Smoothest Spinning Reel Ever – KastKing Fishing Reel

I went out fishing with my brand new KastKing Orcas 2000 Fishing Reel. When I say it is the smoothest spinning reel ever, I mean it. It is a great fishing reel, and a spinning reel. The KastKing MazThin8 Braided line was also a great tool. It was by far the thinnest 30lb test fishing line that I have ever seen.

“You still look like Jon B.”

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Cameron Outdoors says:

Those r some dope edits you r the next john b

Larry Moffatt says:

FYI About your hook (at 2:19), Gamakatsu website says that particular one is … “Designed expressly to conform with some billfish tournament regulations and some fisheries that require non-offset circle hooks.” You might have better results with all your rods if you use/choose a different one. From what little I know about circle hooks, the idea is to let the fish swim away and the hook will rotate and stick without any “Set”.

bryan bornilla says:

give me free reel and rod so i can try that here in philippines 🙂

Fred stratton says:

For you to be able to claim this is the smoothest reel ever I imagine you have personally tried hundreds of reels for comparison. The problem with youtube is guys like you expressing an opinion only with no actual fact behind it.

Damayla Phoenix says:

please spend more time on the reel , people would like to see it in detail not u.

jim bo says:

K king refuse to let many true reel experts examine their reels instead goes to a demographically selected area and finds guys who are not up to speed with the market and what it has to offer. The pretty red and black knock off coloring mimics reels costing several hundred to even 1500 dollars like a Stella Dogfight. This is not coincidence!! Sorry k king pretty colors dont help u catch more fish!!! The other reels mentioned havetrue saltwater corrosion and true seals against salt that makes them water resistant Not waterproof. An IP rating IP 68 would have to apply to be waterproof as established by law!!!! false advertising!! are you going to file a lawsuit for a few bucks NO!!! K king knows this.

Jim bo angler who wants something for literally nothing will get burned by K king . Note the close outs and how many. Retailers also bought into the lie and hope to just get their money back on older K kings. The New K kings better but the price is also reflected and they don;t have any long term quality backing. Same deal allover again this time double or more the money.

WE burned ya once we can probably do it again philosophy

Reid Walker says:

That edit in the beginning was sick!!!

Ladybass says:

What camera do you use?

Southern Outdoors Fishing says:

Cool edit dude. Sweet reel, enjoyed the video!!

Zoheir Daham says:

Hi. I know you’re an experienced fisherman. i just want to see you surf fishing with your shimano reel . Thanks a lot for all the help. I am learning a lot from your videos.

JToutdoors K says:

My dad went to school with ur mom just found out about u and I do the same thing with my friend

maxx luebeck says:

I want you to test the shimano Stella then tell me what the smoothest spinning reel is your a dipshit

Dan Stephens says:

Kastking does make some really sick reels.


hey i loved the vid and i am a beginner at you tube fishing and would like to know if you could shout out me channel nyfisher27 in your next video it would be great

sealtite87 says:

I have a couple kastking spinners myself but If you have never experienced daiwa digigear, it redefines smooth!

JGS Bassin says:

nice intro but you should shorten it

Army_Outdoors 88N says:

Lke the sic opening scene and the new track. nice beatss

PGH Bottom Feeders says:

Awesome video and product we just subscribe to your channel. As always happy fishing and tight lines. Fish On!

AMP FISHING 84 says:

where can I find that line?

Alisha Noel says:

Loving the intro

Alex Rudd Fishing says:

You reel hook setting or like actually setting the hook?

monicasbushstinks jones says:

Well I took my cousin to the lake to see if she would put out and golly if i didn’t get lucky. Afterwards my cous said she was a bit hungry so we pulled out our KAST KINGS reels loaded them up and got us a whole mess of mud carp for dinner. My shine was also looking reel good to we had our selves a feast . My cous was the smoothest i have ever had so let me give you some advice boys hit your cousin if you can.

MagicYaker says:

Good edit very entertaining and informational. You gotta new sub!

Zoltán Nagy says:

What is the white rod?

Sam S. says:

Who won the giveaway

jim bo says:

Kast kings are knockoff reels at a inexpensive price however if you fish salt and fish often, might want to consider long term dependability and wear. Simply put not sealed and the gears chip over time dealing with bruiser salt water species. For the price a nice starter reel for a beginner but if your into angling serious look into the Penn slammer 3 series. Ya your going to pay for quality of PENN but over time the cost per year not having to replace reels is actually cheaper. Further why risk the fish of a lifetime on a cheap reel!!

AMP FISHING 84 says:


Max Muzones says:

Killer intro dude I love it

BMW Enthusiast says:

My favorite reel is the Penn spinfisherV. I fish for big fish in saltwater and the ht-100 drag system they have in it makes it super smooth

Len Dog says:

Great line I love it!

CarolinaFan 420 says:

Great video!! Might try to get this reel soon

Kyle The Bass Attacker says:

nice looking reel also like the line

Max Muzones says:

But I don’t like the constant flashing and weird edits through the whole fishing part. I feel like I’m gonna get a seizure says:

I still think I won 🙂 I can think what i want

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