and stock up your amazon store.

crappie Fishing illinios says:

Great score alex they left that security tag on there to get you to come back for sure

Fishing GrubbZ says:

Oh dude I bet you get a giant on a big swimbait this year! Do you have a rod and reel set up for em yet?

Ninja k says:

Never heard of Academy. In my region we just have
Dicks sporting goods. Sportsmen warehouse.
Big 5’s.

Fish Gum says:

Two things! That’s hot red security device would have made a great homemade lure! I’m sure you could of McGuyver rigged it! Secondly, I’m staying home from work today because your Metroid shirt made me dig out my Nintendo!!! I’ve blown on the cartridge and I’m heading for the Mother Brain…should get there by 5pm. I do surf fishing on the Gulf Coast, if you’re down in 2019! I’ll give you a guided trip.

Jason Pendleton says:


Joe Hines says:

This Monday I got a Shimano Curado casting rod which was $159 bucks for $39 from Acadmy. It’s the best deal I’ve ever stumbled across.

Brian Mathis says:

so I went to academy after i saw you get those 5 inch wake baits for $1.98 a piece . I got 2 in each color for like 12 bucks . I love your videos on were you find great deals . keep up the amazing vids bud

Dillon Griffin says:

Hey guys I work for Academy every January Products we don’t sell well or academy is no longer going to carry we will Clarence them out for the New Year’s products. All clearance items will go half off sometime in the next 2 weeks. (Does not involve firearms that are on clearance)

89si says:

What spinning setup would you recommend for all round use?

Santi Cisneros says:

I bought a $130 rod and reel combo at academy at the beginning of the summer and after fall it went on sale and I got it for $26 and some change.

overloaded outdoors says:

Some great deals awesome video

The Serial Fisher says:

I’ve got to get me one of those 13 reels. They look cool as hell.

Ralph Barton says:

That’s a really sweet looking combo. I hope you get alot of good fish with it

Northforkfishing12 Michael Lentz says:

Got an envelope to fill for you and I actually got some pretty cool baits at my local hole in the wall tackle shop. He was trying to clean house and I got a handful of soft plastics for cheap. Some were super old. I’ll send you some pics on ig

CastFromTheHip says:

They left that security tag on purpose, you came back and spent even more money! Haha I would’ve done the same. Those big gamakatsu hooks are awesome, should get some casting range without having to use a weight with those beast modes.

힛뜨TV says:

I am a Korean angler and I thought I wanted to make friends with you when I saw your fishing channel.Come to my Korean fishing channel! I want to be your fishing channel friend!

huttonista dav says:

A Metroid T-shirt?
I can still hear that game in my head – one of my faves.
AND $2 life vests?
Could you be any more cool?….

FishVisions says:

It’s really what I’ve been looking for. I like your channel! I will visit you often! come check my fish channel~my friend~♥

After Effect says:

I hate stink baits. Makes fishing a nasty experience for me, I have thrown expensive hooks away twice with that crap. It gets on everything and I hate to think how nasty a fish would taste that had to eat it for a living.

huttonista dav says:

Use a stick to punch the sponge hook down into the bait, and work it around loading it up.
NEVER use your bare fingers.
Don’t ask me how I learned this.

Hunter Bryant says:

This video popped up in my feed and I’m glad it did subscribed and hit that bell. Keep it up bro

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