HONEST Fishing Reel Review – Is a $10 Daiwa Fishing Reel Worth It?

Today I am reviewing a $10 Daiwa fishing reel. This is what an honest review looks like. I actually purchased this reel, and I actually used it! Unlike many fishing reviews, I have video to back up my claims. This video is not sponsored, so you can expect an unbiased and honest review. In this video I recall the good moments I had using this Daiwa Strike Force spinning reel. I also show its major flaw because this is an honest fishing reel review. I am glad I could bring you the most realistic fishing reel review to date. I want everyone to know what its really like out there fishing in the real world! Keep it Realistic!


TheMasterCasters says:

Well despite the reel’s failure so soon, it produced some fish, so that’s great. Great video!

awesomelympics says:

funny breakdown I love to see it

Stutz Outdoors says:

The spinning reel i’ve been using the most this year i got for $15 in the Cabela’s Bargain Cave. Still going strong it’s a Pflueger Monarch. I’ve also had good luck with some of the lower priced Okuma Spinning Reels.

SeanM Fish says:

I had a 20$ Diawa samurai ultralight combo lasted me a year and was great, until I broke the rod by grabbing it about 6 inches below the tip – not smart and my fault. Overall all though it worked and succeed at multi species angling so I think it was well worth it.

Chris Angler says:

I’m not a native english speaker, so if what I’m going to say sounds rude in any way please excuse me. I’ve noticed that with every fish cought you seem to force them out of the water by rapidly cranking the reel, and that may have helped damaging it… Wouldn’t it be better to use the rod to aply the force necessary to bring the fish and then crank the reel?

Lester Fish Forfun says:

I like that rod the fish bones look awesome but I liked all the fish you caught

The Fishing Hobby says:

Nice series of vids on this one. I’d like to nominate a candidate for the next sub-$20 reel: Outdoor Angler Spinning Reel
I took a look at that reel a few times in the stores. I don’t know what the internals look like, but it actually felt nice for the price. It has infinite A/R and is pretty smooth for the price point too.

Fishing With Vance says:

Well… I guess you get what you pay for I suppose. Thanks for the breakdown. Fish on!

Jake Deal says:

R.I.P. Dawai strike force

HawkeyeBassin says:

LMAO. Right after I was done commenting on the video where you bought this and said it looked good

ThomasHardenFishing says:

Return it, it hasn’t been 60 days. Just tell them you want to use the credit to buy a more expensive reel, because that one was defective. I bet you would be more mad if that was your only reel and you were on your buddies boat a couple hours from home. Then you would be furious if he started slaying them on his only $50 reel and you weren’t coming in until sunset…. LOL!

Fishing With Jamie says:

How the good die young. RIP.

Wayn Jul says:

R.I.P It was a good review and you tested the reels limitations.

Devin Morris says:

give Kast king a shot. I got my kk centron 3000 for like 25$ and it has a 1 year warranty. & it is a great reel.

Fishing The401 says:

I thought it would of held up longer then it did my self man I think it was just a defect in the reel

Payton Sheppard says:

too much work to fix that thing every time. I’d just get a better reel from the start

Let's Go Fishing! South Florida says:

At least you got some bass and a cool looking rod out of it. Sell the rest of that reel on ebay for parts, probably get your money back for the tax. lol.

Jmoto72 says:

That would be cool to see more 10 dollar reel reveiws. fish em till they die. see who has the better cheap reel. Great videos

Fishing Northern Florida says:

im back man wasup

JawBreakers Fishing says:

hey man i love your videos, and i really hoped youd check us out and give us a sub to help our channel grow. Thanks alot

Reverb Fishing says:

That’s looks like a good combo held in strong

Old, bald fat man says:

Well, you could always ask Daiwa for a replacement part….done that a couple of times for parts on some model kits. People should check out the OLD Garcia Mitchell series of 300 & 308 reels which can be had from $10-$20 usually. Parts are easily available, you can also get extra spools for different line strength.

LB Fishing says:

I’ve got a sturdy little rod I use occasionally which I picked up for $2 at a garage sale. Nothing special but gets the job done, cheap can definitely work as you show here.

Marshall Hurt says:

Great video buddy,nice review!


YOU GOT A MALFUNCTION IN THE JUNCTION!!! The rod is the best thing about that deal!!! Nice video Alex!

Vekta says:

For $10 it’s good enough to give a new fisherman enough of a taste to suck them in farther. After the $10 reel they can bump up to a $30-40 reel that should hold up a lot longer. Making a little big bigger investment will seem worth it. I think Diawa put out a great beginner reel for the price. At least it didn’t explode on a hook set like those Spiderman/Disneyland kiddy combos tend to do lol.

Jiggin With Jared says:

Can I have a shout out




just throw it on the ground!

Fish gone wild Bp twerkstar says:

You got it admit you were pretty hard on pole. And it wasn’t meant for braid. Sure it was worth that money. Have a few cheaper dawia reels still have more bearings and smoother feel then other cheaper reelse in price range WIN !

Rafael Salas Jr says:

Step it up to a $400 combo lol and do a review!

lojo.fishing says:

Damnit I just love your channel so much!!! Love the honesty man, and $10 dollars was DEFINITELY worth all those fish

Old Lady Angler says:

Can’t expect much for 10 bucks! Thanks for keeping it real!

BassGeek says:

Never know when the zombie apocalypse will start of of course you need and ax on your multi tool. hahaha affordable is different for everyone. It did a helluva job for 10 bucks.

PhillyJohnny1825 says:

I just bought the Jawbone casting rod for $15.00 at Dick’s….. curious to see if it holds up. I am pairing it with a Black Max 3 – and it’s my first baitcaster so I didn’t want to waste too much money.

Raoolon says:

Nice review, i have that reel, and the antireverse failed too, but for another reason, the line was tangled in the pawl spring… fortunately i can fix it… anyway, for $10, strikeforce is a good reel.

Rodney Harris says:

Great video!!! I think well worth the 10 bucks!!! You caught some nice fish with that reel!!!

ChuChin says:

Thank for sharing

Mike West says:

Who in the hell tries to free a snag like that. I bet you go through a lot of equipment.

BigBoysGottaFish says:

I bought a $20 combo not too long ago and the handle broke off after a couple days of fishing. I bought a $30 Lews reel to replace it and obviously that has been working just fine. Funny to know I am fishing with a $10 rod and a $30 reel when I use it haha…

earthcoolsoncemore says:

That’s a bummer. Hopefully Daiwa is watching this and fixes this on their new batch.

TJ&J Fishing says:

Nice vid!

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