NEW Shimano Fishing Reel Review

This is the all new Shimano Stradic FK HG. Weighing in at just 8oz, with 20lbs of drag. This is one of my favourite spinning reels on the market due to the sensitivity it adds to your fishing set up!

This reel is amazing for freshwater and can be used for vertical jigging walleye or casting to panfish and bass!


sabuj adhikary says:

1. how many price for one?
2. low quality small size price?
3. low quality medium size price?
4. low quality big size price?
5. medium quality small size price?
6. medium quality medium size price?
7. medium quality big size price?
8. high quality small size price?
9. high quality medium size price?
10.high quality big size price?
please tell me

Ken L says:

Great channel, I was looking into these reels for new dropset set up
What rod are you pairing it with?

Ron List says:

great action folks !!

John Deer says:

It makes no sense in purchasing the 2500, the 3000 size has 5 more lbs of drag, with the same weight. Plus more line capacity

dushanabe says:

Hi just wanted to confirm is this reel made in japan?

Sergey Shuba says:

ci4+ drag system is the same 20lb before doing review you have to know knowledge off 2 Shimano reel he says Shimano Stradic ci-4 Plus drug system at 15 lbs is not true unprofessional!!!

kevin huynh says:

how does one do daily maintenance and lubrication on these reels since you arnt able to lube the line roller and stuff

Gimio Chin says:

Great vid mate, is it same size with the ci4+ 2500 size?

brian oh says:

I want to buy two offshore reels that are under $300
I found a list of highly reveiwed reels, could you help me to narrow down my choice?
I plan on using it for overnight fishing in pacific offshore fishing.

Penn Squall Lever Drag 2-Speed Reels
Penn US Senator Casting Reels
Penn Fathom Lever Drag 2-Speed Reels
Shimano Saragosa SW Spinning Reels
Maxel Hybrid Star Drag Reels
Shimano Thunnus CI4 Spinning Reels
Seigler Small Game Conventional Lever Drag Reel
Shimano TLD-2 Speed A Lever Drag Reels
Shimano Torium Star Drag Reels
Shimano Torium Reels
Fin-Nor Marquesa Lever Drag Reels
Daiwa Saltist Single Hyper Speed Lever Drag Conventional Reels
Avet JX Single Speed Lever Drag Casting Reels
Accurate Fury Single Speed Reels
Avet HX Single Speed Lever Drag Casting Reels
Avet LX Single Speed Lever Drag Casting Reels
Maxel HY25L-SG Hybrid Star Drag Reel – Silver
Avet MX 2-Speed Lever Drag Casting Reels
Avet MX Single Speed Lever Drag Casting Reels
Daiwa Lexa 400 Type HD Baitcasting Reels
Daiwa Saltist H-C Levelwind Casting Reels
Maxel HY25-BG Hybrid Star Drag Reel – Black/Gunsmoke
Daiwa Saltist 2 Speed Lever Drag Conventional Reels
Avet SX 2-Speed Lever Drag Casting Reels

Njord Fishing Channel says:

Look really good this one!

vsonic86 says:

What you choose this shimano stradic fk over the new shimano ci4+ fb? Please help me out. I want to get one but not sure which one to choose. I know CIA4+ is a little lighter. But which one is better in term of quality for saltwater?

Steven Brown says:

High Gear… No that is not what it stands for… Get it right.. Hagane Gear

sabuj adhikary says:

how many price for 1

CULTURE & thought says:

If I will be rich I ll by it

ProFishermanJones says:

Thumbs up if you want more videos like this 🙂 Thanks for watching .

Gary Dodgson says:

My old Shimano’s are 22 years old both have 2+1bearings in them ,one is a rear drag Sahara re 4000 the other is a high speed Aero 3500 size .First one cost £35 second £58 .Both used fresh water ,Sahara salt also .No new parts & running like swiss watch .That lump of fancy plastic will be lucky to last 22 months .Tight lines from UK .

LakeViewOutdoors says:

all I want for Christmas!

TheDSkar says:

this real is the shit for inshore saltwater as well

Tyler Hammons says:

what rod and reel do you prefer for river walleye?

Limitless Web design Doncaster says:

Great watch, bought mine from

Gimio Chin says:

Oops a little to soon to ask bout the size, cheers buddy.

Empire State Bassin' says:

how are you reviewing a reel if you havent used it

Lewis Wilkinson says:

HG stand for Hagane not High gear I think.

Terry B says:

This reel looks cheap.

magr38 says:

for jigging ofshore, which one is bettter, Shimano Twin Power SW TP14000SWBXG vs stella sw STL14000SWBXG, is really a diference between 11 & 14 bearings? maybe another stella whith a diferent spedd ? 5.7:1 or 4.9:1

Anthony Sanchez says:

good reel for trout or smaller fish, the 3000 is strong but over time comes loose if your catching bigger fish. I would use the 4000 if your gonna catch fish in that ten pound category .

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