Tip of the Week #12- First Look at Tsunami Shield Spinning reel

Tsunami Shield Spinning reel, expected pricing $99-$109
Models 3000-6000
max Drag 20lb to 30lb
10 seals on 3/4000
13 seals on 5/6000


EliasVFishing says:

Nice review Zeno, thanks for this!


main shaft looks flimsy.

Ajay Gunness says:

How would you compare this to the Fin Nor lt60

Jarad White says:

might be good for kayak fishing

Stephen O'Brien says:

Nice Z.!,….If you were to do ‘fluking from the shore’, which Tsunami Rod would you pair up with the 3000 & 4000 reel for jigging with a teaser??? …Oh & You’ve gotta give that reel the famous Surfcasters Journal’s Test, ‘Bury it in the Sand Test, Rinse it off in the ocean, then reel under water!’ …Keep the good product reviews and big fish coming in Z!!

PBRstreetgang says:

Thank God you aren’t a Yankees fan!

Jimmy says:

The spool shaft looks very small?????

Bassmaster 101 says:

Are these
In stores yet?

Paul De La Mora says:

Awesome Z, Interested in seeing it dunked, reeled in underwater and buried in the sand

TriniTrav says:

There’s a bailess version for the 5000/6000 series coming soon.

Mafiaal1 says:

Comparing this to the Daiwa BG5000, which would you say comes out ahead?

Fish on says:

Looks good!

Raiyan Farook says:

Please do a follow up review on this reel regarding it’s casting, retrieve, durability, and overall performance!!!!

Tala Tala says:

gear ratio sucks… they need models with higher gear ratios

mad4669 says:

Just what we need, another cheap POS spinning reel from China

mrazcr000 says:

Let’s Go Mets!!!!

Solomon Jovenal says:

We will see

Steohen Husak says:

Hows it going to compare to the Penn Slammer 3

jbl says:

this a rebranded reel, do a search

Seymour Lebowitz says:

You happen to be one of the most knowledgeable person in the fishing sport industry. You always when evaluating a product give a comprehensive and objective review .. I will keep following all your presentation to make me a more knowledgeable fisherman ….Than you , Sy Have to say it again great presentation….

Fisherman NYC says:

It’s look amazing! Thanks for the review.

not jeremy says:

that is awesome for $100…

Danny D Morales says:

what’s your opinion on it being on a 12ft tsunami elite? hows the pair up to U. that’s what I have rite now. 40lb braid

Raquib Alam says:

Wow Nice!!! Please make a few test video soon!!!

fishin360 says:

where can i buy this reel?

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