Shimano Ci4 Spinning Reel Review [2500FA vs. 3000FA]

This product review video is focused on the Ci4 series of reels made by Shimano (we cover both the Shimano Ci4 2500 and Ci4 3000FA spinning reel series)

To find the Shimano Ci4 model I like best online, here’s a link:

I’ve caught all kinds of saltwater fish with these two Shimano spinning reels. And when fishing for redfish, snook, and trout with artificial lures, having a very light and smooth reel like this is essential.


Because every ounce of savings in weight you can get will result in much more comfort on a long day of casting.

Since I primarily fish with artificial lures, I always make time to feel the latest and greatest reels whenever possible to see if there are any that I need to purchase.

One of the first lightweight reels that I have been a huge fan of is this Shimano Ci4.

These reels are very lightweight and smooth, while also having impressive drag performance at a whopping 20 lbs for their 2500 and 3000 size reels.

So if you haven’t yet tried one out, I recommend picking one up at a local fishing shop so you can feel how it performs compared to the others.

To find the Shimano Ci4 model I like best online, here’s a link:

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Old Lady Angler says:

That 3000 reel is on my wishlist!

Ken Tanaka says:

When would you step up to a 4000?

Dennis Smith says:

I really wanted to get a new Ci4+ 2500 FB to wade fish the flats but I have found a online retailer that has the Ci4+ 4000 FA for $169.  Should I buy last years 4000 EA model for the $169 or should I spend the extra money to get this years Ci4+ 2500 FB?

Jesse Laspeyre says:

Took my 2500 out last Saturday for the first time and first cast I threw out that morning landed me my personal best sea trout at 23 1/2 inches!!! Thank you for your review of this reel and love the FG knot you put up as well for braid to leader! Thank you Luke, live Salt Strong, and wet a line today! 🙂

Chris Finch says:

when the new ci4 comes out in a month are u going to get one and do a review

Yodaddi Jim says:

I just picked up the newer model 3000HG that includes the Hagane gear and it is awesome. I hadn’t used the FA model so I look forward to your review of the newer version.

rollingwthhomies says:

I use shimano sahara can’t afford the stradic

Nick Walker says:

If you were making the purchase and you defiantly have the money to do so would you rather have 2 ci4+ 2500’s or 1 ci4 and 1 2500fk? Im defiantly going to purchase the G. Loomis e6x Inshore 7′ MdHvy Fast Action (1/4-5/8oz) spinning rod. So Im just deciding to have 2 ci4 combos or 1 ci4 and 1 fk. What would you pick? Also both with be spooled with 15lb Power Pro. Thanks and Fish On!

Branflakes88 says:

How does anyone feel about Sougayilang reels? I just bought two reels off amazon for 23$ each because why not.

ewmism says:

Great review. I have a 4000 and use it in estuaries for Flathead and bream, I also like the Symetry made in Japan,not made in japan anymore though

jhaze918 says:

I love my Ci4 2500. Great reel

Daniel Garcia says:

What rod is good to pair with this

Intrepid Fisherman says:

Am I missing the link you were going to put in here for the reel? Great review by the way.

Chris Wish says:

Good review I use a battle II right now and am very interested in this reel. Never used Shimano reels before so I might try it out.

NantucketNinja says:

Great vid! I’ve owned both a Stradic FJ, and an FI. Two of the best reels I’ve ever used (3000 size)! Looks like the new CI4 is about to come out soon! Keep up the awesome videos!

Jesse Laspeyre says:

Just ordered my first 2500 from Bass Pro Shops! Can’t wait to put it to good use and catch my first red/snook from my Jackson Cuda 14!

Cory R says:

Ci4 or FK? I’m a little weary with the Ci4 not having a metal body. What one do you think would be the one to get?

tyler dinnocenzo says:

so the 2500 over the 3000 for inshore?

Emile Fadel says:

The last reel I picked up was the Ci4+ 2500FA and since then I have never looked back. Hands down the best reel for the price.

NantucketNinja says:

You did the Penn Battle II review 16 months ago. How’s it holding up? You said you’d do a part two review 🙂

Dennis Smith says:

I have been reading that the drag washers on the Shimano reels are not very good and should be replaced with Carbontex drag washers.  What are your thoughts on this topic?  Should the drag washers be replaced on the ci4+?

sffzapa says:

Fucking hell 50lb tarbon on a 2500

Emerald Coast Kayak Fishing says:

have u tried the Penn clash?

Chris Finch says:

hey quick question im getting a shimano stella fi i have a g loomis greenwater 9000s its a 7 foot 6 inch medium light should i get the 3000 that has 20 pounds of drag or a 2500 it has 8 pounds of drag im dead set on the stella just looking for some help

tyler dinnocenzo says:

hey do you know if they made a 2017 series yet???

Alex Sigala says:

Should I get a 3000 or 2500 in the new model? I’m fishing for snook, bass, peacock bass, and occasionally redfish and trout

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