Shimano Nasci Spinning Reel Review (PROS & CONS)

In this video, Tony reviews the Shimano Nasci 3000 Reel. Tony has been using this reel for a couple months and has had some great results using it.

He breaks down what he likes and dislikes about the reel in the video.

You can check out the full review article here:

Shimano Nasci Reel Specs:

Size: 1000-5000
Line Capacity: 200 yards of 10lb Power Pro Braid
Max Drag: 20 lbs.
Weight: 8.8 ounces
Price Range: $90-200


1. Holds up great in saltwater
2. Strong drag
3. Picks up line quickly


1. No reel-reverse switch
2. Problems with the drag clicking mechanism
3. Strong drag learning curve

If you have a Shimano Nasci Reel, let us know what you think of it in the comments below!

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Mark YremogtnoM says:

Is it worth the money? That is the question? I got the C-i4 and I love it very light and a strong fighting reel the drag is pretty loud on it as well

Cory Martindale says:


David Devine says:

I’ve this reel 6 months I went for the double handle which the handle comes in black great in salt water.

Guatever Mmto says:

Didn’t like the handle.

Norm Beauchamp says:

Great video. Very interesting….

1 Sky Sport fishing says:

I own three Nasci 4000’s and love them ..but..
The Nasci 4000 is sized more like a 3000 or some 2500 size reels
Compared to the Daiwa BG 3000 wich is closer to same physical size as Nasci 4000 , there is no real difference in weight .
BG HAS a metal frame and more bearings too.
The Nasci does have a higher max drag , although that number (25lbs) seems pumped up.
I use the Nasci 4000 and BG 3500 & 4000 weekly and although the Nasci is notably lighter when first picking up the rod (St Croix 7′ & 7’6″ tidemaster) I don’t feel any fatigue worth talking about after a full day fishing lures .
The BG reel foot is a little nicer than the Nasci. Those with small hands should be fine with the Nasci but I concluded that the way the BG foot meets the reel seat is much more comfortable .
If shopping either ..or any spinning reel , put it on the rod you are going to use it on and see for yourself ( always smart when shopping reels)

Both very nice , BG is stronger , has more bearings and is very comfortable in the hand all day.

Fisher Dude says:

Sensitivity of drag has nothing to do with max drag, and everything to do with the size of threads that are being used to “screw” that top cap down.

Greenley Haley says:


seanfishingtexas says:

I had this reel in the 2500,took it back didn’t like it when reeling slow it seemed heavy like the gear was draging,got a Shimano Sahara 2500 cheaper and alot better reel with 20lbs of drag.Also upgraded to carbonex drag washers because I caught 8 bullreds one night and the felt washers were messed up bad.

Bill reid says:

Love mine.

David Sewell says:

Thank Tony!

Tiaan van staden says:

I hate that switch

Striz Fishing says:


Mike Pound says:

Dumb question, but you said the reel holds 200 yards of 10# braid. Since all of the braid I’ve seen come in 150 yard sools, where is the extra 50 yards coming from? This question goes for any reel, not necessarily this one. Thanks…

Curtis Medina says:

The switch is just problematic

Nomad damoN says:

I’ve got 5 nacis, 2500-5000. I don’t own two of any other reel. I see the bigger sizes for about $100-$-&110 here. Never seen any of them priced at $200. I use my 4000 and 5000s from the jetties. Third season now. Running like new. I’ve oiled and greased them once. I like them better than the BGs. Or any other reel in that price range.

Anthony Deal says:

This is a great reel that I have been fishing with for almost a year. I have the 4000 with 20lb paired up with either a med or med heavy rod.
Only chronic problem that I have with the reel is the pin on the drag clicker getting stuck, as Tony mentioned. I believe it maybe due to the light spring wire between the needle.
Overall, I love the reel and recommend it.

Cory Martindale says:

Woukd this be good for lake fishing

Salt Strong says:

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Mr CarCrazy says:

Absolutely love my 2500 Nasci. Bearings are so smooth. Strange as the 3000 I tried felt worse. Much more like a Penn(I could feel every ball in the bearing in all the Penn battle II I tried as well as the Nasci 3000).

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