Three Quick Tips You Must Know Before You Buy A Spinning Reel

Hello again,

This week we share with you three extremely important tips that everyone must know before they buy a new spinning reel.

These tips will help you buy a better spinning reel; one that will last longer and make your day on the water even better!

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Thundermist Lures says:

it’s typically a stainless steel ball that sits in a housing

Kevin Chu says:

Would you recommend the Pflueger Trion reel? thanks!

L.I. Archer says:

I do a lot of surf fishing, so I look for waterproofness,, because I’m constantly getting hit by waves and the reels get dunked, so I’m going to go for Penn’s Spinfisher V, Clash II, or Slammer III series reels.  Eventually, I’ll buy a Torque II or a Van Staal that you can reel  underwater, when I can afford one.  You buy these and all the features mentioned in this video already comes with these reels.

Moe7133 says:

Hi Evo,

What type of spinning reel would you recommend for a smooth and far casting with Braided Line? My budget would be around $300.

Thundermist Lures says:

Hello Moe – Pflueger makes a nice reel called the Patriarch and you should be able to find one for ~$200 As for longer casts, it helps if you have a longer fishing rod – the longer the fishing rod, the longer your casts will be 🙂

Jimmy Flimkins says:

i shit on my own mother

thebeastking says:

What kind of reel are you holding? I do like to buy one. Thanks for the tips


I have one ball bearing reel and rides smooth is there an problem with that reel.

Frank Szabo says:

I would add, that there are differences between ball bearings and ball bearings. I had reels with 8 ball bearings and got it suspiciously cheap and it gave up after one summer. On the other hand, I had reels with 1-2 ball bearings and still going strong after a decade. The buyer should also do research depending on the brand, and people should be suspicious about suspiciously cheap reels (or rod+reel combos). For me, any reel under 40 dollars is not quality material and it may look great and it may have 8-9 ball bearings, but there is a reason why it’s so cheap.  Of course there are exceptions to the rule, but I am very careful, because on the long run, I’ll end up wasting money if I have to re-buy my equipment every year.
Regarding the rod+reel combos, I started to stay away from them, after 3 (3 different brands) didn’t last long. Rings getting loose on the rod, or breaking without any abuse, while reels getting noisy or anti reverse going bad, or the bail spring breaking.
I started to ignore rod+reel combos and buy them separately. Get a good rod and a good reel separately, or if it’s a combo, the price should indicate it’s quality. Under a $100.00 a rod+reel combo is rather worrying. You should only buy them, if you fish only a few times a year, otherwise it’s gonna fail on you at the worst time. Your best time becomes the worst. This probably includes 98% of what Walmart and has to offer and that shouldn’t be surprising.

megasif says:

The Rox looks exactly like a President but it has less bearings and it does the no anti-reverse deal kinda sound…..

megasif says:

The Patriarch is a good value, but it has a very high ratio, which translate to less fish catch b/c the lure is retrieve faster and it brings the lure up to the surface as oppose to keeping it in the strike zone. I think Mitchell does the same thing. Longer rods are susceptible to line twist over the tip and it’s a hassle. If you fish long enough, you know what I’m saying. Typically, they recommend something like the Ballistic. Avoid the CI4. The circle handle feels no good and you can’t jerk.

Thundermist Lures says:

Cork handles feel better and are lighter than the black eva foam, which makes them more comfortable for all day casting 🙂

SemoNiao says:

What Rod and Reel do you recommend newly to use.

BaBy_GuRl1123 says:

Great tips. I would also add that you should turn your drag off when done fishing for the day, this really helps your drag system from wear.


these tips come from that famous book, “WHO CARES?”

Kevin Chu says:

which version of the reel is shown in the vid?

Thundermist Lures says:

Hi Stefano – stainless steel bearings are best 🙂

Anglin' Bass says:

Would a Shimano Sedona be good?

ummarqureshi says:

I have two question
 1)what reel and rod u are using?
2)i am beginner and i need some thing medium so what reel and rod should i purchase??

Brock Stuber says:

Which Pflueger President model is best for all around freshwater fishing? For anything from crappie to catfish.

Thundermist Lures says:

We have not used that reel, but it sure looks nice 🙂

megasif says:

It is also very important to let viewers know that the part that connects the bail trip to the reel’s body should be ceramic or other hard material b/c lines can cut into plastic. And bail triggers always get in the way of the line.

BroJumba says:

is my Daiwa Exceler 1500 reel too small for my 5’8″ spinner Shimano Bass Rise rod?

Gavin Kessler says:

Hey I was thinking about buying the shimano stratic ci4+ do u think that’s worth the money

jay g says:

great video! what would be a good reel for catching halibut in saltwater bay? thx In advance.

Aria Gonzalez says:

I find this video….. 23 purchases later. ><

Thundermist Lures says:

You’ll probably not notice any difference….except that you will have an extra $60 to buy more tackle 🙂

559LILPAW says:

I’m looking for a new spinning reel with at least 5 ball bearings and not EXTREMELY high in price. I trout fish mostly with an ultra light rod so I don’t need a huge reel, do u have any suggestions of which reel or reel brands I might wanna take a look at. Any reels u suggest I greatly appreciate. Thank u

Thundermist Lures says:

…Yes I was using a Pflueger president reel – it’s a decent reel/value for the dollar. As for getting longer casts, a 7 foot rod would help as the longer the rod, the longer the casts 🙂 Also, medium action would be a good choice for casting crank baits, with a slow tip – and if you plan on jigging or using live bait, the a fast tip would be best in this case 🙂

Adventure life Freedom says:

Another great video.. can’t stop watching these..

Thundermist Lures says:

You can buy a decent Ugly Stik rod for a good value and suggest going for a Pflueger reel, such as the president reel 🙂

Thundermist Lures says:

Glad you are enjoying our videos 🙂 The reel was a Pflueger President reel and the rod was a Quantum Energy rod.
Thanks for tuning in and good luck on the water!

Matt Suarez says:

What reel was used in this video? Great video you got yourself a new subscriber(:

Arkady Renko says:

Well done, and much appreciated.  Thanks!

Thundermist Lures says:

To Matt:  the reel was a Pflueger President reel….great to have you on board as part of our family of subscribers 🙂

Thundermist Lures says:

glad you enjoyed the video and thanks for sharing your tips with us!

Aidan Calpin says:

Do you fish a medium action or ultra light with this reel?

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