Spinning reel comparison – Shimano stradic ci4 vs Daiwa Ballistic LT

I’m going to compare the Shimano Stradic Ci4+ and the Daiwa Ballistic LT. Both spinning reel are size 2500. They are pretty close in terms of features, it’s hard to say one is better than the other.


wolfusa2002 says:

You should do some more trout fishing videos

Steve Garcia says:

I would like to hear what you have to say about the Piscifun 4000vm. Seem to me to be a great product for the price.

William Munny says:

I use Shimano and Daiwa. Daiwa has comes out with better features in the past then Shimano has.

Seymour Lebowitz says:

Time will tell which reel is better….

Frank Racz says:

This 3rd generation Stradic Ci4 is much better than the prior two, which didn’t compare in gearing to the regular Stradic. It’s noteworthy that on paper the Ballistic’s lighter and has more drag. Could there be that much difference in drag performance? It’s also an experienced point you mentioned that the Shimano’s don’t hold quite the line capacity they state. The Aero Wrap II, Power Roller, and Super Stopper II have been on Shimano’s for over two decades. In many ways they had to play catch up a bit to Daiwa’s gearing and drag on their overall lineup. They certainly did! Great review, essentially a comparison is splitting hairs on just about everything.

Alex Fu says:

I would be concerned with the MGL rotor of the Stradic if you fish saltwater. Shimano had to come out with an additional model for the Chronarch baitcaster (Chronarch G) simply because there had been way too many complaints with the Chronarch MGL on corrosion issues after saltwater use. For me, I would take the Daiwa without a question.

Fish the Pacific says:

Looks like a thicker/heavier bail on the Daiwa as well.

Peter Chatman says:

I have a couple of Shimano Stradic CI4 in 4000.  The only suggestion I would like to see in the Daiwa is a better spool lip.  I’m in the market for a new 1000 model for my Australian Flats Fishing – I’d buy a Daiwa one tomorrow just to give it a try if they had a better spool lip for cast distance and assumed smoothness (but the round spool lip puts me off a bit).  The Shimano are awesome are light, and have served me well though.  I’m with you, best clicker is a LOUD clicker!!!

JR Outdoors says:

I’d take the shimano any day

Hooked Fishing says:

im definitely a shimano guy ive never liked diawa and probably never will so i would go to a ultegra there great or even for a sedona fi i own a ci4+ myself and cant get it out of my hands!!!

John Mortensen says:

I’ve been using both brands since the early 70’s, but I do tend to find the Daiwa line to be a bit more durable.

Flatzout says:

3000 stradic is the same size as a 2500 daiwa. look at the line capacity specs , it’s always been like that.
3000 stradic gets the T-handle.

Christian Flores says:

Im a shimano guy but ive gotta give it to daiwa i believe their new spinning reels are superior, i find that daiwa seems to offer more value. But ive found shimano baitcasters to perform better especialy finesse, bfs is the goat

kent vannavong says:

i have used both , to me the unbeatable SHIMANO is cast.same sink weight same line diameter same length of line .Absolutly Shimano beat Diawa I mean Shimano go far away than Diaw . the differance is the head of spoon take a look please. shimano is easy the line come off from the spool

Patrick Baca says:

Thanks for sharing. Tight lines!

Tackle Advisors says:

I think the Tatula is a better comparision to the Stradic ci4+. Ballistic offers quite a bit more in terms of sealing which while slight you can feel. All three are excellent reels. Did you notice a bit of handle knob side to side play? I swapped the bushing out for bearings (i don’t care about knobs that spinner for 10 seconds) But it removed all the lateral play. ANd since the handles are interchangeable between 4 differe lt reels. It transformed them into very precise feeling reels.
And taking apart the reel is very simple….Easy apart easy back together.

pedro rocha says:

thank you sir i never coment on your videos but i want to thank yo for all your videos i had learn alot from you
i just order my new daiwa ballistc 4000 happy holydays also as you see my english is limited but a just want it to say thank you

David Newcomb says:

Wow that Daiwa looks exactly like that Stradic……copy much lately Daiwa

Ethan Song says:

Dawia ballistic for the win.

416 rem says:

I’m a bit older than most posters here I suspect. I have Daiwa reels from when I was in High School and they all still work. But my fishing has always been fresh water for walleyes, catfish , northern pike, bass, trout and the occasional pallid sturgeon.

Hooked Fishing says:

diawa have no good ideas so they just copy shimano!

Cyril Javier says:

The Ballistic LT caught my eye, but I’m loving my Stradics, both FKs and Ci4+s. Hoping for an updated video after you put the Ballistic through the paces. Also, with the Stradic 2500, I just purchased a 3000 for instances in which I need that extra capacity. Still won’t have the same capacity as the Ballistic but it helps a little bit.

SnorryHobo says:

some one should start a channel where they only test reel drag, see if what these companies are saying is true , guaranteed that reel cant hold 22lb of drag !

i_fish says:

No Way man! I am just working on the same review. Hopefully people will still check mine tomorrow! : ( I owned the regular Ballistic (NOT LT) but sold it because just felt heavy and too much resistance and was not as smooth as the stradic. Maybe the LT has less resistance than the regular. My comparison will be Stradic vs Theory though, and i can tell you, its a much better match for the Stradic

TroyboyQUE says:

PK? How many times a week do you fish? That stratic looks almost new and I see it on most of your videos.

MrTatts64 says:

Why do you need more line capacity, on the Stradic, PK?? You saying you can cast over 100m with a small weight etc? If that reel held 300m and you lost 100m, I doubt you would be able to hen cast barely 30m because of how far under the lip of that spool the line will start off being at. Let alone after your cast. Much better to carry your spare spool of line in your tackle bag and simply top up your reel. Either that or buy a reel with a very tall spool (a bit like the carp fishers “big pit reels”), but then you will have a much heavier reel to hold all day too.

Hooked Fishing says:

im definitely a shimano guy ive never liked diawa and probably never will so i would go to a ultegra there great or even for a sedona fi i own a ci4+ myself and cant get it out of my hands!!!

Mutated Antibiosis says:

Daiwa just absolutely rules at the moment quality wise – however here in germany the ci4+ retails for 130€ and the ballistic for 189€. Easy win for shimano and you would be a fool to choose the slightly better Daiwa over the Shimano for an added expense of 60€.

With that being said – the Daiwa reels below the 150€ mark kill everything that shimano produces in that lower price area. Don’t buy the manufacturer – buy the quality!

Quabbin with Coop says:

The Ballistic also has rubber seals on the handle, spool shaft, and roller bearing. Making it harder for water sand and debris to get into the reel.

Saltyfins says:

what kind of camera are you using?

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