Spinning reel comparison – Shimano Sienna vs Daiwa Crossfire

Here is a quick comparison between the Shimano Sienna and the Daiwa Crossfire spinning reel. Both are best for freshwater, and for saltwater fishing if you’re using the bigger sizes. Note that Daiwa spinning reels are slightly bigger than Shimano spinning reel in the same size. For are very good reels for trout fishing, or bass fishing.


MrEricdgreat says:

I love Diawa ?

M J says:

Reel rule #1 for me: the front drag adjuster have very smooth edges and low profile like the Daiwa. Casting into headwinds the line will catch the drag adjuster with more squared off edges like the Shimano.

Anime4 Mii says:

I want a shimano best strongest reel for salt to fresh but can handle a King 25lb salmon….
what a shimano can do???

Petr Záhorec says:

hi man,pls Daiwa or Shimano? thx

Nguyễn Thùy Linh says:

Cho con xin mot cai di chu

Max Daniel says:

Got my first brooder trout today… 25″ exactly and 8.7 lbs.

Richard Kyo says:

I own a Shimano Sienna and I have to say it is very well worth the money. I’ve accidentally dunked it in saltwater and it was still fine, all I did was take it apart, re-grease the main gear, and it was good as new. Very smooth and well built. I put 20lb braided line on it and it is my main reel I use when I go for surf perch.

Stephen Stalter says:

I own two of the older Siennas(4 bearing). The 2500 failed on my eighth outing. The 4000 has worked fine for close to two years(don’t use it much). I just got two brand new Okuma Safina Pro SPa- 25 both of which were bad from the factory in the sealed box. Buying reels these days is a crapshoot. I might try Daiwa since I still use my d1000 that I bought 35 years ago and it still works fine.

TheMasterCasters says:

I’ve owned several siennas in FD though, best reel I’ve ever owned for the price. I have two sienna 4000FD and I use them for saltwater surf fishing. I’ve had them for 4 years and they’ve battles being submerged many times, covered in sand etc and they still work, like new! My sienna 1000FD was quick to croak though, and that one only saw freshwater. The reel is approved for saltwater as well. Is the normal one approved for saltwater as well?

mike abang says:

Gj pk……was wondering if u can check out my vids and see wat I can to them to make them better thx in advance would love some help

piaoliang says:

Shimano looks better to Europeans. Gold color on a reel is as attractive to me as gold in someone’s teeth. All reels should be black. Maybe white, if u want to be exotic, and thats it 🙂
Joking aside, daiwa has more bearings and precision cut gears. Objectively, it is a better value.

Scott Kincaid says:

Does the number of bearings make a difference?

lisa snowden says:

I use my Sienna on an Ugly for Spot & White Perch from Chesapeake Bay. First season using Sienna. So far, so good.

Max Daniel says:

You should go to timberlinn lake in Albany this week for brood trout… up to 20 lbs! My frien got a 24.3 pounder… They just stocked today

Ethan Song says:


Alluha Torrrez says:

I used to be a big Shimano guy but I am now using more and more Diawa Reels! Great prices and fantastic products!

TwoPoundTest says:

I just got a 500 size Sienna. It must be a previous version though as it has a 4 bearing system. I like it a lot so far, seems a worthy replacement for the AX-ULS I’ve been using since 1992, lol. Are you going to put these through the ringer and update us on how they hold up?

Sshooter444 says:

Timely, I was just considering the Sienna

Sony Sugiharto says:

Have you ever tried daiwa revros? Its interesting in price tag here in indonesia… Same as shimano sienna price.

jay love says:

Nothing like a Daiwa baitcaster

Abdul Alkurdi says:

where can I get the crossfire for $18?

Christian Flores says:

The sienna is a proven reel it feels more stout and substantial however the daiwa has better gears

Anime4 Mii says:

From this I still go with the penn though this one is cheaper 29.99, the penn Pursuit 4000 is larger then 4000 shimano sienna.
Better gear and seal system.

PhillyJohnny1825 says:

I find that Shimano is not great when it comes to low-end spinning reels. I have all different kinds of reels (like most people): Kastking, Shimano, Penn, Daiwa, Abu Garcia, Pflueger etc etc. I think the Abu Garcia Cardinal performs really well for a good price. The Pflueger Trion is a good low-end model, and I love the Penn Pursuit 3000.

Petr Záhorec says:

I bought Daiwa Crossfire and on the box,Made in Vietnam 😀 :D, i see,when fall apart 😀 😀

Just A Beaver Pond says:

Speaking from the experience of owning a lot of cheap spinning reels and going up to very expensive ones over time, I can honetly save ppl a lot of hassle by telling you to just save and buy a Shimano reel like the Nasci or better. The new Sahara is OK, but no core protect which is something really worth having if you want your reel to last a loong time. I have owned a few Sienna’s and they do break down from heavy use. They are easy to opem, clean, regrease and even upgrade some parts, but for an extra $100, you can have a reel that you could likely dunk in water several times and still have it run smooth as butter.
If you are a Diawa guy, same thing applies. Soend a bit more and you won’t regret it years later.

Moraima Bernard says:

How can I email you

sgtpavlov says:

I have 3 sienna 500 fd models,on 3 ultra light poles. They are good solid reels.

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