Daiwa BG 2500 Spinning Reel Review [Inshore Saltwater Performance]

Interested in buying the Daiwa BG 2500 spinning reel? Then check out all of the pros and cons of this popular fishing reel.

I’ll even show you some footage of me fighting a nice snook under the docks with this reel. I was shocked at how well it did.

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Daiwa BG 2500 Spinning Reel Independent Review (On-The-Water Performance)

Things I like:

It’s really smooth. The extra large gear in this spinning reel is doing it’s job.
It has great drag (as you’ll see when I pull the snook out from under the docks)
It’s priced well (I’ve seen this Daiwa reel in the $80 range online)

The only thing I don’t like is that it’s a little bit heavier than I like when throwing artificial lures all day (even little ounce counts). But for live bait and an amazing every day spinning reel, this Daiwa really rocks.

Have you used this reel?

What are your thoughts?

Any other questions about this reel?

Let me know in the comments.

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aaron b says:

what about rod tests like how much weight can they hold before snapping. put a certain amount of weight tied to heavy braid on the rod and try deadlifting it until it snaps. it could cost a lot of money buying the expensive st croix rods or some penn rods but it would be cool to see.

MrProfessor76 says:


Fishing with Evan & Aaron says:

Hey what pound braid were you using and what rod is that

Tacklecentral Fishing says:

I own a 2500 myself, very good reel, amazing price point.

Teddy Giannopulos says:

I’ve been using this reel for about 2 months and caught countless fish on it from slot snook to bull reds. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a bulletproof reel for under $100. Slowly but surely I’m going to fully out fit my boat with these. Bye bye penn

Matthew Yager says:

If you truly want to know about this reel, then check out Alan Hawk’s review:


Alvaro Villegas says:

Anybody have any opinions between this reel and a penn battle 2?

vincent contreras says:

I Have The BG6500 And Love It.. I Plan On Getting The BG2500. What Rod Can It Be Paired With?

Rad Reeling Fishing says:

Dude, Diawa reels are amazing! Great review! I have the same reel. Great fight on the snook!

Vinny Venegas says:

Man.. I bought a pro cat rod reel combo from academy for $40 and it’s SUPER smooth and not noisy at all. Only fished with it twice but got a few redfish and holds up great.

jpvand1 says:

I’ve got that same reel. LOVE IT. Not just smooth it’s SOLID. A real fine-tuned machine. Heavier than say a exceler which I also have, but worth it. So worth it.

Cory R says:

I have a 3000 and honestly think they’re a bit over hyped. Yes, it’s very smooth, but every time you reel under weight it is super noisy, way noisier than my Battle 2. On top of that the bail arm feels cheap and plastic, and the bail doesn’t really click when it flips. Smooth, but not much more to me.

S says:

I use this one!! I recommend very strongly BG! When you got BG, you will forget other reels.

crazyktb says:

dude get Daiwa Tatula Lt3000 D you wont regret …its even lighter than stradic

Jonathan Nichols says:

Landshark would agree! Lol

Carlos Ramayo says:

Me encante este reelespero conseguirlo en bs as argwntina abuen precio exelente

H2o Fishing says:

Thoughts on the stradic FK?

Chitownmike says:

What is your maintenance routine after fishing? How often do you take it apart for cleaning? Thnx

shred5 says:

If you don’t mind the weight, the BG beats the Stradic Ci4 and is barely over a third the price. It’ll last longer too!

Jedhaase says:

You should check out the Daiwa Fuego LT. It’s new and probably not out just yet, but it looks very similar to the stradic ci4, and possibly even better than it even though it’s only $100. There’s also the ballistic LT for $200 which is very similar and also better.


Daiwa BG is legendary. Shimano is extremely overrated. I have a friend that his shimano failed him over 3 times and he still says that shimano is the best. I’m starting to think that everyone that likes shimano, has a mental disorder, kinda like democrat liberals.

Salty Angler says:

Definitely thinking about getting one. Looks like a sweet reel and people have said they’ve dunked it completely under saltwater and it still runs smooth for a long time. It’s hard to believe that it’s only $80 on Amazon. My $100 shimanos don’t last very long.

Florida Fishing Paddlers says:

Totally love it. For it’s durability yet smoothness…10 oz ain’t nothing…solid reel for lifetime

Anthony Iannuzzi says:

I love them my man I have 3 right now

John Echterhoff says:

I plan to add that one among all the rest I own. No offense, but if that’s you holding a 2500 series reel (any 2500), you must be about what, 4′ 2″ tall. J/K!!

pjc0324 says:

Have been fishing with this reel for the past 2 months, very impressive.

No Name says:

For $100 or less I prefer the Shimano Sahara fl and the Shimano Nasci. both have 20lb drag , lighter ( about 8.8 oz or so ) and smoother .. change out the stock drag washers to carbon fiber ones and good to go

I would recommend the bg to beginners

J Cook says:

For another awesome reel under 100$ I also suggest the shimano nasci.

lurefishingMNL says:

I heard that the 1500 and 2000 have the same body. What other sizes do you think would fit the same body?

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