Daiwa BG Review | The Perfect Spinning Reel???

The Daiwa BG spinning reel MIGHT BE the perfect saltwater spinning reel! In this video I give my honest review of the Daiwa BG. I bought this reel a little over two in a half months ago and have been nothing but impressed. Besides the little knocks that I have on it, it might be the best spinning reel on the market. I know that every reel can’t be perfect, so the little things that I don’t like about the reel are irrelevant in some cases.

Gears: 5.7:1
Weights: 14.1oz
Drag: 17.6
For Every Turn on the Reel: 38.5 inches
Bearings: Ball 6 | Roller 1

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Anton Esquivel says:

Good review good for a bait chunking rod setup

David Howell says:

Awesome Review! I want one of those BG’s, I’ve been looking at them! Keep up the good videos!

Blaze Rucker says:

Awesome review! Probably going to get one myself!

Andreas Covex says:

awesome review, right stuff and worthed for $100 reel, i got one.

Russ Young says:

BG= Big Game
< *)))><

Aaron Bennett says:

Great review!! Daiwa is a great brand!!

Anok Mok says:

My bg 2k absolutely beast for barra 9 kilo’s..
#team daiwa

Hank Pretz Kayak Fishing says:

I just came across your channel. Great quality !
I’ll be tuning in.

Guoqing Xu says:

Nice comprehensive review, thx!

Frightful Crown says:

Great review I have a diawa also

Ricky Lashomb says:

Great video brother. Thanks for the info.

David Stough says:

Hey Chris! Great review! That reel looks real nice. I only own 1 spinning reel since I just moved to the gulf coast a little over a year ago (the rest of my reels are baitcasters for freshwater) but I had a buddy that used all Daiwa spinning reels and he loved them. I’ll have to really consider this one when I get ready to buy another reel! Thanks for the review and keep up the good work!

Gary Dirks says:

Informative review. My initial thoughts were that it would be ideal for surf or jetty fishing. Have you tried it there yet?

Joshua Taylor says:

Can you send me that one?

Jessica Tyler says:

If its so great why don’t you buy me one

KhmerHarry says:

The size are different from daiwa reel for example the daiwa 3000 is like a shimano 4000 size reel or the daiwa 2500 is like the Shimano 3000 daiwa reel size are more like 1 step above the competitor reels

vsonic86 says:

The reason that I have changed everything into Daiwa from shimano, was because of this reel. The only thing that I hate about the reel is the T-handle knob.

Coza King says:

its almost as far from perfect as they come, cant think of 1 good thing about it except its price, in which case its still worth skipping it and spending a little more

Rick Higgs says:

Hey Chris buddy.. Great review and I admit I am a Penn fan.. Mainly because I can get parts for the reel when it breaks, and I can repair the reel myself. Saves me 8 weeks waiting to get my reel back.. But price is great compared to what I paid for my Slammer III.. Great video and thanks for sharing.. Always your fan and subscriber..

KH Fishing says:

I have a 3000 for artificials it is a little on the heavy side but it is a complete beast awesome review!

Vinfish 46 says:

Also been thinking of giving shimano a break and get ready for Daiwa to impress

Claudio J says:

Great review, this reel is at the top of my list. I’m looking at the 2500 or the 3000 size mainly for artificial lures. Thanks for the good review!

i2aspire says:

The more time to play with it and have it in your hands come on Chris keep it PG, no but seriously great review on the reel.

Ordigamer says:

Good review!

mogtrader8 says:

How did you get the line lay that way? What lb test? Did hou tighten drag while spooling?

Chaucer Faux says:

Pretty good reel. A bit steep for me, but that doesn’t mean anything. I’m sure the amount of line is dependant on its test lb. I’m betting you can get 300 yrs of 10-15lb test on there. Also figured out how to break the piscifun rod you and Josh couldn’t break. Use 15-25lb test line, I bet you’ll snap that sucker in twain.

Henry Builes says:

They are very nice reels for under a 100 bucks. I bought 3 BGs, 2500,3000 and 3500. I really like them and have no regrets.Plain and simple very nice reels for the money.

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