Piscifun Fishing Spinning Reel Update

I promised you a Piscifun fishing spinning reel update, two months have passed and we have ran into a small problem with the reel. Chris and I were fishing and catching large redfish last month, when Chris hooked one of the redfish, he immediately heard and felt what seemed to be a slippage of the gears. After watching the video and feeling the reel, I instantly knew the gear teeth had failed, I have seen this happen on high dollar reels and now the Piscifun.

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Mike Mcelveen says:

Holy smokes! That looks like the inside of a Dodge transmission! Lol..I own a couple of Piscifun no problems yet.. Thanks for the vids during your busy crazy life! Welcome to your new daughter I’m sure she’s beautiful.

Leticia Nunez says:

Your speaking in be half of all anglers we appreciate and stand by company’s who take pride in their product that said loyalty is earned customers are happy and will proudly recommend to any angler( Penn shame on you)

Tym Coyle says:

Congrats on the little one

Vinfish F says:

Any problem with the Torrent

damurguia Fishing hunting says:

Chris give him a shimano stradis

i2aspire says:

Congratulations on the new addition to the family, I really like the new intro. I’ve had that happen before and had to hand line my catch in.

Jerry Saldivar says:

Hey Chris Canning, buy this man a new reel.

Michael Shaw says:

Very Honest review, most would hide the fact it broke, and the Customer service from Manufacturer, but no, you didn’t … So Well Done there ..
I do have to ask, though, do you think you were pushing the limits of the reel ? ie Size of reel to the fish you were targeting ?
Anyways, nice to see that you also included Penn, and the fact that they ( Penn) DID NOT, come to the free replacement and shipping !!
I have been looking at these reels … and after seeing your comments, and the back up support, I think I may get one now .
“Down Under Mike”.

Martin Pedersen says:

Gonna shit bricks if that happens to my penn clash reel 🙁

Christian Flores says:

Thats what happens when a reel has cast zinc gearing,too soft for main gears, and bad wear rate, have had broken teeth on 2 spinfisher vs, only reel that has acceptable zinc gearing is the bg the zinc gear is massive and wears better than most

Willyan Turruellas says:

Brother go with shimano saragosa you will love it !! penn makes really bad reels

Johnny Puente says:

Chris buy him a real

Big O! says:

Thanks for the review. Its great to hear you and your family are good post storm. I guess that stuff happens, i appreciate your honesty. Im practicing on that baitcaster, bird nest city! I keep watchimg your adjusting video. GLAD TO SEE U BACK…
Hey Chris, get him anew reel and GO GATORS! Anothet great finish!

Titan5 Point6 says:

Hate to tell you but. Penn has gone Chinese and has been garbage since. I had handles snap on two Penn Battles

Unlucky Angler says:

Had this happen to one of my reels and had to get a new one. Glad to see the videos coming back, and glad to see a company stand by their product instead of saying “oh well your fault.”

Fishing Fan says:

I bought my first Piscifun reel because of your videos. I now have several of there reel and products. My thunder drag was getting noisy and choppy (I dropped it off the boat and had to jump in and get it). I reached out to them for a service said to send it to them and they would repair it and if they could not they would replace it for free.

Townsend McWilliam says:

Glad to see you and your family are safe and sound. Also glad to see you back in my stream!

The Traveling Fisherman says:

Congratulations brother!! That’s a great review and explanation.. CHRIS! Get Joshua a new reel!!!!

Kasey Gray says:

Had the same thing happen to me on a Penn. Happened to be by Frog Fishing in heavy cover. Heavy preassure on the fish caused the gear to lose all of it’s teeth.

Jim Hickey says:

Glad to hear you made it through Irma and all is okay! … Congrats on the baby, children are an absolute blessing, get even better when they’re grand-children and us grandparents get to spoil them 😀

Thanks for the “issues update” on the Piscifun Honor … any reel can have issues (I have a mid-price range name brand grinding right out of the box … we’ll see what that company does in response) but it’s fantastic when a company stands behind their product and makes good on the issues with their product. … I’ve been considering getting a Torrent (any updates on that?), possibly the new Perseus and definitely a 3000 size Venom to check them out…

Thanks again for the great input and stay safe!

Jason Hanson says:

Thanks for the review. I do not have this reel but do have the Torrent and had an issue with it making a high pitched sound when casting. I contacted them and they immediately responded and sent me a new reel. They asked for me to send me the old one back and provided a shipping label, which I did. The originally said they were just going to repair mine but are now sending me another one at no charge. They definitely stand behind their product. I just hope that mine was a fluke as well.

Jerry Saldivar says:

Congratulations on the new addition.
Keep up the great work.

Jorge Rivero says:

Are you using that reel in salt water only

Dino Harrison says:

Capt. Joshua, So glad things are going well. Stella Blue, nice name. Great review on the reel. When are you reviewing the Torrent? Inquiring minds want to know…lol BTW, neat new LOGO. Thought provoking! CHRIS, buy the man a new reel! Look at it this way, it’s an investment. (He is going to let you use it………Maybe) God Bless guys. Stay Well!!!

C.P Bagley says:

Dude I think Chris broke mine too. Seriously, I have a pen battle and the other day when I was out fishing when I tried to retrieve, it was real stiff and hard to reel in do you know what that could be? And how what I fix it? It’s great to have you back brother I’m glad you and your family are doing great

Christopher Ramirez says:

Congrats dad

Peter Kim says:


Jose Lucena says:

hey Josh its good to have you back thanks for the update and to Chris get Josh a new reel. As always keep up the vids

Andy says:

Chris, send me a torrent. I Just a regular guy that fishes alot. Chris do it

Chris Canning says:

I have a special reel for you! 😉

TeamBassin TV says:

btw the so called 40$ piscifun baitcaster is actually 75$ in canada

TheManYouNeedToBe says:

drag over the limit of the gear.

damurguia Fishing hunting says:

Sweet vid

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