Piscifun Venom Spinning Reel Unboxing

Checkout this Piscifun Venom spinning reel unboxing/review, what a great value at just $37. James with Piscifun, sent me a new Honor reel along with this neat Venom spinning reel. Right off the bat, aesthetically the reel looks and feels great. It’s black with neon green accents that really make it stand out. The smoothness of the 10+1 bearings is fantastic .The gear ratio is 5.5:1 which gives a great amount of torque for bottom dwellers, with each crank of the handle the reel retrieves 28inch of line. I think what is most impressive is the 26.5lbs of drag that the reel boast, that is a great number coming from any spinning reel, especially a $37 one. The reel holds 225 yards of 12lb mono and 265 yards of 30lb braid. I also really like that Piscifun incorporated the sealed carbon fiber drag system that provides consistent pressure and durability. I typically have to add carbon fiber washers to my reels after the fact. The spool is machined aluminum and is braid ready. I hope you enjoyed this unboxing, do you have the venom already? What are your thoughts? Please share, like and subscribe for more to come. Thank you!

You can purchase the reel here: http://amzn.to/2ykkwUi
St. Croix surf rod: http://amzn.to/2yGYnB4

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Jorge Rivero says:

Hey man give us an up date on the venom next video let us know how it’s performing I’m thinking on buying 2 of them

Mark Shane says:

I would never pay to go out with a guide if I seen that he used that kind of junk ass reels like this Piscifun shit.

seanautube says:

What’s the difference between the Venom and the Honor? Is the venom all for surf fishing? It looks like the Venom line might all be large body from 1000 to the 5000 sizes. I have the HR30 and it seems a bit small to me for a 3000.

Rick Higgs says:

Hey Josh from Sarasota.. Nice video and I always question a cheap priced reel..lol. But will take a look.. Hey what’s the chance of doing a contest just for people from Florida, obviously for cost factor, that get to fish with you for a day? Just a thought..lol

911 Tech says:

If the drag works well a cheap reel can be cost effective. I would not want to put a stradic in my 12yr old’s hands. But I do not want to give him a piece of crap either. Personally at a budget level I like the Penn fierce II.

Gulp_Man102 says:

Nice I want to see a review of the BG

Piscifun says:

Appreciate all your honest and unbiase review Josh! Hope you would enjoy more time with Piscifun. Meanwhile, please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions! Thank you so much!

Boa Keeper says:

Can u use it for fresh water

Fishing Fan says:

I use a 2000 size of the venom for surf fishing in Southern California. Stopped buying nice reels for surf fishing because they get thrashed. Thing holds up awesome, and if it break I’ll buy a new one

Benny Bits says:

all that and didn’t tell what size reel you’re holding

Jeremy Verity says:

I have that reel, it is very smooth and seems to be a nice reel, but my line is constantly getting caught in the side of the roller bearing. I am using 10lb smackdown braid which is very thin, but I have not had this problem with my other reels. I will probably try some thicker line to see if solves the problem.

Octavio Fuentes says:

josh i really like that reel i just bought the shimano sienna 4000 and i can tell you is a good one too here my like man thank

Penny 4life says:

what size reel is this

Peter Kim says:

Please do some skyway pier fishing for grouper

Berto Trevino says:

Hey Josh, I went to the Skyway this weekend and caught a monster Gag Grouper that broke my Penn Pursuit II 4000. I’ve been trying to find an affordable reel that can put up with a solid grouper. Would you recommend this reel and if so what size would you consider using?

Thomas Todd says:

Nice looking reel

Ruben M says:

Josh what kind of Rod do you recommend for this reel. I saw the pair you made and I would like to do the same.
Thank you

Cetan Jordan says:

what do you recommend for Bass? 2000 or 3000?

Anthony Iannuzzi says:

I think I need one

J Fike says:

I recently got a Venom in the 1000 size for trout…way better than the cheaper Shimano Sienna by far, and much better stronger bail spring and just as smooth as the Sahara….Im impressed and have a Ci4+. Will report back later in the season on durability.

Tala Tala says:

only reason i didnt buy the 1000 one is because the handle is plastic and not foam

HealTankSpank mang says:

Time to go fishin!!

Boa Keeper says:

Can u use it for fresh water

Jams Band1 says:

OMG so cheap so good

Big O! says:

Great info. It looks like a great reel at a great price point. Nice full review there. Great to see u finally found a mate for that rod!

Fishing In The Hood says:

Where can i buy the 1000 i checked amazon they only goot 2000

Djordje Martinovic says:

Elo mate .Which is the best reel up to $70-100 for the fish of the sea 3-15kg ? Pls can u help me 🙂

craigyboy wallace says:


Reagan Velarde says:

..what rod specs can you recommend for Venom 4000? for spinning and surf casting application, please. thanks!

Frogliza says:

This vs Penn pursuit which is better?

bruceborges says:

There is no Chinese reel out there worth its salt, All reels made in China irrespective of the brand are just not up to the quality standard that they should be, please stop being fooled and stop buying rubbish till they are forced to produce quality.

Alexander Team Billy Wynn says:

Love surf fishing with a 2000size Venom in SoCal. Had it for 2 months and been brutal on the thing holds up great.

Angel Luaces says:

Does Bass Pro sell the venom reel

Carlos Ramayo says:

Exelente reel ojalá lo encuentre e Argentina bs as saludos

Angel Luaces says:

Is that good reel for pier fishing reel

Daniel Nuver says:

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G.O.M Fishing says:

Just got mine last night can’t wait to use it

Vinfish 46 says:

Great video

Dylan Garcia says:

I kinda want it but is it reliable or should I just stick with the penn battle 4000

JR Outdoors says:

Hi Josh a subscribed and could you do a review of the piscifun Perseus

Niko Brown says:

Are u using a green screen

Penny 4life says:

could i use this reel for pike and bass fishing?

Dino Harrison says:

Thanks Joshua. Something else for my wish list. Right after my Torrent. Especially since I found out that my AND my wife’s 20+ year old Diawas spinning reels crapped out! Oh Well, there is a reason!!! Tight lines and Happy Times Dude! God Bless!!!

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