The Worlds Fastest Spinning Reel: NEW KastKing Speed Demon Spinning Reel

What is the best spinning reel and the world’s fastest spinning reel from KastKing? The new KastKing Speed Demon Spinning reel, which is a high speed fishing reel for freshwater and saltwater fishing. A KastKing reel such as the Speed Demon spinning reel is great to have among your fishing gear and how to cast a high speed fishing reel is the same as casting any other spinning reel, the difference is in the awesome high speed retrieve, and it may cast farther than what you have now.
Whether you are bass fishing in Florida, trout fishing in Colorado, salmon fishing in Oregon or walleye fishing in Wisconsin, add a KastKing Speed Demon spinning reel to your angling equipment and feel the difference. Once you put the power pole down pick up a Speed Demon hi speed spinning combo and feel the speed. For the best fishing rod and fishing reel combo match a Speed Demon Spinning Reel with a Speed Demon Pro Spinning Rod. You can easily use braid fishing line without monofilament backing because the Speed Demon Spinning has a braid ready spool Although these reels are great for beginner fishing or pro tournament fishing. In fact, KastKing Speed Demon reels have been tested and are used in bass fishing tournaments by Major League Fishing and Bassmaster Elite AOY bass tournament fishing pro Brent Chapman and KBF (kayak bass fishing) National Champion Dwayne Taff in kayak fishing tournaments for targeting largemouth bass and smallmouth bass, (they know how to fish for bass!) and pro walleye angler Dylan Nussbaum the 2018 NWT Champion ( Cabela’s National Walleye Tour). You may also want to try the KastKing Speed Demon Pro baitcaster or Sharky III spinning reel. KastKing is an ICAST award winning brand.

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Did you know? KastKing fishing gear is being used by angling professionals on the Major League Fishing (MLF) and Bassmaster (B.A.S.S) bass tournament fishing trails.

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TheDigihax says:

I’ll take the 3000 since it’s Braid Ready and the 2000 is not…


I have 3 Baitfeeders I use for surf and inshore fishing. I would love to have one of these in a bait feeder model so I could rip some artificial Mullet through the surf. Does this new reel come in a bait feeder model? By the way I love your reels I use to be a Penn and Shimano man but not any more .

Orlando Naveo says:

Is it on the market already?

darwin lustado says:

Kastking blade 2000/3000 was already 7.1:1

Fishnapped says:

Will this be available in 500

Brandon'svlog says:

Looks a lot like the sharky lll reel.

Jeff Baker says:

It’s on amazon now but man, the Kastking reels are getting higher and higher. I’m so use to the 20-60 buck range that seeing one come out that is 92.00 is disappointing to say the least…. I’ve been waiting for this reel for months, can’t afford it though and that’s something I thought I’d never say about KK. It’s awful nice and I love the reel, much love for KK, still love your products but please remember we poor folk that you first started targeting.

Nathan H says:

What rod would you use with a 1000 model. I predominantly fish for trout with soft plastics on jig heads. Any advice would be appreciated thanks

KsKay says:

Yes! I gotta get one (when I have the money) I request for a bfs reel! (Japanese technique for ultralight cast reel for catching rainbow or brown trout) please I need it in my life

TriniRCmodels says:

Awesome one as always bruh

Andy Michael Madrona says:

Once a “name” is established, the value always goes up.

Loner Wolf_94 says:

what sizes will these come in?

sethalan32 says:

Going to order asap!!!

Meleutheria says:

finally we’re getting there , now jaw jaw jaw 😀 btw i was waiting for this video before ordering kodiak , now i can decide further , thanks.

Douglas Perez says:

Is this reel good for saltwater fishing? If not, what would be your fastest, strongest, and lightest reel for saltwater?

The Fishing Adventures of Catterman says:

I’m so in love with this concept. Excellent work!

Erik Suarez says:

What’s the inch per turn ?

Bait N' Boujee says:

That is such a beautiful reel. Definitely on my list!!!!

Andrew Feazell says:

Not on Amazon yet…just looked…lol

Dillon Yu says:


i2aspire says:

Very freaking awesome

Kūpono_ono says:

Is it okay for surf fishing?

Jonathan Hohenbrink says:

Is their an official date on when kastking is going to release this? I’m a kayak fisherman and I think this reel would be a good concept.

bigjai says:

Thats an amazing speed for a spinning reel!

Alex Ng says:

It’s available on Amazon now, getting the 2000. Should be great for just about any types of in shore fishing here in the bay area 🙂

SCTrailblazer says:

Are you guys going to make it in a 500 size reel

raWr Fishing says:

can’t wait :O

Yodaddi Jim says:

This guy must be JP DeRose twin brother

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