The PERFECT Camouflaged Fish- Light Tackle Snook Fishing (Daiwa LT Spinning Reel Review)

I met up with my buddy Rich from Fishaholic Fishing and we hit the flats of the Indian River in Jensen Beach, Florida. We were mainly targeting Inshore Snook and redfish, while wade fishing docks and mangrove shorelines. Had some fun light tackle fun and got to test out the new Daiwa Ballistic LT Spinning Reel, which I gave my 1st impression review at the end of the video.

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Kevin D says:

In all my years of fishing I have never understood the need for anti-reverse on reels. I’m sure at one point it was needed, I don’t know, but I have never needed it. The anti-reverse seems to be the first mechanical device which fails on the reel, especially with salt water. I wish companies, regardless of brand would offer more of their reels without that function.

Fishing The Surf says:

Hey man just some advice that I’ve noticed with sponsorships. If you want to eventually have a serious and big time sponsorship you should try not to do company hopping like you have been doing. Its fine and all, just try not to keep doing it. Companies want to see you have commitment to their and you aren’t just doing it to get what you need for free. For example Blacktiph only has Shimano as his fishing sponsor, he has other sponsor, but not for rods and reels. Also try not to set false expectations of what you are fishing, what I mean is like in one of your last videos of an unboxing you were saying how you aren’t shoving products down people’s throats instead you are showing us what you are fishing. In reality, you wouldn’t be fishing all this gear if you didn’t get it for free. And normal people don’t get all that stuff for free and get sponsorships. My point is people aren’t going to have trust in you if you keep getting stuff in from all different types of companies. They want to see you have trust and faith in a couple companies. No hate, I’m just trying to make a few suggestions.

Jack O'Connor says:

why don’t you use the small BGs?

jroyero says:

I snell a giveaway soon!

Ken Deininger says:

I like your Video..I learned something..I will subscribe to your channel..Because you like fishing check out my Video. “Herring Running down river to spawn” If you like it..Please subscribe….Need to get to 1000 subscribers..Thanks.

FishDaddy J. says:

Love the channel

Wade Baune says:

I’m always ready for wade fishing. Lol There’s nothing like a slow walk in cool water.

james mikell says:

Are you sure that is an anti reverse switch and not a live bait feature so that when fishing live bait you dont need to keep your bail open, your spool can spin letting out line.

Dr.Desh's FishNVlog says:

hey victor where do you wade in the indian river?

Trent K says:

See that’s a cool guy he don’t care as long as you are nice and not messing with his stuff

Nick Martyn says:

I just got the diawa fuego lt3000 these light reels in this series are awsome how much line does the ballistic hold of 30 pound braid the fuego is 150 yards in a 3000 size

Danny Peace says:

You might have opened up a can of worms on the anti- reverse, I agree with you, but people(for some reason) love it. I love diawa and shimano reels, but people complain about shimano taking away the anti- reverse on the new shimano reels.

Mark Robinson says:

I’m on the lagoon

Fishehunter AL says:

That definitely counts as an exciting fishing day for me hah

Tristan Scavera says:

Love the channel and makes my day when I see a post from u guys

Sony Sugiharto says:

Hi bro is the reel foot of ballistic lt get flexing under some load?

fishing with Max says:

How do you catch fish with lures I try but never works

Murry123G3 says:

what’s your biggest snook

Outdoor Passion says:

Awesome video

JunoRyan says:

That dude was pretty chill, rare to have someone let you park on their property

Landshark Fishing says:

Mondays Video: Got another Shark Fishing video: Will Sharks eat chicken… hmmmm

Rusty Manis duckman1064 says:

Have fun in Chicago! My part of the country. Hope ya all stay warm and most of all have fun

FishAholic Fishing says:

We’ll get you rock hopping and on some stripers this year for sure! Hopefully you can handle the 50-60 degree water lol

Daniel Farren says:

I used to wade fish in the Indian river I sure do miss it.

Charpit says:

I recently found this Chanel and I want to start fishing, if anybody can give me any advice that would be great thx.

Jerome Mora says:

Good video 3rd

Eric Cabrera says:

great video . I recently purchased a Daiwa Ballistic 4000. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! Smooth as silk! tons of smooth drag and ample line capacity for its size…MOST of all it is SUPER LIGHT WEIGHT! i can cast that all day long! WORTH EVERY PENNY in my humble opinion. Tight Lines!

Jaiden Clinkscales says:

My birthday is monday i luv your vids

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