Daiwa BG reel Review

My review of the new Daiwa BG spinning reels, and a comparison to similar reels currently on the market.


Qua Phan says:

Got both…love em

R3PLAY-Minecraft&More says:

I’m looking at buying the daiwa bg 4000 for fishing for stuff like snapper in the ocean on the east coast of Australia. What size fish do you think the 4000 would handle? I don’t know much about fishing yet but I’m keen to get into it and I’d just like to know what I could potentially catch with it. Cheers

James says:

Does it have a bearing in the line roller?

caranx89 says:

good!,i need two medium reels 600-700grs for coast and kayak with 40-50lb tufline/daiwa jbraid, what recomended? fast ratio okuma azores 80 or bg5000? and jigging rioby ap power or better spheros 10000 or other?regards,spain

Jameel Al Amanee Bin Daughenbaugh says:

whats the best Freshwater reel daiwa makes?

Gulp_Man102 says:

This or the Nasci for inshore and albies?

jojobananadragon says:

hi.I am going for a bg 3500. but i just saw another rewiew that says that the 4000 has a bearing failer on stress! Is this true?

Luis Pérez says:

Good review, U should do the okuma azores!

Brandon Peeler says:

is it better than the nasci??? same price… and nasci has more drag

kole ace alvarez says:

what kind of braid on the bigger BG’s

Jarek Czarnecki says:

Can you tell me if the BG3000 body is bigger than the BG2500 or is it just a bigger spool like Shimano does?

mark mcdonald says:

The only thing I don’t like is the lack of the Air Bail.

Desert Dog Outdoors says:

Just to add to this; I just returned from the Florida Keys. Two of the charter boats that I used were equipped with all BG spinning reels. One of the Boats (dreamcatcher) said that the BGs are holding up better than reels 3 times the price have in the past. So it seems that charter boats are really liking them so far.

j bach says:

How much did Diawa pay you for this video? They are a decent reel for 100$, but I wouldn’t trust them on fish over 10 lbs. Comparing them to a Shimano stradic?! Ha! Cheap Chinese zinc gears vs Shimano Hagane gears? They can talk about oversized gear all they want, still cheap pot metal from china. The all aluminum body is 1 of the thinnest on the market, with plenty of flex to go with it. They call it a saltwater reel but I agree with other comments, I would choose a Penn battle 2, conflict, or clash. Not as smooth but way more durable, better gears, stronger bail wire, thicker metal body, and sealed bearings. Have friends that have caught 50 lb striper on battle 2 2000! I have a bg for freshwater largemouth, smallmouth and schoolie striper. It is a little lighter then the penn, but I laugh when people worry about a Oz or 2, durability and self service are the most important things in a reel. And the Penn s are easy to fix, and get parts for. Shimano stradic is still the benchmark, the only problem with them is shorten reel stem, turned it into a knuckle buster. Still have my stradic fi 6000, smooth as butter, slayed gator blues over 40 in. this may.

Salvaxinler says:

Can the handle knob be changed?

Jedhaase says:

Daiwa’s are objectively the best bang for the buck. Not just the BG, but a lot of their spinning reels. You aren’t going to find any other spinning reels that are packed full of features, have the same quality, and definitely have the same smoothness at a similar retail price point.

Thalassic Angler says:

What line are u using on the reel that u were holding at the 2:39 mark?

Long Island Fisherman says:

I love my battle and the shimano nascis are just as smooth as the BG and the penn battles are much better for surf and bait fishing

Cutesie Angle says:

i bought this reel around 200usd in Maldives and it feels as almost good as my saltiga 8000 (WHICH IS OF COURSE 10 TIMES BETTER) BUT STILL worth every buck …i just wished it had just a little more drag to easily handle merlin….this is the best diva reel for the buck….GREAT DEAL GREAT PRODUCT
i use a BG 8000 with 80lb braid DAIWA J BRAID) and an okuma Azores ROD works great good combination
u can easily takedown JACKS and SNappers even yellowfins
the only cons is its difficult to get spare spools for this one

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