The BEST $50 Reel of 2018? KastKing Sharky III Fishing Reel Review – KastKing Sharky 3 2000-5000

KastKing Sharky III Spinning Reel 2000-5000 –

Aloha Hui, today we do our first full fishing reel review in which we take a complete look at the brand new 2018 KastKing Sharky III Spinning Reel. This reel’s price is set at just about $50, well under $100, and we try to answer the question, is this the BEST spinning reel for $50 or less in 2018? I have got to use the Sharky III in the 5000 size for about 10 or so fishing hours, most of which was spent casting out large 50-100 gram lures here in Hawaii. After giving it some solid test time and putting the Sharky 3 through some saltwater action, we take the KastKing Sharky III piece by piece and explain all that is new and old. This review should be good for the KastKing Sharky III 2000, 3000, 4000, and 5000, the only sizes yet available in the Sharky 3. KastKing did their homework on this spinning reel, and I hope our review of the Sharky III helps you to decide if this reel rely is or is not the best $50 reel of 2018.

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Dan from GA says:

Damn son. I have had a sharky baitfeeder for 2 years now and so far the only thing thats shown wear is the paint. Fantastic reel, insanely smooth.. One can argue TO smooth. When i first got it i switch from a black max and had trouble positioning my bale for casting.. I would always go too far and since it was literally anti reverse i couldnt back it up any.. So far the biggest fish its caught is a 35 pound blue cat on freakin 20lb mono, the drag is top notch. The reel size is 30

Ahmed hamoody says:

Good afternoon
Would you please tell me which rod can be paired with the reel size 4000.?

brianj123458 says:

Yea I seen lots of reviews on the kastking REELS a while back but now I’m seeing lots of update reviews where the REELS gears do not stand up they stop working for lots of the big fishing channel that fish everyday with them. they seem to last about 6 months or so. I was wondering if yours is still working for you? And if so how often do you use it? I want to buy a speed demon so bad but a little scared of the gears giving out. Great video and god bless you my friend

Owen says:

How fast is the anti reverse?


Does kastking have any ultralite/panfish reels?

zack courtney says:

What’s the point of that much drag if you’re only supposed to have around 20% of your line strength?? I doubt that holds 46lb line haha

Bodhi Zafa says:

Nice review I’d like KastKing to make an Ultralite version of this reel weighing 7.5 ozs or less I’d buy 2 of them 4 sure an pair them both with a Fenwick HMX Rod. I can’t find any cons against this reel but a Ultralite Version would be Boss. Id like to see them put sealed bearings in this reel in the future. Ultralite version is a must tho.

Joey Paglia says:

What size should i get for a 6 ft rod for small snappers and jacks

Wayne Puckett says:

How do you move the handle on the reel as one side seems geared and the other doesn’t? The shaft of the handle doesn’t seem to fit into the other side of the reel, am I missing something here?

iLovechocolate says:

Hey amazing video! I’m looking to buy the Sharky III baitrunner, but I am deciding if I should get the 4000 or 5000. I’m pairing it with a 7ft Uglystik GX2, that I’ll be using for surf and pier fishing. Any suggestions on which one I should get?

53CopCeco says:

I’m new to saltwater fishing.. And I found so far that saltwater fishing gear is much more expensive than freshwater… do you think that this reel can be my universal reel with target on fish like catfish/carp/pike/trout on freshwater and for barracuda/amberjack/bluefish saltwater? Because KastKing definitely have the best prices on market.


I bought 2 of the 6000 sharky III baitfeeders and I gotta say, I have no complaints whatsoever. They have handled up to 40lb carp, which are hard fighting freshwater fish, with no problem! Love my reels.


Looks so nice uncle Kapono.

GWAlistair says:

quick question, i just recently bought a sharky 3 5000 and like mentioned in this video whenever i try to get the bail to close automatically it sticks but unlike yours in the video mine never gets set back down by itself. do i have a defective unit? i have tried opening the reel and re aligning the bail spring but nothing seems to work.

Sayaboc Donovan says:

You think would be good for dunking?

tapuchan200 says:

Thumbs up for Kastking products. I’ve been using their reels and braid for 2 years now. (Saltwater in Hawaii)

finjahs says:

dang was looking at the okuma helios hx30s, penn conflict II, and the shimano ci4 all in the 2000-3000 range for a lightweight halalu/akule reel. All day kine whipping needs the weight savings or you feel em eventually. The sharky III same size only weighs 1 ounce more than the others plus get the sealed system. Good find. Might pick up the sharky instead cause of the super cheap price. you get referral if I use your amazon link or no matter where I buy?

mrtoady2 says:

39.5lbs of drag in what is essentially a 4k size spinning reel, that is made of plastic. Good luck with that. I would be afraid to use any more than 10-15lbs on that thing, for fear of catastrophic failure. That being said…lots of other cool feature that make this an interesting reel at that price point. Worth a buy to play around with maybe.

Get High says:

39.5 pound of drag

Jimbo Mack says:

great review ! will the 5000 hold up to snook, reds and trout salt water ?

JayVee Espinoza says:

I noticed the reel handle is on the left, can it be removed and placed on the right side or would that be something of a special order?

Alan S. says:

Nice thorough review. Good pors and cons. I haven’t surf fished, yet, but the line capacity seems to me to be okay. Great value reel.

tony hernandez says:

Will the 6000 be good for catfishing?

7citiesfishing says:

That’s an awesome looking reel man!

KastKing says:

By the way, the handle is aluminum. Probably because the same color paint as the graphite body make you think it’s graphite. lol

pete peterson says:

Hey Shaka,

I will fish in Norway some heavy lures. Up ton12,35oz/360gramm. Which reel size would you prefere.

Ty in advance.


lucky13ncka says:

I have the same problem with the cap. Kastking is in denial if they think this isn’t a real issue.

Aus Fishin says:

Great review i’m sure every review have their plus and minus so no worries mate.

Juan hernandez says:

Can I change the handle to the right side?

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