REAL Review: Best $50 Spinning Reel! (Tackle Tuesday #16)

Shopping for a light tackle spinning reel can be confusing. In this video I go over why the Shimano Sedona is my top pick for the best saltwater or freshwater spinning reel for the money! It can be found for around $50 and this is a price you cannot beat, for a quality product.

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Kevin Lin says:

is it worth getting daiwa bg for 80$ for the sedona

Jared Kolb says:

is that 3000 or 4000 ?,your new shimano

Fish tanks and fishing says:

Question i was gonna bye the penn fierce 2 what do you think about

john foy says:

that real is no longer 50$.more like 70$. i have seen it on sale occasionally for 50$ if u keep your eyes open

john foy says:

i have many reels.expensive and middle of the road.let me recommend another low budget reel.okuma stratus.usually on sale at dicks for around 30$.ive had the 25 size for a cpl years used in salt alot.i have had on issues with this real.havent even oil it or greased it yet.its taken a beating.i opened it up there was no corrosion on inside or water whatsoever and grease looked like new.i have no ties to okuma just fyi.used it 2-3 times a week.great reel.still use it

Mahi Boyz says:

Really good info for people who are starting off and can’t afford much. Shimano has been putting their top end features into their lower models lately. Awesome vid!

Supreme Fishing says:

I’ve never tried the Sedona. I’ve been using the Shimano Sienna 4000. I’ve had that reel for 2 years now. And it still works like brand new. For $30 great reel. I gotta try the Sedona. Good review dude! Keep up the hard work.

Minplayer 1800 says:

you should put to test that sedonna agaist bonito, big snook or any inshore especies it would be interesting… Nice video

john foy says:

shimano does make a quality product though.also easy to take apart for maintenance.

XtremeH18 says:

Great review! Good to know for anyone looking for a cheap reel.

Grill 'n' thrill says:

I got a Sedona 4000 for everything from snapper to snook and reds and it’s smoother than any reel I’ve ever had in my hands, dead honest it’s better than a Stella in smoothness and still is after 2 years of abuse

Fishing The 561 says:


captaincrazy 123 says:

a buyd a penn fierce 6 jears ago de and i did everithing with that reel that is bad for it and it still works

Baruch Lester says:

+Landshark fishing what would be a good weight line for 5-7 ft sharks please respond

ginman69 says:

So True! Probably the best and cheapest reel for saltwater. I wouldn’t go any cheaper, and if you have to go cheap THIS is the best reel for the money! Great reels we own many. Funny I don’t understand all the hate on WD40 lol…. it’s not like you’re opening the reel up and spraying it inside lol

J Hall says:

I have a sedona 3500 and love it too. Also have some Penn Battle II 3000 also no complaints. Both are great & cheap for the inshore fishing I do up here in the panhandle.

David Le says:

There a newer model Sedona out… You should upgrade 😛

sean gordon says:

wd40 not good for reels!

Shane Parrish says:

I agree with your opinion about the Sedona but I have been using the fierce 2 for a bit now and it’s become my favorite.

Mark St.pierre says:

Nice and informative video …Sedona dose make a good reel….

Mark Howe says:

Great info i have found the same to be true about shimano products too!!!

Coza King says:

Sedonas are absolute shit man your legit hyping them up so much! I have had 3 the older FD one was ok but that new one is absolute trash!

Victor Santiago says:

How does this compare to the $30 Sierra?

jonnywaselectric says:

wd40 eats grease, use Inox instead

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