Shimano Stradic Ci4 Reel Review [On-The-Water Performance Pros & Cons]

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In this video review, we cover the pros and cons of the popular Shimano Stradic Ci4 fishing reel (considered one of the best spinning reels on the market for inshore fishing).

We also discuss how the new reel compares to the older Shimano spinning reel model.

Some of the main pros for this spinning reel are:

It’s super lightweight (one of the lightest spinning reels in its class)
It holds up pretty well to saltwater
Great drag

Some of the main cons for this Shimano spinning reel are:

Cost (it’s significantly costs more than the average spinning reel in the same class)

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Shimano Stradic Ci4 Spinning Reel Review [Pros & Cons]

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I have the older version…had it for bout 6 years and is probably the reel that needs the less maintenance…love it

1 Sky Sport fishing says:

Shimano Nasci is a great reel with same amazing drag system.
Even better..the daiwa BG ..has more bearings , metal frame and side plates, knob is oval and more comfortable , reel foot to rod seat is more comfortable.
I own and love both ..the BG is just stronger and more comfortable for me and my monster hands.
Check both out and see what you think. The penn spinfisher V (5) is another bad ads reel worth a look.

Carolina Crown2014 says:

The last 3 months I have bought 2 stradic fks and 1 ci4+ and absolutely love them all.
The ci4 is by far my favorite reel and have it paired with a bull bay rod. Which is a amazing rod. Unlike St crap lol ( St Croix )

The reel is amazing light , NO FLEX , awesome amount of drag.
The only thing I recommend doing with any Shimano reel. From cheap to high end is Changing out the stock drag washers to carbon fiber ones. Makes the drag alot more reliable , smoother and over all better performance. Also they last way longer then stock ones

Toe Knee says:

If you like the old handle you can actually fit the old handle on the new model

Snookerson says:

You guys are awesome

mgzw90 says:

I had lots of recommendations and bought the latest 2.5 Ci4+ online and absolutely hated it! I found the reel flexed when playing a good fish, it had a lower gear ratio than I like and the handle was awful. I used it once and put it on eBay. I now only use metal bodied reels

Senko says:

Honestly i dont like the ci4 (the old model) the drag rubs and binds too much but i guess i a have to try the new “model” now Nice vid guys!

Salty Angler says:

I remember when you posted the video of the reel being dunked in saltwater, that was a long time ago! To see that reel still fully functioning is very surprising. Shimano must have spent a lot of time making it.

Rick Lopez says:

I have a ci4 2500 and for some reason the drag will tighten on its own when the line is pulled?? Any one have any ideas?

Paradoxtal Pythons says:

Good deal

Tala Tala says:

i hate shimano’s handle play… all of their knobs are playing around when you reel

Tony Robinson says:

The thing I like most about the newer Ci4 is the smoothly arched drag knob. The older model had a stepped one that would catch loops of line when you first closed the bail. On the new one, the loop slides smoothly off.

For Reel For Real With Reel Raconteur says:

I am a certified “gear dork.” My buddy gave me my first rod and reel about three years ago and it was a Tsunami classic series rod with a 3000 Stradic CI4. Since then I have used assorted Penns, the Shield, Diawas, Okuma, Pfluger, etc. The Stradic seems to be the template for what any good reel strives to be. I have mostly used them for saltwater applications. I have used them during some harsh North Eastern Striper runs well into bitterly cold Decembers. I have dunked, sprayed, and generally worked the shit out of them and they just keep on ticking. Since that first one I have bought four others for different rods used for different things. That first one is still going strong. The price is well worth it. If anyone is looking for a similarly reliable reel at a better price point I can strongly recommend the Diawa Fuego. I refer to this reel as the “half price Stradic.”

Salt Strong says:

To see more fishing reel reviews and reel tips, go to this category page on our website:

Matthew Kane says:

I have the 3000 older model. Favorite spinning reel I have owned. Light, durable, great drag, and have landed everything from walleye, largemouth, smallies, reds, specks, stripers, and fluke.

Ron Pasa says:

Does it have screw in handle or the pin through?

Reel deal fishing says:

I have the new ci4 4000 it works really well with dock snook fishing all the to trout on a popping cork. To me one of my favorite go to reels for inshore

jimbo gasoline says:

Both are POS’S. I now use a Zebco and never have a problem with the bail anymore. Plus the Zebco looks cool and has a nice paint job. Caught 150 lbs Bullsharks and Perch on it. Paired with an Ugly-Stik, you have the best combo known on this side of the Mississippi.

Stephen Lasko says:

I’d like to see you compare the stradic to the new nasci!

1 Sky Sport fishing says:

Keep in mind the Shimano stradic and Nasci 4000 is closer in size to other manufactures 3000 class reels. A 3000 Daiwa BG and a 4000 stradic or Nasci are closer in size and only fractions of one oz apart in weight.

Luke Walton says:

Y’all should review the tseunomi sheild

FSU_V_Pad says:

Braid! Eww gross. Lol. Jk. Sienna 4000 FD pretty good for flats fishing. $16. Only problem is they sold out worldwide!

Seth Johnson says:

I have both the old and new model. I’m the opposite, I bought some of the new handles and put them on the old models. I don’t use my spinning tackle all that much any more, but I did for a good while and these are hard to beat.

smeden says:

I had both the new and the old model in different sizes,but i get really disappointed when i discovered the new model have”plastic”micro module gear and not metal like other models.
that is a step back in the quality and durability.
The old model have full metal gear box and feel more solid over time…

sharon Yosef says:

Hi,i have stradic 4000xg.make noise when retriving.noise comes from roller line bearing.what to do?

M1911Mike says:

I feel like i got swayed into something that’s inferior by a field and stream salesman. i was going to buy the plus model today but instead he sold me a penn spinfisher v 5500 because he said the stradic will not hold up in salt if it went for a swim. Did i go the right choice? *(I’m completely unknowledgable to anything fishing)*

Joe G says:

I’ve had the old model for about 4 years and have caught everything from snapper to big snook and redfish.. and I agree exactly with you about slinging lures all day long effortlessly with no fatigue due to the exceptional lightness. Mine is paired with a 7 ft star rod and is my favorite setup of all .

Snookerson says:

If you would like to review higher end Shimano reels look me up I’m around the corner from you.

Md Sohel sakeif pasan says:

Bather many

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