Why THIS Cheap Chinese Amazon Reel Failed | Sougayilang WQ Spinning Reel Long Term Review

Looked for a fishing reel I could afford to lose, but still hold up to light surf fishing. I purchased the Sougayilang WQ3000 spinning reel based on it’s Amazon review rating, saltwater promises, size, looks, and price. Unfortunately after 10-15 hours in the salt, it failed. This vid explains how and maybe why, and hopefully informs your purchase decision. Verdict: skip it.

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Olrac says:

Hi, what about the seaknight windrunner? Is it still working? Do you think this one would have failed even in freshwater? Thank you

pat says:

Just had a new daiwa BG4000 fail. It turned out the shaft somehow had gotten bent. What a nightmare taking that reel apart. Very disappointing. The bearings even though they are sealed are getting noisy. That is a 99.00 reel. There are tons of the original diawa ss and bg’s that are still chugging along. They were very simple reels with just the one pinion ball bearing. And they all had that handle design that goes thru the main gear. That was a feature that enabled Daiwa to be the only reel company that you could switch from left to right hand.Only very recently has daiwa abandoned that. I am trying the Kodiak 3000 right now. So far so good. Time will tell though. You have to take all the glowing reviews on Amazon with a grain of salt. It is more informative to click on the one star reviews.

Harvey Yong says:

I really like the Kastking Blackhawk too. Try the Kastking Sharky II… it is designed as waterproof and dunk proof and is only $52 on eBay for the 6000 size. It has carbon fiber washers too. Kastking is a Chinese company but attempts to give value and quality for the dollar. Other than Kastking, you should forget about the other cheap Chinese reels.

limirl says:

Anything from Sougayilang or Piscifun is junk, they are advertising prolifically all over amazon and are pushed to the top of the search results everytime. Stay away from this rubbish, most of the reviews are fake or bought for by them offering hefty discounts in exchange for positive reviews.
Love the inspiring background music 😉

bigwoo says:

Well looks like i now have a new freshwater reel. Thanks for the update. Since I won’t be throwing this $27 in the ocean you basically just saved me about a tank of gas.

P says:

Great teardown of that reel, Ish. Reminds me that even though I wash down my reels after each outing, I probably need to do some deep-cleaning maintenance here fairly soon, or find some place to do it at a decent price. Want to keep my reels as long as possible.

Fishing Channel says:

guess we get what we pay…

L.I. Archer says:

definitely not a saltwater reel. good thing I haven’t used mine in saltwater and have no plans to. it’s going to be my freshwater reel.

Polyzenidas says:

you can’t get a good steak for what u paid. as the reel goes bad, junk it!!!


Get a stradic ci4 is really worth the money I bought one. Corrosion resistant body. Super light and crazy drag.

West Coast Fishing and More says:

Nice Ish, mines still in the box, Thanks for taking it apart that tells the story. Awesome video.

Sharks4life 12 says:

good thing I only paid $19 direct on ebay for it. I’ll use it for catfish instead.thanks for the information

Jim Bob says:

Cool video.I was doing research on this reel and saw your original video on it before I ordered it like three days ago. Many thanks for this video, it saved me some disappointment. I’m gonna return it.

Atilla Mustafa says:

I actually have 3 of these and I have caught big snook on 8 pound test in saltwater. Big wallaye and saugeye in freshwater. Been 2 years and they are going strong. I dont think I will go buy any more $150 Shimano’s again. I also got mine for $15 on Amazon.

Watching your video, not to be a dick man but you shouldn’t be trying to reel in while a fish is pulling drag. I have cought fish that fought 100 times harder then that shark did. on 8ib test like I said earlier. Its been 2 years and several saltwater trips.

I think you might have just got a lemon out the box dude.

Team EVO Surf Casters says:

You get what you pay for. Cheap is cheap

Polyzenidas says:

good video

Cobialicious Fishing Team says:

Get a shimano sienna, a solid reel for right around $30

NutSack-1 says:

Sup Ish, how do you feel about the Penn pursuit 2 8ft combo? I just got it yesterday and caught 1 perch but my wrist started hurting after about 5 hours

0whc says:

Would be interested to see you test the Kastking Sharky 2 or Mela. Those seem to get really good reviews online

Jaxon Supernaw says:

Penn pursuit is 27 on amazon

mahmoud hamdi says:

dear ish
what is the best reel and rod on a budget

Bill Miller says:

I must be old school because I have always prepped a reel for first use. Even a sub 25 dollar reel. Also comparing those Shimanos (IX,FX,AX series) is an unfair comparison because you CANT kill them unless you abuse them lol. We used those for back bay fishing for Spotted Bay Bass in So Cal. And they have no ball bearings just bushings. Hell I have one now sitting here I use. Good video as usual. I would love to see you clean up that reel and see if you could revive it. Looking forward to your next vid!

Snorkl e says:

Would have been fine in fresh water.

Gary Dodgson says:

You could see from looking at that reel , It was only fit for very light spinning off a jetty, or fresh water spinning or light float (bobber) fishing .Not for heavy dunking in sea water or heavy spray .You should rinse a reel under fresh cold water after salt use ,and lightly spray with wd40 .+ add few drops of 3in1 oil . $27 is cheap under £ 25 in UK .We would expect it to fall to bits in 5 mins pulling in sand sharks or dog fish shark .Use an old Penn,Ryobi, Michell or Dam salt water reel ,with old style non reverse ratchet & bush bearings that don’t disintigrate in 5 mins .Or get a proper 12-13 fast action beachcaster with a multiplier reel thats right for the job .Not gear made out of Chinesium pot metal & platicium .

Ish With Fish says:

My overview vid of this reel has like 27k views, so I owed you guys an honest update. While it may work for light freshwater, skip it for salt. The hunt for the bombproof cheap chinese reel continues!

Sougayilang: I invite you to let me test any improved versions in the future.

Morgan Monge says:

I was literally gonna order one of these today

NutSack-1 says:

Sup Ish! I bought that same reel and took it crabbing lol…….the gear teeth broke first retrieve haha! The amazon return policy is the bomb. Take it easy Ish!

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