Who makes the best spinning reels? Daiwa, Shimano, Pflueger or Abu Garcia

A comparison of Daiwa, Shimano, Pflueger and Abu Garcia.

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SuperCoyotecaller says:

I’ve got a 200$ stratic and I was disappointed in it. Got better performance from a 99$ Diawa. Also I don’t really close the bail, I just start reeling and have done that for many years. All I use are spinning reels. Don’t care for casting reels, they have a place just not for me. Anyway the shimano will screw up and not work properly when you let the bail snap shut. Have heard that from others that have shimano as well. I agree the president reel by pfeugler is decent but am only buying Diawa moving forward. I Have a Diawa 59$ one a 79$ one and a 99$ one. Love each one! I don’t even use my stratic. Diawa has a 149$ model that feels like there 99$ model but is all sealed to stay cleaner. That one is going to be my next purchase although the red and black 99$ Diawa is amazing! I highly recommend Diawa, worth every penny and very durable!

Henry says:

My first daiwa reels drag broke on the first day

shin chan says:

I choose daiwa

michaelgking87 says:

Anything short of the Stella/Exist Level or the Twinpower/Steez Level, Daiwa massacres Shimano for quality and performance. In the ultra high end, i believe they are pretty much tied.

In larger models stella/saltiga, i think Stella do have an edge, but really nothing wrong with Saltigas just know there have been the occasional reliability issue with saltigas when under alot of fishing abuse and if nothing else, they cost an absolute BOMB to fix! Still love my 6500 though!

Really is a two horse race though as well. Any other brand cant match these two for performance and quality. The other brands are catching up but still not there yet.

 My two cents.

TheOneTheOnly W says:

I’ll stick to Quantum and Mitchell.

thegameingkid says:

What no penn?

William Munny says:

I’m from Ontario Canada and I tell ya nobody uses anything but Shimano here especially the Stradics, it’s like other manufacturers of spinning reels don’t exist.

very gonzo says:

Daiwa BG, Shimano SaharaXG 2017 model, Shimano stradic ci4 ?

Aufar Raden says:

So no pen reel huh?

KR Bassin says:

love the video I subbed

Tolek Banan says:

There is nothing even close to daiwa in spinning reels .PERIOD.

ronin samurai says:

Diawa alll dayyyy

Kathy Jackson says:

Where do you think the Stella rates?

Dodgy Bishop says:

A rule of thumb when it comes from the once glorious Abu Garcia, if it doesn’t say made in Sweden, it’s complete garbage.

Chris BrunK says:

I think it all depends on what your doing. surf fishing I swear by Diawa for casting distance. Inshore Intracoastal I go with shamano, to me they just hold up better on the light line side. bass fishing mainly use lews, nothing else even comes close. I wont even touch pfluger. and my oldest is an old abu garcia. over 15yrs old and still running great. it has out lived many diawa’s and shimanos, and even a few penns.

James Freehill says:

Okay so let me teach you something alright Buddy the only reels that are actually the best in the world would be Penn reels and Shimano reels it was the best reels spinning reels and conventional as you can find in the world either coming from Facts details and just pure knowledge so next time you make a video you might actually want to learn something first

Luke Walton says:

wheres the penn at

Micah Freebern says:

You should try out penn reels, they last forever

Wild Batey's Outdoor Adventures says:

Ive got one shimano and I love it. I subscribed to your channel. Please sub back. Thanks

Nick Balducci says:

hey man i still got those old white stratics from when they were made in japan.. best ones ever made.. only one close is the CI4


You are stupid pfluger is the best out of all of them kys you dumb fagtot

Austin Prosser says:

daiwa have shit drag! always have problems with sticky drag and the clicker is so quiet. heard of so many problems with them, even with the 2015 saltiga and salt corrosion and getting very little use out of the drag washers and they just burn away! i had half daiwa and half shimano and i sold all my daiwa reels (dont mind daiwa rods) and bought shimano stradics and gosa’s no problems. shimano are far better and thats hardly an opinion!

chevy boy says:

Diawa is better

viper2788 says:

Sounds like you only fish freshwater

shred5 says:

Well the Pflueger President or Mitchell Pro are the best value

Hunter333444 says:

Ive used stradiics and sustains by shimano for years nice reels but have had a few problems with the bails automatically closing i admit we are very hard on these reels heavy use river fishing . I hear the bails on diawa close nicely so i will try one of these this year as soon as I figure out which one to buy.

john foy says:

i got 3 stradics had to replace bearings in all.less than a year old.same thing with abu.i have 4 wright mcgills 4 yrs old,havent replaced one bearing yet.all salt water used.i keep em lubed and oiled and cleaned regularly.really disappointed in shimano for the money they get.no more for me.

Dario Ortiz says:

Pflueger period.

Tripper Harrison says:

I always use the Daiwa spinning reels. The 2000 size that Daiwa produces is my favorite. The new Daiwa Tatula reels are the best spinning reel that I have used since the older silver and red, high end fuegos. Personally, shimano is putting out the BEST baitcasters. They have truly created masterpieces over the past 10 years.

TheOneTheOnly W says:

if you spend over a hundred bucks on a rod and reel combo. you fucked up. I’ve had my Mitchell for 16 years of some seriously rough fishing, caught everything from bluegill to 40 lb flathead on it and it’s been fully submerged in water a hundred times and never had any maintenance other than new line.

Italian Troutaholic says:

its all personal Preference . I`m a Pflueger guy and have 3 . Daiwa is heavy but good . I have 1 Abu Garcia , , but the reel weight and rod needs to be balance so find a good rod and reel and your set!! even the Low end reels are good if you clean them and oil them

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