Mitchell 300 Pro Spinning Reel Review

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John says:

Would you personally take a Penn Battle 2 or the Mitchell 300 Pro?

Chase Carrington says:

I love your videos. Don’t get disheartened by the low view count. The people who fish tend to be older and older people usually don’t watch you tube. If you look at the video gaming community you tubers are making over seven figures. Keep doing you and perfecting your craft and the views will come. It will take years and hard work but they will come I’ve seen it before.

sl2uner says:

This is a great reel. But, the drag sucks. There is no tactile feel and is looseness up after every 5th cast. Very hard to dial in.

Landon Lambert says:

What does this one retail for?

Ulf Kirsten says:

have this reel now since last year wit an sportex (germany) 60 gramm 2.70m rod combo and must say its very nice to fish with

ndebaca says:

Hey I have this in a 7′ M. Can I drop shot with that or do I need something heavier. Also what line and #test would you recommend.

Saltfisher 14 says:

Flukemaster, could this work for saltwater?

Setthehook Fishing says:

I reelly like Sedona reels for the price, super smooth and nice. But the line catches before it goes into the roller, I hate that. Might have to go for this Mitchell, looks solid.

Timothy Haun says:

I have a couple of Mitchell 300X reels on two Ugly Sticks and they have been my combos for several years now. I think I am going to save up get a 300 Pro Reel. Can you recommend a good $50-$80 one piece medium fast action spinning rod to pair with this reel?

NJ Fishing says:

I love hat reel but I use it for flounder

PBond Fishing says:

Gene the only thing i dont like about you is that Georgia hat. GO VOLS!!!!!

בלוג הדייג של טרולוס says:

great review!!

shred5 says:

I have the same combo, my friend got the reel and I loved it. The combo made sense as I needed a rod and its cheap but maybe I’ll pair it with a better rod someday. The reel is the real gem here, it’s extremely light and extremely smooth. The downside is due to the bail design, it can be really easy to get line twist.

Justin Behrendt says:

After a little research I bought this rod because it seemed like the best value for the money. Glad the fluke master approves! 

Lane King says:

I’m interested in it but this seemed more like an over view of the already listed specs and not really a review of if it sucks or is worth it and what not thanks gene love the videos

Quagmire88 says:

Go Yellow Jackets! hahaha I had to. A close long time friend went to GT…

ScRiPtEaZe says:

what size would this reel compare to? 6000, 5000, 4000 ?

vuemeister1 says:

What the heck is that reel. Lol. Haven’t used those kind of reel for the longest. Will never go back lol

email16v says:

Hey Fluke. Thanks for taking some time to review entry level products like this rod and reel. I’m a novice and have the 300 for a year now and do just fine with it. Sometimes videos like this allow newbees enter the sport when guys like you show us some basic gear to get started. Maybe someday we’ll be fishing with you and the big boys with some better gear down the road!

Minnesota outdoors says:

Nice rod and reel combo my set up is a Shakespeare light action rod and a abu Garcia cardinal sx10

Lane King says:

are two piece rods bad?

240SSONLY says:

good review…

what kind of sunglasses are you wearing???

i like those green lenses

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