Saltwater Spinning Reel Review: Separating the Junk From the Gems

I posted a pic on instagram (@mcinteechris) of 4 reels that failed me this year and it got a lot of interest so I made this video… Take what I say with a grain of salt, I am not the guy to ask about the different mechanics of different reels, all I know how to do is crank them in, but I have learned which ones last and which ones dont.. basically here are 11 reels all of which I have used and abused in the past couple years and what I think of them, the Reels are as follows-

0:43 Shimano Spheros FB

1:36 Shimano Speedcast

2:39 Shimano Baitrunner OC

3:35 Penn Clash

5:17 Penn Slammer 3

6:42 Shimano Sustain FE

6:42 Shimano Stradic FJ

9:40 Abu Revo S

10:51 Pflueger President

11:51 Shimano Saros FA

Perhaps you can use some of this info to help you purchase your next reel


Traper Joe says:

I gotta tear into my pen slammer 3 it has a slight stick to it kinda like u said! Hopefully it’s the same issue u were having and I can fix it! I was very disappointed with it last trip! Thanks for the info!

Robert Gerber says:

You had a fish pull your rod and reel into the water? lol I would love to see a video of that. I assume you were’nt holding on to it. HaHa

david scott says:

you don’t deserve a van stal

mastersunfish says:

Penn had been trusty for me… cleaned and greased once a year thats it

MillhouseMod says:

That anti reverse issue has happened to me on a $20 reel and the issue was a simple lack of grease. Cant tell you how many times I had a big lake trout on and would let go of the handle to have it backfire. Then when I took the time to open it up and see that it was lacking grease and would sometimes get stuck open, I was laughing as I greased it and have had no problems since, its my Dads reel and it still works 2yrs after repair.

Jamaal Hosein Jr. says:

yo seamoney the shimano baitrunner oc is good for stripers on kayack and boat

FranksTube86 says:

Ive had the exact same problem my an Abu Garcia Orra and a Saros. Saros locked up in about the year, the Abu in about a week. Never buying Abu again.

James Brock says:

EBay for parts brah. Plus, a little regular maintenance, super important in salt water, can go a long way, regardless of cost of the reel.

Matthew Robert Boyd says:

Hey Sea-Money
Always have great videos, best stuff on youtube. You think you could add on to this video with types of rods and the appropriate reels that go on them. And maybe a bonus with line types and why we chose different ones for different fishing.


GhostHook says:

all junk

John Smalldridge says:

Why no Diawa? The Diawa spinning reels I’ve had have been way better than the Shimano spinning reels I’ve owned.

Allen Gallion says:

Good video.. Straight to the point honest review on multiple reels.

Christian Flores says:

shimano spheros sw is the cheapest fully sealed surf reel, shares 95 percent of the same parts with the saragosa same cold fored gearing as the stella. nothing competes with it in the under 200 dollar price range

Danny Jett says:

This commit is for Sea Money, I am 69 years old and have been fishing since I was 10 years old, I haven’t caught as many large fish as you but I have had my share, I have had my share of bad spinning reels also, My main reel I used back in the ’50s was a Mitchell 300 for freshwater and a Mitchell 308 for saltwater, Yes they would break after a season or 2 but I would always send them back to the factory for a rebuild, Some would send me a new reel and others would charge a small fee but knew parts, I have 3 Garcia Mitchell reels made in Sweden, a Cardinal 4 by Zebco and a Shakespeare reel for trout, As you see I don’t buy any reel too expensive, But I still own these reels and they have done fairly well, I still use them and some ate 40 years old to brand new, I guess what my point is you don’t have to spend $200.00 on a fishing reel to have fun, I wish I could make my living fishing, But if you are looking for top grade and reliability you’re going to have to spend alot more than $200,00 for a reel, Then there again I know of no reel that is bullet proof, But if you try you might get lucky, Good fishing to you,
Danny Jett

Victor Feliciano says:

If the anti reverse is not working on your Shimano Stratic & Sustain Just add 3-4 drop of oil on the anti reverse clutch (roller bearings & springs). Problem gone.


mastersunfish says:

they need to do away with the whole anti reverse concept

sk88rat says:

Do you rinse your reels under freshwater after using them in saltwater to remove any sand/salt?

For Reel For Real says:

A man of your angling caliber should not be looking for deals on cheap reels at Dick’s. Short of having a sponsor (which you probably should) just stick with the Stradics and Slammers. And get yourself a Shield for the Kayak when you know shit is going to get salt water wet. My two cents.

david scott says:

what a lazy, rough cunt. Ever heard of fixing a reel’s problem? and why are you chucking them down on that metal table. Fucking hillbilly. You deserve a stick with some twine on it. F’ing rock ape….

Zoanthropic says:

i had a feeling you’re a pothead!! ahahahahahah!

Slim1 Dune says:

Penn Battle 2 will out perform most of the $200 reels you reviewed. For $50-60 you can get a Sedona which works well. You also have not reviewed the smoke .

KhuEarl Always says:

The white one.

Mr.Chill Fisher men says:

Dude u got to get a Diawa BG the 2016 model its pretty cheap and super reliable. It also has a great feel and is super smooth also made of quality components

Vichea Chim says:

Penn slammer 3 bail keeps flipping right of the bat when i first start using it. No go for me. Wasted couple hundred dollars, damn.

Justin Johnson says:

I have had my fleuger Presidential for years works great.

Quy Nguyen says:

Shimano,,, please sponsor this guy…

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