Reel Reviews – The One3 Creed GT Spinning Reel

This reel review is of the brand new One3 Creed GT spinning reel by 13 Fishing. This reel was a total surpise to many of us at ICAST 2016. Extremely light weight and smooth with some innovative components that only 13 Fishing can produce. A great value at 89.99.

You can find out more about this reel by clicking this link.

Max Drag – 11 to 13 pounds
Bearings – 10+1 Stainless Steel BB
Gear Ratio – 6.2:1

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Lupe Leal says:

I only use spinning reels and light weight one sounds really nice. Thanks for the review. If I don’t win, I’m definitely buying.

Brodie Wiebe says:

I personally use spinning reels for everything.When I’m trout fishing with light lures,pike on top water baits and swimbaits,walleye when I’m trolling,and lake trout when I’m jigging.I could use another reel because my 3000 size broke and I have an empty rod.I am 14 and can’t get money too easily unless its birthday or holidays.

Eric Jefferson says:

Just got mine very disappointed with the grip on the handle it broke off the first time I coasted with it haven’t really used it in a long time because it takes forever to replace.

Anthony Mendoza says:

I love to fish the texas rig on spinning reels

Mike McFarland says:

I fish mostly with spinning gear.. the spinning reel I have now is getting pretty beat up.

QuackHead382 says:

Request: A review of the one3 defy for cranking…your awesome! i bought two No.8 blackouts based on your reviews and i love them…keep it up the great work!

Lucas Johnson says:

Looking for a good shakey head reel

Thetugis myDrug says:

I love throwing the drop shot! I’ve loved pfluger spinning reel just because of the positive bell click. Does that one have that positive click? I do own 8 Concept A’s and love them.

Myles Koch says:

If you have all three creed series, would you be able to do a cross reference review?

I am trying to figure out what I wanna pair up my new Omen Black spinning rod with.


raWr Fishing says:

Finally just got mine! lol.. the back order was unreal!

Up North Bass says:

I’m really digging this reel.. I almost bought the creed x but I’m thinking about just bumping up to the GT. great video as always.

Fernando Grácio Martins says:

So.For an all around spinning reel. The 4000 is the perfect match, right? I´m realy curious about this reel and is weight. I have problems on my wrists and need light gear for bass fishing. I fish everyday and some times is painnfull. In Europe can´t find this fenomena reels. Do you know wen they supose to arrive here? Thanks

trevor pegg says:

I use spinning gear for wacky rigs and panfish

Jake Hirsch says:

what reel would you use on a river?

ohshititsme says:

love how you stuck with your choices… stupid weekend warriors… I want it plleasssee hahhha

Colin Terry says:

Can you give away one of those reels to a broke college kid?!

Wess McKown says:

What rod would you suggest with the 3000 series? I am after mainly small mouth, large mouth, crappie, and bluegill. Thanks.

Mitch Currey says:

Fluke, thanks for what you do. Until a month ago, I fished everything on a spinning reel.

Jeremy Lee says:

this would be amazing if i could get it. i hope i’m not to late

Isaac Echeverria says:

Whacky senkos, drop shots, shaky heads, light Texas rigs… are all I fishing on a spinning rod and reel

Mike Kovacs says:

Hi Gene, how does this reel hold up after several fish caught? One guy was stating it didn’t hold up well over time. Can you speak this reel’s durability please? Thanks

420redbarn says:

I grab the spinning rods whenever I’m throwing anything light like drop shots, shaky heads or when the wind picks up.  There is always a spinning rod on deck with a drop shot tied on.  I agree with larger size reels, don’t like anything big,  too dang heavy!

Harry Cain says:

Hey. Gean enough is this reel durable around the spool with holes in it to reduce weight

Evan Silver says:

Hey Fluke! Been a huge fan for a couple of years now.

I have 2 Creed GT’s. I love everything about the reel other than my line gets caught underneath the spool all the time. Does this happen to you? Anything you recommend to stop it?

I’ve contacted 13 Fishing and waiting to hear back.


I wanna win

foreverromeo says:

I use spinning reel all the time, right now i have president 6720 for trout and ultra finesse fishing, AB cardinal sx 30 and orra sx 30 for bass fishing, and an accurist 25 for panfish fishing.

pimpagels says:

like the reel but I like the shirt even more. you need to have that in the fishing shirt of the month club

PilotRM says:

Really looking forward to trying this reel out someday. I need a new spinning reel for shaky-head and drop shot rod.

Quinn Shaeffer Fishing says:

can you use in salt?

justin vernon says:

reel looks amazing need to get one

tim barnes says:

great vid! keep me up!

Bassassin Master says:

I’ve heard a lot of pros compare it to the shimano stradic ci4. So this reel must be pretty good.

Jason VanderRoest says:

I have spent the money on the stradic and was disappoined. this looks like it might be worth it

Michael Porschakin says:

I typically throw buzzbait, frogs, cranks, and jigs. what size would do you suggest for an all purpose? 3000?

Stephen Waldon says:

Hey Gene great review, I trust and respect you’re opinion. Keep up the work ! Do you think this is comparable to my Shimano Stradic, the FJ and the new stradic as well? Also going to try the new Diawa spinning line up have you ?

alex carter says:

need one for for finesse stuff love your channels

33josh33 says:

I got mine from gander mountain because there going out of business and the sales, got it for 67 bucks

Ray Silvas says:

what line was on the 2000 series?

Joshua Paradise says:

Lews vs 13fishing… who’s baitcasters are better?

Drew Glenn says:

I think i may pick one of these for my next spinning set up

D Smith12 says:

What’s the different between one3 and 13?

Jonathan Woodruff says:

I use spinning reels for most of my soft plastic worms

Scuffed ThumbZ Fishing says:

Awesome I use 13 rods because of you would love to try the spinning reels I love my inception.

Reel Northern Fishing says:

I like to fish light texas rigs on spinning reels, and im wondering if you think i should go with a 2000 or 3000 size, i want it to be my all around spinning reel

Zach Attack says:

What kind of rods are you using with those

Luis Reyes says:

Can’t wait to try it!

Jeremy Cooley says:

I like to use the spinning reels for trickworms and other light finesse tackle

Kieran M says:

You should do the one3 Fate rods! like ~80 and they look like they’re really good!

Tyler Foster says:

I use a spinning set up for mainly shakyheads and drop shot.

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