Kast King Sharky III Review – Best Budget Spinning Reel

Stay with us as we review the new Kastking Sharky III spinning reel. This reel is in the 3000 size and has over 30 pounds of drag. Super smooth reel and in my opinion this reel is fantastic for the price.

Kastking Sharky III — http://amzn.to/2FE5cYc

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Reel Gang TV says:

Think I found my new reel!!

Patrick Mounier says:

How many yards of 30 pounds braid did you get into the 3000 model please ?

Joe Simpson says:

Question, how long did it take you to get to 1.5k subs and was there a tipping point? I am marching along at 447 (thanks to your sub) but just interested. I love the kastking stuff keep em coming

Vaaj Rambo says:

I have the baitrunner version, super smooth… used for surf fishing and rivers loved it!

DEBO'S Fishing says:

Sweet man! I’ve had mine out a few times too and have enjoyed it!

Just Let Me FISH says:

I did not know it had 30lb of drag. I feel like a lot of reel makers are making them with a lot more drag these days.

lou cifer says:

I just bought the 3000 and its too small for surf fishing you need a larger diameter spool I would go with 5000

Josh Green Adventures says:

Thanks for the review brother, ordering mine now!

PhysherMen life says:

Should get Sharky lll 3000 with bait feeder guys, own one and never regret.. With it capability of 12kg Max Drag with some decent braided line 15lbs line can spool up to 330yrds

hal bond says:

Have the 5000 Sharky 3 filled with 12 lb ande mono . For the price I couldn’t be happier

Ish With Fish says:

the super high drag rating is my one gripe with e-branded reels. they pack huge discs in the spool at the expense of line capacity (i get it; huge numbers sell product), but it doesn’t make sense because if you have a fish that can truly test the drag rating (30+ in this case) you’ll get spooled quickly. that’s if the rotor survives 30 pounds of pressure. imagine after hucking a 2 oz disc weight, that’s most your line already, then hooking a 20 lb striper in the far trough, and watching your line disappear…yikes! the BG 4000 only has a 17 lb drag rating for example, plenty for most species. i think 10-12 lb is better suited to this reel. otherwise, looks like a decent upgrade to the previous version, tight lines and have fun!

High Desert Hooked says:

I don’t want to be rude but watching this makes me want to quit doing what we do,there has to be some reason why were reaching out in this manner. Something to do with our American society causing men to think maybe there’s actually someone who gives a shit.I’ll be moving to Florida here soon hoping to find the answer,hope you find yours….

Gman Mule says:

I have a 4000 Sharky 2 that I have 20 pound Power Pro Line on and originally I had 30 on it. I scale down and it was a huge difference and my casting as well as just all around performance. I just got a shark III size 5000 I am going to put red 30 lb Power Pro on this one since it does hold more line. But yeah I would definitely go down to 20 lb braid you’re not going to lose anyting only see gains. Good luck man…

johnnymohani says:

Are the numbering the same as shimano? For example is the 4000 the same as shimano 400 size?

SeaDawgFishiN says:

Good video man, gonna look into it don’t use many spinning reels but I want a setup for the surf out here in San Francisco do they make these in 5000s?

hal bond says:

Have a 5000 for salmon and steel and the thing is a beast . It’s so lightweight that I forget it’s on the rod .

California Monster Fishing says:

Interesting channel just subbed keep the videos coming as well

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